Simone Biles - Balance Beam - 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships - Senior Women Day 2

  • Published: 12 August 2019
  • Score: 14.700 (6.2, 8.500)
    August 11, 2019 - Sprint Center - Kansas City, Mo.

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Comments • 29

  • Nancy romero
    Nancy romero  3 days back

    La adoro 🤗

    • Jau Oliver
      Jau Oliver  7 days back

      The best of the best

      • LOMBOist
        LOMBOist  1 weeks back


        • Geminis R
          Geminis R  1 weeks back

          Pequeña, pero muy grande eres única 😘😘🇪🇸

          • Gli Amici
            Gli Amici  2 weeks back

            We use to see thin girls doing great things in gymnastics as the great Nadia Comaneci.... But it's still difficult to believe that Biles is able to do all those great tricks with this body. And as a matter of fact, I think that she is the greatest ever....

            • Chantel
              Chantel  1 weeks back

              Good job on body shaming🙄🙄 she has muscle and is healthy! Maybe society should ditch these outdated and dangerous beliefs that thin is the only way to be a good athlete!! This is why so many young female athletes and up with eating disorders and injuries!!

          • Vivian Polack Kutter
            Vivian Polack Kutter  2 weeks back

            She´s really good, no doubt about it! But, honestly I haven´t still seen anyone like Nadia Comaneci, no one to replace her, no one like her

            • abraham hernandez
              abraham hernandez  2 weeks back

              Love the way she is, perfect!!!!

              • Ferdinand Tambungui
                Ferdinand Tambungui  2 weeks back

                Eakers difficulty still trumps Biles. She needs to bring back front with a half turn to compete for the gold vs Eaker and the Chinese champion.

                • 000111
                  000111  2 weeks back

                  Do you know what happened to Kara night 2? She didn't compete did she

              • Chicken
                Chicken  2 weeks back

                Can someone explain to me why they need to/ get scored on the ‘dance/artistic’ section. How much of the total % does it make up and why would they get scored on that since none of the males are required to ‘dance’ ? Thanks

                • Gracie's gymnastics
                  Gracie's gymnastics  2 weeks back

                  There is ALOT of dance requirements on beam such as: must have side ways dance 3+ steps, must go up on relave and your back, torso or chest must touch the beam, also only one half turn on 2 feet can be used, don't know if this helps at all but🤔 ...

                • Chicken
                  Chicken  2 weeks back

                  Sabrina Belz thank you so much!

                • Bitota Nkongolo
                  Bitota Nkongolo  2 weeks back

                  @Sabrina Belz so technically the "dance" elements aren't dance elements. Just other non flipping skills.

                • Sabrina Belz
                  Sabrina Belz  2 weeks back

                  There is no % or score exclusively for "dance/artistry". There is the Difficulty score (open ended, all the skills in the routine added up) and the Execution score (starting from a 10 and deducting whatever the gymnast did wrong, f.e. flexed feet, wobbles, bend knees, lack of height and so on). So in this case Simone got a difficulty of 6.2 and an execution of 8,5 which adds up to the final score of 14.7. Dance elements (turns/split leaps etc) have always been part of the sport and are required in a gymnasts routine to show that one has mastered a variety of skills, not just fliiping ones. Every event has different "composition requirements" which dictate which kinds of elements must be done in a routine and usually it's a mix of tumbling and dance skills.
                  So while dance elements are present in the difficulty score and deducted from in the execution score, there is no seperated score for that.
                  Choreography on beam (like arm waving and posing) is not judged by itself, but gymnasts can get a rhythm deduction for lack of flow in the execution score if they stand too long on the spot doing nothing. That's why they pose and wave while focussing on the next skill.
                  As for the men, it's true they dont have the same dance elements, but they have a lot of holding elements and splits to balance with all the tumbling. Moreover, men's and women's gymnastics are not the same. Otherwise guys would be doing beam and women would do rings and pommels.
                  I hope I have explained it well enough :)

              • Caoimhe Mcwilliams
                Caoimhe Mcwilliams  2 weeks back

                She probably doesn't want to hurt her self before worlds we all no she can do the double double

                • Liz
                  Liz  2 weeks back

                  Her legs looks like if they were made of marble!!

                • Tshimangadzo Mavhungu
                  Tshimangadzo Mavhungu  2 weeks back

                  Beautifully well done 👏🏼

                  • Sebastian Rolon
                    Sebastian Rolon  2 weeks back

                    VERY GOOD.

                    • br0wnsug3h
                      br0wnsug3h  2 weeks back

                      We won't be seeing the double double again until World's qualification IMO; probably not the triple, double either. No need to now that she knows she can successfully compete them.

                      • Stefanie
                        Stefanie  2 weeks back

                        Incredibly good!

                        • An Eye Fo An Eye
                          An Eye Fo An Eye  2 weeks back


                          • will fattoni
                            will fattoni  2 weeks back

                            No double double :(

                            • Bialy Cano Bazan
                              Bialy Cano Bazan  2 weeks back

                              Saludos of Peru 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪😘

                              • Samuel Siasoyco
                                Samuel Siasoyco  2 weeks back

                                6 likes 99 views damn I'm early 😂

                                • Néstor Clemente
                                  Néstor Clemente  2 weeks back

                                  Where's the double double?

                                  • Jolene Fernandes
                                    Jolene Fernandes  2 weeks back

                                    Two flips + Two twists which many elite gymnasts do not even perform on floor, she does as dismount off a 4 inch wooden beam

                                • dukemydogy
                                  dukemydogy  2 weeks back