GOOD MORNING FOOTBALL - Ezekiel Elliott was smiling after watching Cowboys struggle vs 49ers


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  • WordSmyth Reyes
    WordSmyth Reyes  1 days back

    When you need more views so you use click bait with a title

    • Mond Wigfall
      Mond Wigfall  1 days back

      It's preseason preseason that's it

      • TX806 4Real
        TX806 4Real  1 days back

        A win is a win. A loss is what's to come.

    • Bill Younker
      Bill Younker  2 days back

      Greedy Zeek

    • Alex Alvarado
      Alex Alvarado  3 days back

      Look at you fools tryna stir shit up not going to work

      • TacoMAN TX
        TacoMAN TX  4 days back

        This is preseason guys come on what are we doing here smh

        • TX806 4Real
          TX806 4Real  1 days back

          Practice makes paper. The cowboys will NOT make the playoffs this season.

      • Clayton bigsby
        Clayton bigsby  4 days back

        Shitty media trying to Break my Team apart!👎Zeke is going to Be a cowboy and so is dak and so is amari👐. Keep wishing Negativity on us baby!!👌😄 #DakisMyQuarterback💨

        • Jose Arellano
          Jose Arellano  1 days back

          Clayton bigsby why you keep bringing Carson Wentz up bruh..???

        • Clayton bigsby
          Clayton bigsby  1 days back

          @Jose Arellano so Carson Has 1 season we're Here won 11 Games and Now He is the second Coming of Jesus .

        • Jose Arellano
          Jose Arellano  3 days back

          Clayton bigsby you looking under the Christmas tree dawg..???
          👀🌲 🎁 🏃🏿‍♂️💨

        • Jose Arellano
          Jose Arellano  3 days back

          Clayton bigsby Carson ..???

          Winning games, that’s all you got..??
          Your boy can’t carry the boys on his back.
          There’s a reason he ain’t 10 QBs
          There’s a reason why he ain’t in the top 100 players of 19..
          why he a tier 3 QB..??
          Last season qbr of 58.6%
          Sacked 56 times..
          Only 22 TDs..!!
          Boy ain’t even a red zone threat
          12 tds inside his 20 and 7 tds inside his 10..
          averaging under 250 a game, only had like two games with 250 + yards.
          Only had 22 passing tds.. =132 points in 16 games, TRASH.
          the defense is what keeps them alive.. that’s why it was ranked top 5 fool.
          And you call your self a dak trashcott fan.

          That’s why I can’t stand you Dak fans.
          Y’all think he is the next big shit, he ain’t.
          Everything needs to be so perfect for him...
          that’s why he a 4 round pick.
          He needs help.
          Gtfo mr. what’s 40 million a year.
          Yeah give him 40 million in 4 years, 10 million a season. 😂

        • Clayton bigsby
          Clayton bigsby  3 days back

          @Jose Arellano so Daks a Joke?! So I Guess winning Game's is a joke huh? Last I checked that's all He does!
          Your Boy Carson can't even last a full season! 👌😄 #Facts💨

      • R S
        R S  4 days back

        Is it just me or does Garrett sound like a broken record!?!?!

        • RC M
          RC M  3 days back

          Well 13 hours 0 likes.. Apparently just you 😏

      • Tea Santana
        Tea Santana  4 days back

        Ok, i hv to tell the truth. The boys will not go far w Dak. He's not worth a big contract and you will see. I suggest, they trade him and pay E. E. Meantime, look for a true QB that can throw the ball and complete dn the field passes. Jerry, i hope you are listening..Sir. I am sure that i can turn the cowboys around but, will you listen....NO.

        • Kk LL
          Kk LL  4 days back

          Lol Zeke wasn't worried bout this game only person who smiled was 49er fans n Cooper rush cause white Stinks with a cap S

          • Thomas Brann
            Thomas Brann  5 days back

            By the way Pollard averaged almost double the yards per carry in his debut than Zeke average in his last game :0

            • Armando Llanos
              Armando Llanos  2 days back

              So you’d rather keep dak Prescott for 40 mill a year?

            • Thomas Brann
              Thomas Brann  2 days back

              No I would not rather have him but if he's wanting the most money two years early I'll take Pollard, are other rookie running back Alfred Morris and trade Zeke for a good running back and a draft pick. I trade him today for kerryon Johnson for Detroit and get there first draft pick next year. Zeke won't even last two years after he signs with out being suspended

            • BigBassBully
              BigBassBully  2 days back

              So your telling me u rather have Pollard? Lol yeahhhhhh rigttttt

            • Thomas Brann
              Thomas Brann  4 days back

              Pollard is not zekiel Elliott but he's faster maybe not as physical. I think you can guarantee get for yards or more per carry out of him. Again I would trade Zeke probably to Detroit for kerryon Johnson take my rookies Alfred Morris kerryon Johnson and you get Detroit's next year's number one pick. Not number one overall most likely that their number one pick so there's a great chance it's going to be another running back so you're basically getting two running backs for Zeke and one of them's pretty damn decent

            • Armando Llanos
              Armando Llanos  4 days back

              I mean rams my bad lol

          • Thomas Brann
            Thomas Brann  5 days back

            They've got a couple rookie running backs and Alfred Morris and I suggest they trade him to Detroit for kerryon Johnson and Detroit's number one pick next year which probably will be another running back

            • FLORES 22
              FLORES 22  5 days back

              Zeke had as many touchdowns “6” same as dak last season!!!! U click bait headline losers!!!! 😂😂😂😂

              • Soldier for Christ
                Soldier for Christ  5 days back

                I'm with Zeke. That's what Dallas gets for not paying their best player. Dak is a cold bum without Zeke on the field to carry him.

                • Moon732
                  Moon732  5 days back

                  Zeke deserves his money he’s getting ran into the ground while Dak gets all the credit 😭 yea right Dak is a trash he can’t score in the red zone , can’t consistently make accurate throws and he’s a fumbler

                  • Ryan S
                    Ryan S  5 days back

                    Moon732 seem to know so much about my team... cowboys fan?

                • Rhythm Styx
                  Rhythm Styx  6 days back

                  Zeke wouldn't have played anyway???!!!?!?!!? 0 fer in the red zone is what concerns me!

                  • Kevin Neilly
                    Kevin Neilly  6 days back

                    lol while other teams worry about contract disputes and players holding out, the Patriots are game planning for a another playoff run!!! champions dont sit out!! if bell stays a steeler last year instead of being just a football business player, steelers make a better run. so go ahead zeke Elliott and sit out and show me what u truly are. #notachamp

                    • bowhuntinps3
                      bowhuntinps3  6 days back

                      Who's the fag

                      • Tkeiston Harmon
                        Tkeiston Harmon  6 days back

                        The running game didn’t struggle. Pollard went forward on all 4 carries‼️

                        • moshediquel
                          moshediquel  6 days back

                          Pollard had 4 carries RELAX

                          • Armando Llanos
                            Armando Llanos  4 days back

                            moshediquel they look weak tho from those highlights

                        • CEN CAL
                          CEN CAL  6 days back

                          ZEKE IS A CLOWN .

                        • david sanders
                          david sanders  6 days back

                          Worst sports show EVEEERRRR

                          • Dave Jr
                            Dave Jr  6 days back

                            Ok hit my thumbs up if u would lick her asshole I would

                            • Darrell Yates
                              Darrell Yates  6 days back

                              Cowboys are done no playoffs no Zeke to many distractions and you can thank those hillbillies from Ark

                              • R.J. Holt
                                R.J. Holt  5 days back

                                Its distractions cause it's the cowboys. This happens on alot of others teams. Like Clownly, trent William's, Gordon, its more but they dont get all the news attention.

                            • chris glover
                              chris glover  6 days back


                              • Moon732
                                Moon732  5 days back

                                chris glover shut your dumb ass up

                            • robert medrano
                              robert medrano  6 days back


                              • Fernando Conde
                                Fernando Conde  6 days back

                                The running game didnt struggle

                                • trill 1
                                  trill 1  5 days back

                                  @Daniel that's part of the running game

                                • Daniel
                                  Daniel  5 days back

                                  trill 1 pollard move the ball, the back up running backs failed due to practice squad o line.

                                • trill 1
                                  trill 1  6 days back

                                  18 carries for 65 yards. Like hell if it didn't struggle

                              • WelSpent
                                WelSpent  6 days back


                                • NewsNowHuntingtonWV
                                  NewsNowHuntingtonWV  5 days back

                                  Still would be a better record than the 49'ers.

                                • bowhuntinps3
                                  bowhuntinps3  6 days back

                                  Failed abortion 49er fans. San Fran is for faggots congrats

                                • bowhuntinps3
                                  bowhuntinps3  6 days back

                                  Must be retarded

                                • GIVE ME CASH
                                  GIVE ME CASH  6 days back

                                  @CEN CAL niners fuckin suck dick!

                                • CEN CAL
                                  CEN CAL  6 days back

                                  @GIVE ME CASH COWBOYS SUCK

                              • Txtx Txtx
                                Txtx Txtx  7 days back

                                Wow zeke

                                • Krams209
                                  Krams209  7 days back

                                  No starters on D for the niners too smh

                                  • Krams209
                                    Krams209  5 days back

                                    Daniel 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 niner had no starters on off either

                                  • Daniel
                                    Daniel  5 days back

                                    Niners went 3 and out against Dallas defense and they only had like 3 or 4 starters on defense lol

                                • John Billings
                                  John Billings  7 days back

                                  Oh cmon!! It's the first preseason game. Move along.

                                  • Nkem Oji
                                    Nkem Oji  7 days back

                                    We talking about PRACTICE!!!!! Not a real game.....PRACTICE!!!!

                                  • jayjaylen75
                                    jayjaylen75  7 days back

                                    Smiling for what? It's the preseason...these games don't mean shit, plus all it's doing it getting them a feel for the real deal come week one.

                                    • TX806 4Real
                                      TX806 4Real  1 days back

                                      If the cowboys beat the rams in this week's preseason game you cowboy fans will swear up and down you're going to the Superbowl.

                                    • GIVE ME CASH
                                      GIVE ME CASH  6 days back

                                      @Im SadTho not the first game smart guy

                                    • Im SadTho
                                      Im SadTho  6 days back

                                      jayjaylen75 it actually does means a lot because it decides who makes the 53 man roster

                                    • Sonney Kongdara
                                      Sonney Kongdara  6 days back

                                      Smiling with 8 girls at his Villa ..

                                  • JAY JAY TRILLa
                                    JAY JAY TRILLa  7 days back

                                    Struggle??you mean our 3rd stringers lmao who gives a fuck 1st team OFFENSE and defense looked good