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  • Bailey Moura
    Bailey Moura  2 hours back

    I have those cards lmao my aunt gave them to meeee

    • Ben Nemzek
      Ben Nemzek  3 hours back

      Anyone notice how he rode the skateboard first when he already had the moped and it was in the background

      • Trianglua Rat
        Trianglua Rat  6 hours back


        • G&J
          G&J  8 hours back

          It is for defending yourself and take another person weapon away

          • kenny mcgowan
            kenny mcgowan  8 hours back

            a karambit is a knife to that spec ops solders use the shape of the karambit is for slicing the backs of your knees where your tendon is then a quick slice to the neck dose the job well

            • Chase Tolliver
              Chase Tolliver  11 hours back

              i have that razor moped but its red and has a red seat

              • Isaac Ventura
                Isaac Ventura  12 hours back

                I had light up shoes before but not gold

                • killmeh pleZ
                  killmeh pleZ  12 hours back

                  Man looked like ksi

                  • MJL 2K
                    MJL 2K  13 hours back


                    • holpip
                      holpip  14 hours back

                      17:44 when you go *FULL* incogneto

                      • FutureWinter Cox
                        FutureWinter Cox  16 hours back

                        For murdering

                        • Normandy Productions
                          Normandy Productions  17 hours back

                          EDC is every day carry

                          • Finnyboy Games
                            Finnyboy Games  17 hours back

                            Talking about girls butts shows a picture of James Charles with a emoji where his butt would be lol

                            • Danniell Company
                              Danniell Company  18 hours back

                              magic the gathering!!!!!

                              • Gacha CHUNGUS
                                Gacha CHUNGUS  19 hours back

                                Karambit knives are martial arts knives

                                • just that girl
                                  just that girl  19 hours back


                                  • Care Master
                                    Care Master  20 hours back

                                    When someone walks in my room 19:17

                                    • Shane Vaughn
                                      Shane Vaughn  20 hours back

                                      (He looks like Cookie monster) Brian 2019

                                      • Zackary Palmer
                                        Zackary Palmer  20 hours back

                                        Aren't all knives used for hurting people??

                                        • Kate Gunn
                                          Kate Gunn  21 hours back

                                          Meaning of “999.9” in gold. “999.9” or “999” are examples of purity representation of gold using millesimal fineness system. In this system, fineness or gold purity is expressed in parts per 1000. In other words, it tells how many parts, out of 1000, are pure gold (in given piece of gold)

                                          • Blake Bumbalough
                                            Blake Bumbalough  22 hours back

                                            Doesn't want anything gang affiliated... picks yellow... cause you think only crips and bloods exist? Educate yoself

                                            • MonkeyBro0
                                              MonkeyBro0  23 hours back

                                              I LOVE THIS SERIES

                                              • Matthew Bolarinho
                                                Matthew Bolarinho  23 hours back

                                                Mr beast - hold my money

                                                • crazyjeep
                                                  crazyjeep  24 hours back

                                                  Karambit is a fighting knife.

                                                  • TJ Hamm
                                                    TJ Hamm  1 days back

                                                    Opening boxes

                                                    • Chad Thompson
                                                      Chad Thompson  1 days back

                                                      Moral of the video

                                                      • aryan dewan
                                                        aryan dewan  1 days back

                                                        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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                                                        Kerambit knife and sheath.JPG
                                                        A traditional karambit.
                                                        Type Concealed blade/farming tool
                                                        Place of origin Indonesia
                                                        Blade type Single, double or triple edged, crescent curve
                                                        Hilt type Water buffalo horn, wooden, ivory
                                                        Scabbard/sheath Water buffalo horn, wooden
                                                        The karambit (as is spelled in the Philippines and in most Western countries[1]), kerambit (as used in both Indonesian and Malaysian variants of Malay), kurambik, karambol or karambiak (both from the Minangkabau language) is a small Indonesian curved knife resembling a claw.

                                                        1 Origin
                                                        2 Technique
                                                        3 Variations
                                                        3.1 Modern forms
                                                        4 See also
                                                        5 References
                                                        6 External links

                                                        Adityawarman statue holding a karambit.
                                                        The karambit is believed to have originally been weaponized among the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra[2] where, according to folklore, it was inspired by the claws of tiger. As with most weapons of the region, it was originally an agricultural implement designed to rake roots, gather threshing and plant rice in most of island Southeast Asia. It's a smaller variant of the Southeast Asian sickles (Filipino panabas or karit; Indonesian celurit, arit, or sabit; and Malaysian sabit). As it was weaponised, the blade became more curved to maximise cutting potential. Through Indonesia's trade network and close contact with neighbouring countries, the karambit was eventually dispersed through what are now Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines.[3][4]

                                                        Culturally the karambit was a subject of condescension in Java because of its history as a weapon of the agrarian peasantry, as opposed to the kesatria (warrior class) who were trained in the keraton or royal palace. European accounts tell that soldiers in Indonesia were armed with a kris at their waist or back and a spear in their hands, while the karambit was used as a last resort when the fighter's other weapons were lost in battle. Nevertheless, it was popular among women who would tie the weapon into their hair to be used in self-defense.[citation needed]. The renowned Bugis warriors of Sulawesi were famous for their embrace of the karambit. Today it is one of the main weapons of silat and is commonly used in Filipino martial arts as well.[5]

                                                        Superficially the karambit resembles the jambiyah but there is no connection. The jambiyah was always designed as a weapon and serves as a status marker, often made by skilled artisans and jewelers using precious stones and metals, whereas the karambit was and still remains an unadorned, modest farmer's implement and useful utility knife.[5]


                                                        A modern karambit, held in a hammer grip (left) and the other held traditionally (right).
                                                        The karambit is held with the blade pointing downward from the bottom of the fist, usually curving forwards however occasionally backwards. While it is primarily used in a slashing or hooking motion, karambit with a finger ring are also used in a punching motion hitting the opponent with the finger ring. Some karambit are designed to be used in a hammering motion. This flexibility of striking methods is what makes it useful in self-defense situations. The finger guard makes it difficult to disarm and allows the knife to be maneuvered in the fingers without losing one's grip.[5]

                                                        The short Filipino karambit has found some favor in the West because such proponents allege the biomechanics of the weapon allow for more powerful cutting strokes and painful "ripping" wounds, and because its usability is hypothesized as more intuitive, though there continues to be debate about this matter.

                                                        The technique of the karambit is also heavily focused on striking the weak points of the human body, such as the muscles from the knee and elbow. This is a very effective technique because of the curved blade. Because of this, the karambit is considered to be one of the deadliest melee weapons.[5]

                                                        Knife (Korambi) with Sheath MET 36.25.823ab 002june2014.jpg Knife (Korambi) with Sheath MET 36.25.869ab 005july2014.jpg
                                                        Knife (Korambi) with Sheath MET 36.25.873ab 002july2014.jpg
                                                        An 18th-19th century Malayan style Kerambit (left), an 18th-19th century Sulawesi style Kerambit (top) and a 16th-19th century Sumatran style Kerambit (bottom).
                                                        There are many regional variants of karambit. The length of the blade, for example, could vary from one village or blacksmith to another. Some have no finger guard and some feature two blades, one on each side of the handle. Traditional types include:

                                                        Kuku Bima: Bhima's claw from West Java
                                                        Kuku Hanuman: Hanuman's claw from West Java
                                                        Kuku Machan: tiger's claw, endemic to Sumatra, Central Java and Madura
                                                        Kerambit Sumbawa: larger, sturdier kerambit made specially for battle. From the Sumba Islands
                                                        Kerambit Lombok: larger, sturdier kerambit made specially for battle. From Lombok
                                                        Lawi Ayam: chicken's claw, created by the Minang community
                                                        Additionally, modern karambit may have spikes or spurs on the front or rear ricasso, which may be intended for gripping clothing or horse tack, tearing flesh or for injecting a poison, such as the upas.[6]

                                                        Modern forms[edit]
                                                        The modern Western interpretation of the karambit is far removed from the original agricultural tool. They may have folding blades, are finished to a high standard, made from expensive materials as opposed to being rudimentary and makeshift and are generally larger to accommodate larger hands.[7]

                                                        The West has recently found the karambit to be useful for self-defense, prepping and survival because, by design, they are difficult for an opponent to dislodge from the hand and this provides a combative advantage. Western versions also include one or more safety rings. Preppers also use the karambit for backpacking, camping, fishing, farming, gardening and hunting. Most of those produced in the West for use as weapons are based on the small Filipino variety, which features a short blade and index finger ring. Both fixed blade (generally double-edged) and folding (generally single-edged) karambit are produced in mass production knife factories and also by custom bladesmiths. A very similar weapon (possibly developed without connection to the Eastern variant) is found on the horn of Africa (mainly Ethiopia) where it is used for protection from hyenas together with the traditional Ethiopian stick (dulla). It is called mintcha in amharic and is seen both with and without a finger ring. It has a thicker blade neck than traditional karambits (about a centimeter thick) and is today most often made out of rebar, if still found on the market.[8]

                                                        See also[edit]
                                                        flag Indonesia portal
                                                        Bagh naka
                                                        ^ Farrer, D. S. (5 June 2009). Shadows of the Prophet: Martial Arts and Sufi Mysticism. Springer Science & Business Media. p. 91. ISBN 978-1-4020-9356-2.
                                                        ^ Agus Mulyana (2010). "KERAMBIT: Senjata Genggam Khas Minangkabau". Sumedang Online. Retrieved 9 October 2014.
                                                        ^ Proyek Pembinaan Permuseuman Jakarta (Indonesia). Koleksi pilihan museum-museum negeri propinsi. Proyek Pembinaan Permuseuman Jakarta: 1989. 65 pages
                                                        ^ D. Christo (2014). "Karambit FAQ". Karambit.com.
                                                        ^ Jump up to: a b c d Tarani, Steve (2002). Karambit: Exotic Weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago. Unique Publications. pp. 15–22. ISBN 978-0-86568-206-1.
                                                        ^ Sheikh Shamsuddin. The Malay art of self-defense: silat seni gayong. North Atlantic Books, 2005 ISBN 1-55643-562-2, ISBN 978-1-55643-562-1. 247 pages. pp234
                                                        ^ Emerson, Ernest (February 2004). "The Battle Blade". Black Belt. Los Angeles, California: Active Interest Media, Inc. 42 (2): 80–85. ISSN 0277-3066. Retrieved 3 March 2015.
                                                        ^ Jean Claude Corbeil, Visual Amharic Dictionary, p. 140
                                                        External links[edit]
                                                        Wikimedia Commons has media related to Karambit.
                                                        Karambit.com - Articles, history and legalities about the karambit
                                                        Karambit - Articles, history and legalities about the karambit
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                                                        • Tristan N
                                                          Tristan N  1 days back

                                                          At first I thought you were PewDiePie

                                                          • AP AMVs
                                                            AP AMVs  1 days back

                                                            469 dollars for a motorized skateboard that's not too good.
                                                            *SAYS ITS CHEAP* You shitting me?

                                                            • Jamie Ho-wung Wong
                                                              Jamie Ho-wung Wong  1 days back

                                                              EDC- every day carry
                                                              Karambit- a type of knife designed to slash and hook like a claw.
                                                              999.9 gold- the highest purity of gold sold post-manufactoring. 999.9 out of 1000 parts gold.

                                                              • DaMoorez
                                                                DaMoorez  1 days back

                                                                Is tanner gay

                                                                • Amesha Kodikara
                                                                  Amesha Kodikara  1 days back

                                                                  U looked like octane from apex legend

                                                                  • l- e-am
                                                                    l- e-am  1 days back

                                                                    you should learn to play ERS (Egyptian rat snake)

                                                                    • cup o kayler
                                                                      cup o kayler  1 days back

                                                                      no one ever:
                                                                      matt: WHAT. I LOVE MY WIFE.

                                                                      • waddles piggyshow
                                                                        waddles piggyshow  1 days back

                                                                        wait did i just hear dope or nope the channel where we [email protected] products hahahahahahahahaha

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                                                                          • zackery Cool
                                                                            zackery Cool  1 days back

                                                                            Why is it just his face

                                                                            • Mohib Warsi
                                                                              Mohib Warsi  1 days back

                                                                              what happned to m tech

                                                                              • Mariana Kharitonov
                                                                                Mariana Kharitonov  1 days back

                                                                                a karambit is yes a fighting knife, you put your index finger in the hole and hold the grip. Most of the time you flip it around to slash people throats. They are NOT pocket knifes

                                                                                • Thot
                                                                                  Thot  1 days back

                                                                                  Has 7 mil subs and a acts like a $250 purchase is too expensive for him.

                                                                                  • Logan Trimmer
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                                                                                    The channel you were mentioning about the design of the Thanos blade was Shadiversity

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                                                                                      Robertdik is there

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                                                                                        The last video I watched he didn’t have a beard.

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                                                                                          I love tanners nails 😍😅😉✌️

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                                                                                            Dang dude, Matt watches Shadiversity

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                                                                                              BORDERLANDS FO LIFE

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                                                                                                  Instead of a karambit