Joe Rogan on the 2020 Tesla Roadster


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  • owl
    owl  15 minutes back

    LMAO "fuck a clean line, i dont wanna die man". I feel you joe, i feel you.

    • drew4021
      drew4021  6 hours back

      Those other cars are inconsequential. They're just show pieces to give these companies relevance and way overpriced at that. Not worth including them in a piece about Tesla -any Tesla

      • y Bratton
        y Bratton  6 hours back

        Trump 2020

        • Tim Manning
          Tim Manning  7 hours back

          Lotus Evija is pretty sick too

          • Vitruvian
            Vitruvian  10 hours back

            Bill Gates has solved the CO2 issue. He made a factory that sucks in CO2 and spews o2.

            • Miguel lopez
              Miguel lopez  43 minutes back

              yes ind requires fossil fuel power plants to generate the electricity to run them, so no its not solved.

          • FuzRModz
            FuzRModz  10 hours back

            Interview guest options must be tough rn, at this point I might be able to get a podcast with joe!!

      10 hours back

              The Tesla 202X Roadster ... TBD

              • Anthony Romeo
                Anthony Romeo  13 hours back

                Really joe?? The Italians can’t make an engine??? Lol that’s funny

              • ibdustin15
                ibdustin15  13 hours back

                New Lotus is going to be low 1 second 0-60s

                • Miguel lopez
                  Miguel lopez  39 minutes back

                  its a piece of crap, they said it was sub 3 seconds 0-60... and somehow claim its 2000HP.

              • Zachary Smith
                Zachary Smith  20 hours back

                Tesla fanboys seem to think only in terms of being fast for short distance.

                • Miguel lopez
                  Miguel lopez  37 minutes back

                  roadster is fester then most cars in long run too.

              • kris moe
                kris moe  22 hours back

                It’s only fast in a straight line!!!!!!!!

                • Bacon Grease
                  Bacon Grease  22 hours back

                  remember when you said you were a real man and don’t drive electric vehicles LOL

                  • Kaya Godz
                    Kaya Godz  24 hours back

                    Everyone is talking about electric sport cars ... Why not electric sports bikes ? 🤔

                    • Taylor McCallum
                      Taylor McCallum  1 days back

                      Now talk about the c8 vette

                      • Gregory Shaffer
                        Gregory Shaffer  1 days back

                        dang, that was foreplay, 1.5 seconds of the Roadster, a few more seconds, I'd have wood

                        • Tommy O'Neill
                          Tommy O'Neill  1 days back

                          Nothing, not even a 1.9, 0-60 computer on wheels, compares to the combustion engine. Not in a million years.

                          • Jack Myers
                            Jack Myers  24 hours back

                            Yeah the electric shames it.

                        • Chris15430
                          Chris15430  1 days back

                          Just me, or does this feel like a commercial?
                          Had Elon on once, and Joe done sold out SMH

                          • Grant Baker
                            Grant Baker  1 days back

                            The rimac concept two is supposed to be able to break the 2.0 sec barrier from 0-60mph.

                            • Miguel lopez
                              Miguel lopez  14 hours back

                              @Grant Baker the roadster has been hinted at the 1.9 second time being "conservative" by one of its test drivers, the roadster has a battery that is capable of 30% more power then the rimac, it also heavier so better down force to begin with, the roadster uses Michelin cup 2's for its tires and those are almost drag tires. The thing the rimac will definitely do better is the luxury department, but tesla does have the fastest accelerating production car on the market based of their 5000lb family sedan so they have some experience in extreme engineering.

                            • Grant Baker
                              Grant Baker  15 hours back

                              @Miguel lopez true, I feel the rimac will have more of a chance than the roadster, it's built like a hypercar, with huge tyres.
                              Just a matter of time before we find out.

                            • Miguel lopez
                              Miguel lopez  15 hours back

                              @Grant Baker well it claimed it and never showed it, the reason Why the roadster and rimac aren't hitting 1.7 second 0-60mph is traction, both cars will have trouble keeping their tires from slipping, cars usually start using drag tires and prepared road to do runs below 2.1 seconds.

                            • Grant Baker
                              Grant Baker  17 hours back

                              I thought the roadster did 0-60 in 2.1 sec?
                              Nevertheless, the rimac concept one was outstanding, and the company claim that the concept two will do 0-60 in 1.8 sec, and I'm no one to doubt what they're capable of.
                              These next few years are gonna be really interesting when it comes to cars that's for sure.

                            • Miguel lopez
                              Miguel lopez  23 hours back

                              but it has never been publicly tested, the roadster on its reveal night was doing 0-70mph (1.9 seconds 0-60mph) runs for people that put reservations.

                          • TheSlideshowtube
                            TheSlideshowtube  1 days back

                            Screens replacing mirrors is stupid for many reasons. But some people just think hi tech is always better than low tech.

                            • Road Hog
                              Road Hog  1 days back

                              no side mirrors makes less drag you dumb asses , so it wil go faster , thats why the roadster cant go 1.6 secs 1/100km ,it has to have 2 shit wings on the fucking sides .

                              • xory44
                                xory44  1 days back

                                It’s still 1.9 secs if you get the space x package (air thrusters) the regular one is 2 .1 secs

                                • xory44
                                  xory44  19 hours back

                                  kris moe patience sir it will come, many have already taken test drives. Look up jay Leno’s experience.

                                • kris moe
                                  kris moe  22 hours back

                                  xory44 you still can’t buy either one because as of now it’s just theory.

                              • tucci06
                                tucci06  1 days back

                                If they ever rebooted Back to the Future (God forbid), I bet the time machine would be a Tesla. Then again, taking like 3 seconds to get to 88 mph kind of removes all the suspense, lol.

                                • consumerwil
                                  consumerwil  2 days back

                                  "I'm getting that B___!" hahhahahahahaha

                                  • smoke full
                                    smoke full  2 days back

                                    lol, the energy that fills your teslas comes from power plants that still pollute the air smh

                                    • Frankie Quinn
                                      Frankie Quinn  2 days back

                                      Implying we arent in the process of developing clean energy. Nuclear is pretty clean

                                  • valfs santiago
                                    valfs santiago  2 days back

                                    They remove the side mirrors for aerodynamics. They create massive drag on high speeds which makes the car less efficient. Less battery range

                                    • Casey Neckar
                                      Casey Neckar  2 days back

                                      1.9 second 0-60

                                      • Ignacio Alonso
                                        Ignacio Alonso  2 days back

                                        Joe your a pendejo man. You think your cool because you drive a tesla you don’t understand how bad for the environment sourcing the materials for these batteries is....

                                        • Anon
                                          Anon  2 days back

                                          2.1 is base model before adding rocket thruster option.

                                          • redfirekla
                                            redfirekla  2 days back

                                            Joe Rogan needs an entire podcast on the lightyear one solar, finally a car that covers most driving needs all on the power of the sun - solar.

                                            • Russ Tishtish
                                              Russ Tishtish  2 days back

                                              Joe doesn’t know shit about cars lol

                                              • aDIYguy
                                                aDIYguy  2 days back

                                                Jamie mentioned the lotus. You guys gotta look at that too 2k hp electric fastest lotus ever

                                                • Not bahhhd Good size
                                                  Not bahhhd Good size  3 days back

                                                  Well we use kilowatt in Australia

                                                  • JuanNoEsJuan
                                                    JuanNoEsJuan  3 days back

                                                    no side mirrors give way better aerodynamics and better range because of that

                                                    • Pheezy420 REEFER
                                                      Pheezy420 REEFER  3 days back

                                                      Once you hit the road with the telsa p100d its a great cAr but on the highway

                                                      • Luciiffeerr
                                                        Luciiffeerr  3 days back

                                                        Rogan is bisexual

                                                        • Daryl Bascombe
                                                          Daryl Bascombe  3 days back

                                                          Then along came a little British company called Lotus and said " shhhh now this is the bench mark"

                                                          • Daryl Bascombe
                                                            Daryl Bascombe  18 hours back


                                                          • Daryl Bascombe
                                                            Daryl Bascombe  18 hours back

                                                            @Miguel lopez nah just proving us Brits no a thing or two about fun cars

                                                          • Miguel lopez
                                                            Miguel lopez  23 hours back

                                                            what? a they made a car that in all physical aspects is worse then a Tesla roadster in their claim of "Hyper car"

                                                        • Austin Hajdok
                                                          Austin Hajdok  3 days back

                                                          Why dont we use people power 😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                                          • James Chronister
                                                            James Chronister  3 days back

                                                            Reggie Watts! Fellow MT alumni :0)

                                                            • Buzz
                                                              Buzz  4 days back

                                                              The reason they want to get rid of the side view mirrors is because of aerodynamics. Car makers have been playing games with steering air around them for a long time. They stick out in the middle of the air stream and can't have anything on the back to aid air flow, because the mirror is there. Remember when cars used to have those huge plastic headlight covers that stretched back over the front fenders? They had a little tab on them or some structure to create a vortex to break up the air hitting the mirrors. Now they use the hood or something on the front bumper like Toyotas. A cars drag coefficient has a lot to do with the frontal area of the car and replacing the mirrors with small cameras helps a lot.

                                                              • Don’t Worry
                                                                Don’t Worry  4 days back

                                                                It’s quick not fast

                                                                • s60polestar fan
                                                                  s60polestar fan  4 days back

                                                                  Faster then almost anything on the road you say huh? 🤣🤣

                                                                  • Cranks818
                                                                    Cranks818  4 days back

                                                                    Jaime was looking through Lotus to show Joe the Lotus Evija! Another hyper car to talk about.

                                                                    • Jordan Fitzsimmons
                                                                      Jordan Fitzsimmons  4 days back

                                                                      Joe, buy us all roadsters to invade area 51

                                                                      • emodaddyyy
                                                                        emodaddyyy  4 days back

                                                                        Joe ''I wanna see whats behind me'' Rogan

                                                                        • Alex P
                                                                          Alex P  4 days back

                                                                          German cars are reliable?

                                                                          • J V
                                                                            J V  4 days back

                                                                            German's make reliable cars ha!

                                                                            • jonathon hannah
                                                                              jonathon hannah  4 days back

                                                                              This conversation made me feel bad about not being rich... Fuck. Someone loan me 90k

                                                                              • someone you know
                                                                                someone you know  5 days back

                                                                                Apparently they missed the memo that precious elements are mined to make batteries. Oil is used to make plastic. Fuck electric cars. Fucking tree hugging hippy queers.

                                                                                • someone you know
                                                                                  someone you know  5 days back

                                                                                  @Miguel lopez the point went right over your head. Good luck in life.

                                                                                • Miguel lopez
                                                                                  Miguel lopez  5 days back

                                                                                  Apparently you miss the memo, the point EVs is to be a greener option then gas, and it is and its help pushing a greener grid, but hippies aren't buying teslas...