Crash Nitro Fueled - The Topic Of ''Illegal'' Shortcuts & Secret Techniques - Sacred Fire


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  • LinkZer
    LinkZer  2 months back

    Hey, LinkZer here. I'm the guy you mention in your video and the author of the guide shown at 6:17

    Just to point out, there's no illegal shortcuts in the pro community. Every shortcut is permitted for the Time Trial records.
    You might have a point when talking about new players being scared of pros abusing these shortcuts.
    Back then we were a very obscure community with very few players, but we always welcomed the newcomers and taught them the techniques and strategies they needed to know to improve their times and become pros.
    Nowadays we are an even more open community, willing to teach anyone about those (not so secret anymore) techniques and encourage them to become pros like us.
    We are also doing our part to have some good sources in a decent english for you guys.

    I recently made a complete update on my guide. Now its better organized and has a better english than it had before too. You're all welcome to check it.
    Other players are also doing some playlist on Youtube explaining the techniques and strategies to drive in each track.

    Anyway, it's great to see how NF has pushed everyone into the CTR hype again.

    • Lance Anderson
      Lance Anderson  2 weeks back

      @chad cowman This

    • chad cowman
      chad cowman  3 weeks back

      Hey do you have a guide for the new ctr? Theres a few things I'm still lost on like u-turns

    • Owen Duggab
      Owen Duggab  1 months back

      I don’t believe he meant that these shortcuts were “illegal” in the community, or that people using it were cheating - I think his concern lies with people being able to achieve these feats in online multiplayer. I honestly don’t believe they will.

      As for SF, USF etc. they’re completely achievable. It just takes practise - like any other game! I recently just learned these techniques myself and was amazed at how much my times have improved. Several seconds off every lap. I’m so excited to see it in NF!

    • Stephen Amundson
      Stephen Amundson  2 months back

      Well said, I sincerely hope that no shortcut is left out, because in order to do the time trials to 100% you NEED these shortcuts so obviously they were intended

      VTNVIVI   2 months back

      Ah I was waiting for you to shop up :P Thank you so much for the guide!

  • Thehulksterbeast
    Thehulksterbeast  12 hours back

    1:30 is not illegal

    • dreazy34
      dreazy34  5 days back

      YouTube got me I'm like 2 minutes in and I'm like this guy doesn't even realize he is playing the old game ...then I see this vid was posted in January.

    • TheProGuy502
      TheProGuy502  5 days back

      To get saffi fire just play in coco park 7 laps and just get full powerslides constantly. If done correctly at lap 4 you will get it

      • Tztok-Jad95
        Tztok-Jad95  6 days back

        USF/SF was probably intentional, looking at times to beat Oxide at time trial you cannot do it without USF/SF

        • VTNVIVI
          VTNVIVI   20 hours back

          It now is officially :) Except for Saffi...

      • RemLasher77
        RemLasher77  1 weeks back

        The Shortcut(the first one shown)in Coco Park is now a legit shortcut in Nitro-Fueled.

        • Orbital HandZ
          Orbital HandZ  2 weeks back

          There’s a nasty short cut in thunder shock

          • VTNVIVI
            VTNVIVI   2 weeks back

            It got patched! I heard there's another one now, you have to have blue fire though.

        • George Rios
          George Rios  2 weeks back

          Hello from July 2019.

          I can't believe somone was talking about matchmaking before release. You would think some kind of matchmaking parameters would have been implemented to separate the pros and everyone else, but no, the game is well out the door and online matches are ending sooner becuase there's always somebody who finished 30 seconds ahead and triggered the match end clock.

          Still waiting for a solution. 👍

          • LoneMobileGamer
            LoneMobileGamer  3 weeks back

            And it was lol

            • suP
              suP  4 weeks back

              They should stay.

              • VTNVIVI
                VTNVIVI   3 weeks back

                Well look where we are now :)

            • Anggi Setya Perkasa
              Anggi Setya Perkasa  4 weeks back

              Actually in shortcut track of HOT AIR SKYWAY that turn back in wrong way then jump to beside route can't do in Nitro Fueled because the walls are too high 😛😛😛

            • Xian
              Xian  1 months back

              In my opinion, shortcuts should only be LEGAL when Oxide uses it; like if you are on the Time Trial mode, obviously Oxide will use shortcuts because those shortcuts were purposely implemented to the game.

              I don't even use shortcuts in Hot Air Skyway, that "jump on that side" part & "wall glitch" shortcut because I find it NOT challenging.

              • horrorado games
                horrorado games  1 months back

                I think for illegal shortcuts it is going to like a rope in crash 1, not patched but more difficult to achieve

                • VTNVIVI
                  VTNVIVI   3 weeks back

                  No sign of illegal shortcuts so far. Well maybe just one, the one from Polar Pass. Maybe it got patched:

              • Code: Variant
                Code: Variant  1 months back

                Hi Vivi
                It's me again xD

                I know how to use the Sacred Fire, i even use it playing on mobile 😂

                And i'm not sure about the ultimate Sacred Fire

              • xPr0d1gyx21_GAMING
                xPr0d1gyx21_GAMING  1 months back

                Exploiting bugs & doing glitch shortcuts is NOT skill, idc how "difficult" you say it is. Jumping up on a wall & skipping 3/4 of a track with a 14 second lap time does not make you a pro🤷🏻‍♂️

                Skill is being able to run a track the way it was designed & intended flawlessly. A pro is someone who can run through every single twist & turn a track has to offer & still smoke anyone who challenges them.

                How anyone could clearly exploit a bug/glitch in a game & claim "pro" status is beyond me & I feel the only people who would get mad about them blocking these exploits are people who would continuously lose if they couldn't cheat.

                • VTNVIVI
                  VTNVIVI   1 months back

                  Thanks for sharing!

              • Vanessa Magick
                Vanessa Magick  1 months back

                The best way to get saffi fire if you just want to check it out is to run Coco Park in reverse. The track is super wide, letting you chain triple-boosts and making it unlikely you'll 'bonk' and lose fire. At half-decent boosting and hitting turbo pads you'll reach saffi fire in a mere 8-10 minutes.

                • VTNVIVI
                  VTNVIVI   1 months back

                  I'm aware of that one :O

              • DabDaddy 420
                DabDaddy 420  1 months back

                I’d say sacred fire is a technique that was unintended but not op as it is only achieved by skill and easy to lose if you mess up.

                • Antti Tirri
                  Antti Tirri  1 months back

                  The original CTR was epic and it was fun to explore secret shortcuts. It really made you feel special when you used it the game. Nowadays you can easilly check every secret ”clitch” from Youtube and theres no such exitement as we had in the old days.

                  • VTNVIVI
                    VTNVIVI   1 months back

                    Tell me about it!

                • Mike Salvucci
                  Mike Salvucci  1 months back

                  when I played the original CTR 20 years ago I never go on shortcuts on the harder levels only a couple of levels like Crash Cove, Tiger Temple, Polar Pass, Cortex Castle and Sewer Speedway but the rest I just focus on going faster and doing things the old fashion way, like I said I've been a crash bandicoot fan for 23 years and I have alot of experience, I played the N.Sane Trilogy very easy to do and this one when it gets released in 4 days I'm gonna do it how I did it with the old one big time, started as an amateur beginner and morphed into a pro master

                  • VTNVIVI
                    VTNVIVI   1 months back

                    Thank you for sharing!

                • DeuceDrop
                  DeuceDrop  1 months back

                  lol what an idiot

                  • VTNVIVI
                    VTNVIVI   1 months back

                    This Vivi is such an idiot I know like jeez....

                • solotopp
                  solotopp  1 months back

                  Only the intended shortcuts should be kept. Not the glitched ones. Pretty simple imo.

                  • VTNVIVI
                    VTNVIVI   1 months back

                    I'll leave this here:

                • Wellingthon Oliveira
                  Wellingthon Oliveira  1 months back

                  Illegal? LUL
                  requires a lot of skill, I would mas if they remove or block

                  • VTNVIVI
                    VTNVIVI   1 months back

                    Illegal being a fancy word for unintended.

                • Roxpie Gaming
                  Roxpie Gaming  1 months back

                  Look at this dude; he cant even play at this game :kappa
                  But srsly sacred fire was intentional in my opinion. so as the super pads and the hidden reserve boost.

                  • VTNVIVI
                    VTNVIVI   1 months back

                    Plus, there is gameplay footage of someone utilising USF Also, a trophy seems to be pointing towards maintaining your boost :) (PSN profiles)

                • WeeklyClips141
                  WeeklyClips141  1 months back

                  They probably will get rid of the glitches from the original and put up some invisible walls or something

                • Groisu
                  Groisu  1 months back

                  Well never felt like cheating to me but at the same time alot of this stuff youd never figure out playing normally so really I'd say it's a subjective situation

                  • Andy Jacques
                    Andy Jacques  1 months back

                    some of the illegals shortcuts are important for the fun of the game, its the soul of the game to have those super hard shortcut

                    • VTNVIVI
                      VTNVIVI   1 months back

                      Unintended shortcuts are getting removed:

                  • Steve Coates
                    Steve Coates  1 months back

                    Oh no...theres not cheats on here already?? Its not even come out. So sad to cheat on a game like this

                    • Owen Duggab
                      Owen Duggab  1 months back

                      SF AND USF aren’t glitches. They’re easily achievable if you practise your powersliding.

                      • Owen Duggab
                        Owen Duggab  1 months back

                        VTNVIVI I saw! The way you can continue the speed by turbo sliding, rather than having cancelled out is amazing. I’m excited to see what I can do!

                      • VTNVIVI
                        VTNVIVI   1 months back

                        Looking at this, Beenox took it into account :)

                    • PatrickCervantez
                      PatrickCervantez  2 months back

                      I don't think B-Nox will touch Sacred Fire. Ultimate Sacred Fire is too tough to perform for even seasoned players. I still think Saffi Fire is just a myth... it seems like fandom folklore or people just mistaking Saffi Fire for Ultimate Sacred Fire (think of it like the "Damascus Steel" theory.).

                      As for racetracks like Coco Park, Papu's Pyramid, Hot Air Skyway, and Oxide Station.... I would be really surprised if they release them with *ALL* of the illegal shortcuts intact. *ESPECIALLY* Papu's Pyramid, because letting that derelict stage get released turns and all is going to be a Nitro-Fueled clusterfuck. All the near impossible jumps I could see reappearing, but driving on the railings is going to trashed. If it's not... I'm gonna get some popcorn and just watch the carnage.

                      • VTNVIVI
                        VTNVIVI   1 months back

                        I'll just leave this here

                    • Jo Mass
                      Jo Mass  2 months back

                      I have watched a lot of CTR Nitro Gameplays and i can tell you that they already blocked some of the illegal shortcuts, they completely just put up a wall that you cannot jump over or things similar to that. But about Sacred Fire - I doubt they'll remove that mechanic from the game - or the game will just lose it's special touch

                      • VTNVIVI
                        VTNVIVI   1 months back

                        This Looking at the list of trophies, one require you to maintain a boost for one whole lap, perhaps SF or USF related.

                    • Shywer
                      Shywer  2 months back

                      Well its another engine....

                      • Galmaret
                        Galmaret  2 months back

                        I have good news ; SF and USF are kept in the final game. At least they were in a demo build. There is a video that films a gameplay sequence at Best Buy by an actual good player, and visibly reserves are a thing, and USF even gets its own visual cue by having blue flames coming out of the exhaust pipes.

                        And hang on, there is the icing on the cake : USF doesn’t get overwritten anymore by other boosts. The guy in the video keeps it on an entire lap on Polar Pass, since the final pad at the last big jump was changed to a Super Pad.

                        I’ve been playing that game competitively for more than 10 years with some times posted on the leaderboards on ctr4ever, and seeing all of this on a video definitely cast away my fears about hidden techs’ absence.

                        I’ll edit in the name of the channel where the video I’m talking is.

                        EDIT :

                        here’s the aforementioned video, great gameplay on it give the man a like

                        • Felipe Ferreira
                          Felipe Ferreira  1 months back

                          Do you know if froggy and speedghost are in this game as well? I couldn't see by the gameplays

                        • VTNVIVI
                          VTNVIVI   2 months back

                          OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!!! I was already aware SF worked on this old build, but USF :O? YOOO. Now are we sure Polar Pass got a super turbo pad added? From what I've seen, all ramps with a turbo pad gives you blue flame.

                      • Dr. Nicolas
                        Dr. Nicolas  2 months back

                        I can't wait to abuse the hell out of those in Time trial and Relic Race

                      • Floro Sapiens
                        Floro Sapiens  3 months back

                        Man, if only you knew about ultra shortcuts in mario kart wii

                        • VTNVIVI
                          VTNVIVI   2 months back

                          Used to love playing that one!

                      • LogicalMarcochip
                        LogicalMarcochip  3 months back

                        I see there's a lot of confusion regarding which technique does what in these comments.

                        I don't wanna sound pretentious or something, but if you're not sure what you're talking about, then don't try to explain it to other people.

                        Beenox is certainly going to make the game work so that both both new and experienced players can enjoy the game without making it feel unfair for some.

                        • LogicalMarcochip
                          LogicalMarcochip  3 months back

                          Sure, my point was that people who might have heard of this stuff for the first time might get confused and unintentionally lead other people to get more confused.

                        • VTNVIVI
                          VTNVIVI   3 months back

                          Making this a guide video was not my intention, it's simply the matter of my own understanding and experience.

                      • Disconn3cted
                        Disconn3cted  3 months back

                        I am an experienced CTR player and I have known about USF and what not for a long time, though I didn't know there was a specific name for that until a week ago. I think it's intentional. It would be very difficult to beat oxide in some of the time trials without it. However, I didn't know about the glitch shortcuts until YouTube became popular.

                        • Two Eyed Mike
                          Two Eyed Mike  3 months back

                          Sacred Fire I feel is intentional, Ultimate Sacred Fire is an oversight due to the way Super Turbo Pads work, I imagine in Nitro Fueled there will be a seperate "Super Turbo" timer where after the intentional time is up, you will go back to normal Sacred Fire. Saffi Fire is due to an integer overflow in the boost reserves system, and is definitely not intentional.

                          • VTNVIVI
                            VTNVIVI   3 months back

                            Sacred Fire has been spotted in recent GameStop demos :P

                        • Luke Zakaria
                          Luke Zakaria  3 months back

                          I hope most of the illegal shortcuts (especially the ridiculously hard ones like the papu one) aren't in the game but I would love some of the simple ones like the polar pass or the oxide jump (to a lower part of the track) that skips the oval section that goes outside the station (not the one you showed, it's later on in the level).

                          • VTNVIVI
                            VTNVIVI   3 months back

                            I'm just expecting regular shortcuts really :)

                        • Mr
                          Mr  3 months back

                          Still havent learned how to talk properly I see. You speak too monotonous which makes your videos boring to listen to. The content is there, the quality too. Just do something about the way you record your lines. It doesnt sound natural.

                          • Marquee Ungovernable
                            Marquee Ungovernable  3 months back

                            As a kid way back in the haydays of ps1, I have already been doing these techs. I just did not know they are named Sacred Fire, etc.

                          • Josh W
                            Josh W  3 months back

                            Lol I knew about the whole boosting over boosts when I was a kid and played this 😅😅

                            • BLB Show
                              BLB Show  3 months back

                              Also while there were alot of illegal shortcuts in the original they could just make them legal but nerf them (adjust their difficulty, etc.) to make them balanced and not op.
                              But I think still most illegal shortcuts in the OG game were difficult enough to not try them unless they were the only chance left to get 1st place. So I actually liked them in the original. Only ever used them to get upset victories which rarely ever work. But if it did, it felt great

                              • BLB Show
                                BLB Show  3 months back

                                Sacred and USF are 100% an intentional feature
                                Basically if you drive over a Turbo Pad you get a higher level of speed unarchivable through normal powersliding.
                                To maintain that level of speed you need to powerslide. With each miniturbo you build up your reserve meter which depleats by itself over time.

                                As long as your reserve meter doesn't hit zero, you maintain the turbo pad level of speed (aka sacred fire)
                                USF is the same just with super turbo pads which grant an even higher amount of speed than regular ones.

                                Saffi fire as far as I know is just an overflow in your reserve meter. A glitch so to speak

                                • BLB Show
                                  BLB Show  3 months back

                                  @VTNVIVI Probably not. Sacred and USF is stuff you automatically archive by just playing good enough even if you don't know how it works.

                                  Saffi is something I don't care about. Not practical for multiplayer matches anyway since it pretty much requires driving around in circles with a turbo pad nearby.

                                • VTNVIVI
                                  VTNVIVI   3 months back

                                  Basically, Saffi wouldn't return right for Nitro Fueled?

                              • Ev'ixyn
                                Ev'ixyn  3 months back

                                You seem like 2019 complainer that does not want to put the hours in to learn these exploits and take away the fun from more experience players of the game. I would like it be more faithful then the a re-imagining ;-;

                                • VTNVIVI
                                  VTNVIVI   3 months back

                                  What? I'd love to learnt these exploits! It wasn't my intention to have the video come off as lazy.

                                • Slayer 49
                                  Slayer 49  3 months back

                                  Ev'ixyn these glitches are ridiculously hard and takes a lot of practicing, so you should understand why a casual would complain about leaving glitches in a new game. It’s best these unintentional shortcuts and the Saffi fire overflow glitch stay out. Sacred fire should be included USF too. Leaving the glitches is just gonna straight up gonna break online due to the fact the the glitches give an unfair advantage. Just because they are hard to perform doesn’t excuse the fact that these glitches are broken and gives an unfair advantage to the player abusing them.

                              • Nadhif Hammam Karuna
                                Nadhif Hammam Karuna  4 months back

                                Hey, could you tell me thr title of your closing song in this video? Thx

                                • VTNVIVI
                                  VTNVIVI   3 months back

                                  Dearly Beloved Reprise Kingdom Hearts :)

                              • TechnoFlare
                                TechnoFlare  4 months back

                                While I'm not a pro, I do speedrun the game and know quite a bit about it.
                                I don't know if SF and USF were intentional or not but I do hope they bring them back as it can make races even more fast paced and frantic.
                                Considering how long you have to wait to activate it, I wouldn't be super surprised if Saffi Fire came back but I feel it's likely that it won't.
                                As for getting Saffi Fire to work, I just whipped up a quick little tutorial which you can find here:
                                Chiming in on the cheat code situation, I think that the devs will simply find a way to disable them when you go online.
                                Legal/Illegal shortcuts I can't really say much about, we'll just have to wait and see what's still possible in the new engine.

                                • TechnoFlare
                                  TechnoFlare  3 months back

                                  @VTNVIVI Usually no, as far as I know it's mainly used in Time Trials but it is possible to obtain on longer tracks.

                                • VTNVIVI
                                  VTNVIVI   3 months back

                                  I've seen that type of tutorial before! But always wondered, will that get you first place? Is it worth it?

                              • LakiCTR _
                                LakiCTR _  4 months back

                                to you people who are confused visit Ale Mastroianni's channel

                                • LakiCTR _
                                  LakiCTR _  4 months back

                                  lol its sad this guy didnt know about techniques till recently

                                  • LakiCTR _
                                    LakiCTR _  4 months back

                                    @VTNVIVI lol doesnt matter, it seems u werent interessted in speedruns so u couldnt know

                                  • VTNVIVI
                                    VTNVIVI   4 months back

                                    I know right LOL

                                  • Slayer 49
                                    Slayer 49  4 months back

                                    @LakiCTR _ya. that's the main problem. Hopefully, the tutorial is improved in the remake. If someone who has a high interest in commonly playing the original CTR game like me didn't get much good info until the Internet became bigger, then casuals would not even be aware that this was possible in the original, unless the tutorial gets improved. As for the glitched shortcuts and the Saffi fire glitch, I really hope that those dont return in Nitro Feuled. I know people would argue that it takes skill to glitch the game like that. But I dont want players abusing glitches or being forced to abuse glitches like unintentional shortcuts and Saffi fire to win. Im all ok with sacred fire cause that seems legit, but its unclear whether it is or not due to the in-game tutorial giving useless info about the overall game mechanics, but Saffi and unintentional shortcuts, nah. I also doubt they would make two separate matchmakings for those who would even want to play with the glitched shortcuts too.

                                  • LakiCTR _
                                    LakiCTR _  4 months back

                                    @Slayer 49 agreed

                                  • Slayer 49
                                    Slayer 49  4 months back

                                    @LakiCTR _ yes, but again not everyone watches speedrunners. The majority of the CTR veterans are speedrunners and the majority of the veterans themselves only got the knowledge from speedrunners. Beenox should definitely include a more informative tutorial in the remake for the reserves mechanic, I don't recall ever hearing the masks give any good info on utilizing the mechanic. I had to figure out how the reserves mechanic works after numerous times 100%ing the game and time trails, 2001 when I first started playing the game, 2005 when I figured out a little bit of the mechanic without speedrunner advice around that time is when I have gotten into being more of a completionist and 100%ed everything including Oxide trails, 2009ish when the Internet, Youtube, Twitch, and crash speedrunners got bigger exposure. Around that time I have got better info on utilizing the mechanic Sacred fire from the speedrunner community. You really can't blame the players for not getting any good info when it is a flaw of the game for not giving any useful info regarding the reserves mechanic.