Jason Nash Talks About Trisha at NYC show


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  • lol
    lol  2 days back

    God you all complaining about a COMEDY show are such fucking snowflakes. Trisha has said really really personal things about Jason in interviews but when Jason makes a joke about subjects Trisha openly talks about he’s the horrible one. Get a grip

    • Danky JD
      Danky JD  4 days back

      Did everyone get to meet him after?

      • Danky JD
        Danky JD  3 days back

        Taylor Lassen thanks!! And did he announce that David and then we’re coming or did he just surprise y’all with them?

      • Taylor Lassen
        Taylor Lassen   3 days back

        with a meet and greet ticket, yes. That's what I had.

    • dude! thatsmycar
      dude! thatsmycar  1 weeks back

      I really love Jason Nash. The man is down to earth. He is really funny.

      • Julie Bella
        Julie Bella  3 weeks back

        I actually don’t think you were that awkward. You guys had a nice greeting, did some filming, gave him a compliment, he was really nice and you made him smile :) it’s awkward starting a random “cold conversation” with anyone. I’m happy you didn’t ask any weird or inappropriate questions like some people might. It’s also kinda cool to own your awkwardness. Be confident about being weird lol people will like and appreciate that lol. So yeah cool video :)

        • Taylor Lassen
          Taylor Lassen   3 weeks back

          AWW, I love this, thank you! And thanks for watching 😊

      • koolpop67
        koolpop67  2 months back

        Jason is not all that funny.

      • Me Stillme
        Me Stillme  2 months back


        • Sher Lytle
          Sher Lytle  2 months back

          Yes crazy how some throw themselves at celebs. Great vlog! I sub'd!

          • Helayna-mae Robinson
            Helayna-mae Robinson  2 months back

            He obviously would have asked her if it was okay after the shit she pulls

            • The Unfunny Funny Guys
              The Unfunny Funny Guys  2 months back

              I feel like if he had an audience that wasn't fans of the vlogs he'd be bombing pretty hard right now.

              • Hello Hello
                Hello Hello  2 months back

                Let’s face it, Jason is just not funny.

                • koayogi
                  koayogi  2 months back

                  Thanks. It was nice to see this perspective.

                  • Your Jewish Mom
                    Your Jewish Mom  2 months back

                    I’m curious...how old are you?

                  • originaldiary
                    originaldiary  3 months back

                    So he gets mad if she talks about him but he can publicly humiliate her in the name of comedy?

                    • Tonia Kilman
                      Tonia Kilman  2 months back

                      Yup she's a liar cheater manipulator and the best thing be can do is move on #NOCONTACT #BPD #narcaway

                  • Twinkle Tush
                    Twinkle Tush  3 months back

                    I don't think calling her an ex prostitute was a big deal, but him making light of the abuse and trauma she has suffered is really something. The "as long as you don't push me down a flight of stairs" was in really bad taste and awkward.

                  • MissSweetieShortie
                    MissSweetieShortie  3 months back

                    I feel so bad for Trisha :'( fuck. That is so sad.

                    • Shaun the Sheep
                      Shaun the Sheep  3 months back

                      Wow the beginning Jason saying Trish is a prostitute was very very hard to listen to. I know how much she loved him. And i imagine is difficult to listen to that from a person u loved. 😕

                      • lol
                        lol  2 days back

                        But she was an ex prostitute. He’s not making anything up by saying that

                      • Tonia Kilman
                        Tonia Kilman  2 months back

                        She's probably got thick skin

                    • Schiaparelli Pink
                      Schiaparelli Pink  3 months back

                      I don’t think he’s funny

                      • Your safe space or mine?
                        Your safe space or mine?  2 months back

                        @Nathan Mawhinney "he's more famous than you'll ever be hahahaha. ". Yes. I see the true love now. Silly me. ✌️😘

                      • Nathan Mawhinney
                        Nathan Mawhinney  2 months back

                        Your safe space or mine? Hahaha, read my comment and then your reply and you’ll see who’s salty. My statement holds true love.

                      • Your safe space or mine?
                        Your safe space or mine?  2 months back

                        @Nathan Mawhinney I didn't say he wasn't popular. And what are you so salty? Is he your grandpa? I mean. He wanted to be a stand up comedian but he didn't make it. So....he is a failed stand up comedian. He thrived with social media. I am not trying to go around and hurt your feeling Nate. Just saying. Alright. Stay chill mate.

                      • Nathan Mawhinney
                        Nathan Mawhinney  2 months back

                        Your safe space or mine? And more famous than you’ll ever be lol!

                      • Your safe space or mine?
                        Your safe space or mine?  2 months back

                        He is a failed stand up comedian.

                    • Jess&Jad D&A
                      Jess&Jad D&A  3 months back

                      Not cool Jason... I can’t believe how u spoke about this woman u said u loved. Trisha was nothing but good to him and he is talking about her like she is a low life nothing too him. This was sad and I feel so bad for trish.

                    • Danielle Henry
                      Danielle Henry  3 months back

                      TRUTH is the TRUTH 💯🙄💁💚💙❤👏👏👏😉

                      • Deanna B
                        Deanna B  3 months back

                        You seem like a logical and level headed person, I’m not sure why you’d go to a comedy show and not expect slightly offensive humor.
                        Especially when even you acknowledge that Trisha herself makes those type of jokes herself..
                        Trisha is awful, and she is constantly badmouthing people.

                        • Caspaira Acula
                          Caspaira Acula  3 months back

                          Don't go to a comedy show if you don't want to hear jokes.

                        • Britany
                          Britany  3 months back

                          I want to know, how did Jason smell? LOL

                          • Amna S
                            Amna S  3 months back

                            he looks like he smells like a nursing home.

                        • Jack Teel
                          Jack Teel  3 months back

                          If you are offended by the jokes you dont understand Trisha or Jason. She is comfortable with jokes about her past, she just doesnt like "Fat" jokes or jokes that seem like cheating (those are her triggers). She does not mind these type of jokes.

                          • Jamie Walton Jr.
                            Jamie Walton Jr.  4 weeks back

                            I mean she was the one joking about sucking off david and how bad she wants to fuck some people from the squad

                          • Connie McGee
                            Connie McGee  1 months back

                            Right now she might get pretty upset. You obviously haven't seen her tweets about him and David lately?

                          • Jack Teel
                            Jack Teel  1 months back

                            @Youric Hunt dog, its called listening when watching a video.

                          • Youric Hunt
                            Youric Hunt  1 months back

                            oh yeah you'd know cause you're friends with her in real life and stuff. Re

                        • K. B.
                          K. B.  3 months back

                          So do the think the meet and greet ticket was worth it?? The one for Chicago is like $100

                          • Tonia Kilman
                            Tonia Kilman  2 months back

                            I hear he's such a gentleman

                          • Taylor Lassen
                            Taylor Lassen   3 months back

                            I just looked back at what I paid for it, and I guess mine was also about $100 including all the fees, etc. So I apologize for not knowing when I filmed. I still do think it was worth it personally. It was a small venue, and he was very nice afterwards at the meet and greet and gave each person time to talk with him.

                        • Tinks
                          Tinks  3 months back


                          • Tinks
                            Tinks  3 months back

                            I used to like you Jason, but you stooped so low. How disgusting you are. Just like Trisha said, you and David will say anything to get a laugh. How frickin low do you go? Really Jason, where do you draw the line? YOU ARE A PIG.

                            • Tionne Shell
                              Tionne Shell  3 months back

                              Hey b what kind of camera do you use ?

                              • Taylor Lassen
                                Taylor Lassen   3 months back

                                Canon 77D, but some of the bits from him performing on stage were taken with my iPhone X.

                            • Rose Hdz
                              Rose Hdz  3 months back

                              Girl, u did good! He seems super nice ! I love it! ❤️

                              • Indigo Snps
                                Indigo Snps  3 months back

                                Then.. He is very low standard for a man lol🤣

                                • glenda sabo
                                  glenda sabo  3 months back

                                  lolol... cant wait to see what she does or says to this... no names but we know...we heard it before or something like it.....

                                  • Rose Hdz
                                    Rose Hdz  3 months back


                                • Lauren Gates
                                  Lauren Gates  3 months back

                                  Wow I’ve always thought Jason was kinda mean to Trisha this just proves that she wasn’t the problem in there relationship. Ex prostitute really Jason.. that ex prostitute got him a lot of views on his channel, new subs, free vacations, loved him endlessly, loved his kids, let David film all there drama and that’s all she is to him! Btw the girl still is madly in love with him while she’s been praising him for being a wonderful man he’s out here calling her that! All the things he joked about her doing was some of the things he loved the most about her, which in return made him fall in love with her! And the joke if u ever leave me I’ll come and find you well HOMEBODY did leave her and she tried to get back with her and he blocked her i just... and he’s still using her jokes and sense of humor in his show like wha.. he won’t even tell the people on this channel that they are done or talk about her but in his comedy show it’s free range of him telling funny and sweet things she would say about him?! Idk why this is rubbing me the wrong way maybe because she still in love with him and everything he joked about was things he use to say he loved about her and now she’s just a bit in his show argh. It’s like if u think all thos things are funny then why doesn’t he try to make it work with them instead of blocking her and using her joke her ur show ...

                                  • Brimadawna
                                    Brimadawna  3 weeks back

                                    Honestly I would've made jokes that he was a sugar baby. Lol. She got him everything

                                  • Spotted Elephant
                                    Spotted Elephant  2 months back

                                    Lauren Gates Hi Trisha!! I mean Lauren 😂

                                  • Tonia Kilman
                                    Tonia Kilman  2 months back

                                    Hey GIRL HEY LOVE 💘 ALL UR FAKE ACCOUNTS

                                  • Spotted Elephant
                                    Spotted Elephant  3 months back

                                    KRYS S.Philly hahaha. So true! All I read was Trish wAsnt the problem and 😂😂. Yeah....that was funny as hell

                                  • Daniel Mediavilla
                                    Daniel Mediavilla  3 months back

                                    KRYS S.Philly um...yeah. I’m agreeing with you. I think you didn’t understand my comment. I’m literally completely agreeing with you, couldn’t be happier that Jason broke up with her.

                                • Ann M
                                  Ann M  3 months back

                                  Who cares 🙄😒 she's a complete fool/mess and he's lucky to have gotten away from her.

                                  • Julia Mimi
                                    Julia Mimi  3 months back

                                    If she's indeed a former prostitute with low standards in men and admits to both on a public forum, what's the problem exactly? Isn't she always whinning about snowflakes ruining comedy? lmao

                                    • dane bentley
                                      dane bentley  1 weeks back

                                      TrailDolls aka Kroqluv Which is why Jason doesn’t have any negative stuff about her in any of his blogs.This was a show for his fans and he didn’t put out the parts about Trisha so idk what your talking about.

                                    • Pinksupergrl95
                                      Pinksupergrl95  3 months back

                                      @TrailDolls aka Kroqluv Considering she trashed the relationship, & was so toxic he actually was very nice about it in this piece.He could have shared alot of very horrible but also very true stories, but didnt. It is common knowledge she was a prostitute so thats not being mean to her & knowing him hes talked to her about it.

                                    • Debz Ada
                                      Debz Ada  3 months back

                                      He fucked her what does it say about him

                                    • Lauren Gates
                                      Lauren Gates  3 months back

                                      notti existent i get it basically he can treat her like crap and she would still want him i mean i guess i get that but then again i think Trisha just truly loved him way more than he would/could ever love her

                                    • Lauren Gates
                                      Lauren Gates  3 months back

                                      notti existent wow he said he treated her bad? But then again i guess that was the on going joke with them saying she’s crazy and he’s desperate

                                  • Jasmine Sweeney
                                    Jasmine Sweeney  3 months back

                                    I want to yank that gum out his mouth.

                                    • glenda sabo
                                      glenda sabo  2 months back

                                      @julia conley I dont drink, smoke or take Clariton. I dont do drugs and proud to say, my police record and credit is clean That is you, dear. You just described your life.

                                    • glenda sabo
                                      glenda sabo  2 months back

                                      @julia conley Shut up! Everyone can comment what they like. If the gum hasn't worked this far, there are other options. All that smacking gets on everyone's nerves. Go pick on someone who cares. Gum and talking is annoying to lots of folks. He replaced one bad habit over another. Open your freaking eyes. I was not the only comment
                                      You just picked me because you like me...lol

                                    • julia conley
                                      julia conley  2 months back

                                      glenda sabo jesus glenda take your Claritin and top off a margarita pitcher with your sunday gal pals I mean live a little the sun will still rise

                                    • glenda sabo
                                      glenda sabo  3 months back

                                      @Momma said Then he needs the patch, or a Drs help.

                                    • Momma said
                                      Momma said  3 months back

                                      @Jasmine Sweeney apparently so...

                                  • authorgirlpetparent
                                    authorgirlpetparent  3 months back

                                    I thought you came off very sweet and composed. Thanks for posting this: SO happy he's no longer in that horribly toxic relationship!!!

                                  • Blah Blah Blah
                                    Blah Blah Blah  3 months back

                                    Wow... NOT NICE at all for Jason to say that stuff about Trisha as part of his show. Made me see Jason in a very terrible light.

                                    • Kassidy Nicole
                                      Kassidy Nicole  2 months back

                                      Lulu Mo in his defense she uses him for clickbait. That’s their job. She also talks down about him in videos also. I think that just shows how toxic their relationship was and how both of them are in the wrong.

                                    • Tonia Kilman
                                      Tonia Kilman  2 months back

                                      Taylor half of these accounts making comments r Trish anyway so of course she will see it

                                    • Blah Blah Blah
                                      Blah Blah Blah  3 months back

                                      Jennifer Ivy .... this is why Jason is not and will never be a successful comedian.

                                    • Jennifer Ivy
                                      Jennifer Ivy  3 months back

                                      You guys are all way to sensitive. Trisha has always been fine talking about her past as a prostitute/ escort. Besides, that premise was necessary for him to transition into SELF-deprecating humor which was the essence of the joke.

                                    • Pinksupergrl95
                                      Pinksupergrl95  3 months back

                                      Its really not that deep. Its no different than him sbaring he used to paint houses when he couldnt get work & Im sure shes fine with it. Thats common knowledge,you can look it up, shes talked about it plenty. Id be willing to bet they discussed it... up until just recently they were talking every day, you dont think he wouldnt mention it when his gigs are all over social media?

                                  • Buki Moon
                                    Buki Moon  3 months back

                                    Thanks for uploading this queen! Subscribed.

                                    • Its Gucci
                                      Its Gucci  3 months back

                                      I’m dead at his joggers, I’m dead at him bringing ev er y body to his set, I’m dead he didn’t make any good Trisha jokes but It doesn’t even matter cause I’m dead.

                                      • TrailDolls aka Kroqluv
                                        TrailDolls aka Kroqluv  3 months back

                                        Agreed. Considering that Jason asked her not to speak about him... He's being a hypocrite to bring her up. And it's not his place to bring up her past like that. Lame

                                        • xxtoronto xo
                                          xxtoronto xo  3 months back

                                          Shes still talking about him

                                        • Pinksupergrl95
                                          Pinksupergrl95  3 months back

                                          Im sure they talked about it...mind you shes talked bout him a handful of times so theyre both even in my book. He could have been so cruel & shared some of the awful things she did & said, but hes not like that. Shed be fine with it in my opinion, people know what her former job was.

                                        • Esoteric Enigma
                                          Esoteric Enigma  3 months back

                                          Trisha speaks of him all the time and Jason can speak about Trisha if he wants to in any way he wishes. They are not together anymore!

                                        • KatieLydia
                                          KatieLydia  3 months back

                                          Lauren Gates you mean him???

                                        • glenda sabo
                                          glenda sabo  3 months back

                                          I am sorry, but she did this to herself. She has said all this in the past
                                          I am not sure she isnt still hooking. But when her naked body is plastered everywhere, next thing coming is porn movie.

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                                        • Jordan Castillo
                                          Jordan Castillo  3 months back