Joe Rogan on Piers Morgan's Tweet About the Big Bang


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  • DMC
    DMC  12 minutes back

    The Big Bang only exists because we exist we are conscious beings , human consciousness was created out of the Big Bang so without us to observe it intelligently as conscious beings it would have no meaning , the latest theory is the universe is conscious !

    • ruben vermeulen
      ruben vermeulen  2 hours back

      They should let us react to commercials too

      • thefozzbots
        thefozzbots  4 hours back

        Nothing? That’s not what science pushes, how many times is Joe going to get this wrong? He’s had so many brilliant minds on his show and he still straw mans science. #lazy

        • Mike Spytkowski
          Mike Spytkowski  6 hours back

          I'm getting tired of seeing the lights glaring off Joe's bald head

          • Pyotr Verkhovensky
            Pyotr Verkhovensky  6 hours back

            In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, there is a moment when the King meets Alice. He says to Alice, "Just look along the road and tell me if you can see." Alice replies "I see nobody on the road," to which the King humorously replies, "I only wish I had such eyes! To be able to see Nobody! And at a distance too!" This is a silly encounter. Its absurdity arises from mistakenly treating what logicians call quantifiers ⁠— words such as 'nobody,' 'everybody,' 'everyone' ⁠— as referring expressions, such as names. To say that nobody is on the road is not to say "There is somebody on the road! Let's call them 'nobody!'" Rather, it is to say that, of the relevant collection ⁠— the collection of all people ⁠— none of them are on the road. Similarly, when we say that nothing came before the so-called 'big bang,' we should not be misled by language into thinking that there was something before the big bang — an great void or chasm, perhaps. Rather, we should understand this statement to be asserting that for every state, context, or condition whatsoever, none of them obtain prior to the big bang. Thus, it is the denial of a prior state, not the affirmation of one. For very similar reasons, there is no reason to be mystified by the universe's alleged 'coming from nothing.' This is simply not a good way to think about the universe's origins. The phrase "coming from nothing" gives the impression that there was a state that obtained prior to the universe — a state in which there was not anything (at least not anything concrete) — which transformed into the universe. Why this is a mistaken way to conceptualize the universe's origins should be clear by now: there is no state that obtained prior to the universe which is picked out by the name "nothing" and, before there is any time, there are no processes or transformations. Rather, what exists is a moment of time prior to which there are no other moments.


            • Pyotr Verkhovensky
              Pyotr Verkhovensky  6 hours back

              There was never a time when the universe was not already in existence, nor was there an antecedent state-of-affairs in which the universe was absent. An already existing universe is necessarily associated with all actual states-of-affairs and all actual moments of time. As the philosopher Adolf Grünbaum once observed, the universe did not begin in the same way a musical concert begins. In the latter case, you're seated, restless and fiddling with your program, when, suddenly, the music commences. In the former case — in the case of the big bang — there are no earlier instants of time and, hence, no moments when the big bang had not already occurred or when nothing at all existed. While you might no longer be puzzled by something's alleged 'coming from' nothing, you might still be puzzled by something's existing rather than nothing. Why is there a big bang at all rather than no big bang? Or, if the big bang turns out to be a part of a larger whole — say, a multiverse — why does this larger whole exist rather than nothing? The answer to this question, I am afraid, is that there is really no reason: it is what philosophers call a 'brute fact.' This might offend our rationalist sensibilities; however, modern science has shown those sensibilities to be mistaken. We now know about quantum phenomena: phenomena that seem to be governed by merely probabilistic, rather than deterministic or universal, causal laws. We know that there are physically possible quantum events which could occur but happen not to, the laws governing them, being consistent with both their occurrence and non-occurrence, providing no reason why this is the case. In a similar way, the universe's existence is neither necessary or impossible: it simply is, without further explanation.

          • common sense
            common sense  7 hours back

            Prior there was something which because something happened the Big Bang happened.

            • James Cookland
              James Cookland  7 hours back

              My brain doesnt understand it, so no ones brain understands it... said every religion EVER!

            • Dennis S
              Dennis S  7 hours back

              Theory is the word scientists use when they have no clue

              • ungratefulmetalpansy
                ungratefulmetalpansy  7 hours back

                no no no
                the universe didn't come from nothing
                it came from everything
                then it changed

                • Mr 3raqi
                  Mr 3raqi  10 hours back

                  The big bang happened right there in his hair

                  • mb
                    mb  12 hours back

                    Netflix has a show (DARK) that in the 5th ep 2nd se, where they pondered the thought of god being the time in which we live. Cool concept

                    • Leap
                      Leap  12 hours back

                      The Big Bang killed jfk

                      • robrez
                        robrez  15 hours back

                        God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that's getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time moves on

                        Neil Degrasse Tyson has the best bitchslap for Morgans logic fallacy. "God of the gaps"

                        • Krzysztof Kryg
                          Krzysztof Kryg  16 hours back

                          8:10 - thats proxima centauri - 4,5 lightyear away

                          • Common Sense
                            Common Sense  16 hours back

                            no magic. We have tunnel vision because of our superstitions. Ever wonder why we always think something is unique when we first discover it? Its because of childhood stories and logic structure around one supreme being. Our universe is not unique. New universes are being created even within our universe. Infinite number of universes and infinite number of big bangs. Religious freaks, like two year-old children, will take a line of questioning to the absurd, thinking its some kind of game. Even when we answer this new absurd question, they will then say, "well who makes all the universes"? If you have not grasped the absurdity, let me explain. We are insignificant in the timeline of earth. Our planet is so insignificant in our galaxy. Our galaxy is so insignificant in our universe. Our universe is so insignificant in the multiverse. You think that a god created all this just for our small planet and our short history? What an absurd thought.

                            • Harold Balz
                              Harold Balz  17 hours back

                              Now that's what I call a bold follicle statement!

                              • Goon2006
                                Goon2006  17 hours back

                                Entire clip i was like this guy really needs a fucking haircut.

                                • Ben Wilson
                                  Ben Wilson  18 hours back

                                  Joe is just misrepresenting scientific claims on this one... No actual cosmologist or physicist claims something came from nothing... Throwing a god in there is just an argument from incredulity

                                  • Ben Wilson
                                    Ben Wilson  2 hours back

                                    @Official Spekter you're here commenting just like I am. If you care so much about straw-manning scientist's stances on the big bang model, then make a video on it or go join the young-earth creationist movement. I already get paid to work in aerospace

                                  • Official Spekter
                                    Official Spekter  2 hours back

                                    Ahaha okay lad, one guy gets paid to entertain and another guy is commenting on it. If you care about the Big Bang so much then go upload some videos

                                  • Ben Wilson
                                    Ben Wilson  2 hours back

                                    @Official Spekter no, it's just false to say scientists are claiming something came from nothing

                                  • Official Spekter
                                    Official Spekter  2 hours back

                                    Yes and you still can’t give me an answer, and you wasted lots of time saying essentially nothing, now you see why joe didn’t bother going into the specifics.....

                                  • Ben Wilson
                                    Ben Wilson  2 hours back

                                    @Official Spekter maybe in elementary school where the teachers didn't know the subject. My college physics, astronomy, and cosmology professors would never claim it came from 'nothing' because, one, that's not part of the model, two, that would be an argument from ignorance fallacy that no legitimate scientist wants to commit, three, physicists have a different interpretation on what most people consider 'nothing' because in quantum mechanics, even empty space has a lot happening so there is never 'nothing' in our world as the layman thinks of it

                                • Donnie Badfish
                                  Donnie Badfish  19 hours back

                                  Just because we don't know how something happened doesn't mean it was magic. Or god. Or anything supernatural for that matter. We may not ever know. It still won't mean anything like that. The religious people are losing gaps to shove their gods into.

                                  • Official Spekter
                                    Official Spekter  3 hours back

                                    Do you understand how crazy the galaxy is? It’s more insane than any bible ever could be, that’s the entire point!!!

                                  • Official Spekter
                                    Official Spekter  3 hours back

                                    You don’t think the universe is supernatural?

                                • Joseph Fruge
                                  Joseph Fruge  21 hours back

                                  Eddie Bravo told me to look into the big bang and basically I have found it's all a lie... Look into it

                                  • SuperVladamere
                                    SuperVladamere  5 hours back

                                    Eddie Bravo is a flat earther. Hard to take that guy seriously. But he is entertaining.

                                • TREE3po
                                  TREE3po  23 hours back

                                  how freaking high did these guys get? OMG

                                  • tiarnan
                                    tiarnan  1 days back

                                    nikon p900 shows clearly that stars are tiny specks in the dome - the big bang is nonsense

                                    • Zach Jones
                                      Zach Jones  1 days back

                                      Jesus did it. Look into it

                                      • Aidan Hand
                                        Aidan Hand  1 days back

                                        The big bang could done by an advanced being beyond our comprehension (possibly ET) which became our concept of God

                                        • CH 03
                                          CH 03  1 days back

                                          Universes in black holes? But aren't black holes just incredibly dense/compact masses that have such a strong gravitational pull that it sucks everything around it into it? (Including light)

                                          • CH 03
                                            CH 03  2 hours back

                                            SuperVladamere I thought everything it sucked in was basically compacted into a dense mass.

                                          • SuperVladamere
                                            SuperVladamere  5 hours back

                                            Up to a point. It doesn't just gobble it all up.

                                        • Michael M
                                          Michael M  1 days back

                                          If the universe is infinite, you are immortal as there will always be another "you" somewhere

                                          • BowerBomB
                                            BowerBomB  1 days back

                                            Peirs Morgan is a fucking idiot who really shouldn't be given a platform... He hasn't got a brain that can comprehend anything, let alone the universe.

                                            Also joe clearly doesn't understand what science actually says about the big bang either...

                                            • BowerBomB
                                              BowerBomB  1 days back

                                              Actually now i think about it... Only the bible out right says "in the beginning there was nothing"...

                                          • M Steeples
                                            M Steeples  1 days back

                                            Piers Morgan is a complete dick head, im English and i fucking hate the fact that twat gets to represent my nation in the USA ! he is fuck all like 90% of English people. Joe if you see him kick the soppy cunt straight in the bollocks

                                            • Anywhere I Go
                                              Anywhere I Go  1 days back


                                              • john adams
                                                john adams  1 days back

                                                It's turtles all the way down.

                                                • Bee JayGee
                                                  Bee JayGee  1 days back

                                                  'HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS'

                                                  Before 'Time', all the matter in the universe was arranged in such perfect order and squashed into the size of a pea.
                                                  Then, the so called 'Big bang' happened some 14.5 billion years ago
                                                  The universe cooled and then got to a point which created your home planet called 'Earth'.
                                                  When you are born on planet Earth, your 'TIME' begins and you experience human consciousness.
                                                  When you die your consciousness stops but the universe will continue to expand and will become more 'dis-ordered'.
                                                  Billions of years will pass and the universe will ultimately reach its MEP or 'Maximum Expansion Point.
                                                  After the MEP the universe will then start to contract.
                                                  Billions of years will pass until all the matter will rearrange and organise itself back to perfect order, to how it was at the very beginning.
                                                  Then, Inflation, or the 'BIG BANG' will occur again.
                                                  During this whole cycle, you STILL have no concept of time, no concept of the billions upon billions of years that had passed because you are 'Dead'...
                                                  As the universe inflates again, the universe will ultimately RE -create planet Earth, and you are Reborn AGAIN.
                                                  Your 'Time' and whole experience repeats itself forever and ever through an endless cycle of births and deaths as 'YOU'.
                                                  Nothing changes.
                                                  'YOU' are 'YOU' for eternity...
                                                  So, If this is our 'FIRST TIME', or first experience on planet Earth in this fundamental universe, before an endless cycle of being 'YOU', then we should ALL do our absolute best and live by the golden rule and be nice to one another.
                                                  Be happy, live life peacefully and experience as much as possible with your life, because IF this our very first experience of consciousness in this infinate universe, then make it a loving one, since every cycle and experience that will follow of 'YOU' will carry on forever.
                                                  'The universe is an infinite heartbeat of the 'Godforce'.
                                                  As soon as you die, you are reborn as 'YOU' in the blink of an eye'.
                                                  'You ARE' the universe.
                                                  There is no heaven, no hell, no judgement day.
                                                  but only YOU...
                                                  ...So don't be an asshole for eternity !!!

                                                  • AngloSaxophone
                                                    AngloSaxophone  1 days back

                                                    The big bang is the biggest rabbit out of the hat trick ever.

                                                    • colas mons
                                                      colas mons  1 days back

                                                      Did not Penrose explain that the expansion merges into the inflation.? What sirloin and alium crisp is Brian Cox on anyway?

                                                      • colas mons
                                                        colas mons  1 days back

                                                        it took billions of years to turn your head

                                                    • muncherdave
                                                      muncherdave  1 days back

                                                      Piers Morgan is a parasite that should not be given attention to. Ever.

                                                      • Justin Jones
                                                        Justin Jones  1 days back

                                                        That black dude reminds me of Brian Griffin from Family Guy

                                                        • Charles J Gartner
                                                          Charles J Gartner  2 days back

                                                          I think Rogan has a distortion of what the big bang is: The big bang means we literally can't know (as of now) what there was before the big bang. But for all anyone knows including lot's of scientists, there's billions of other universes with other big bangs. And our own universe, there was matter before the big bang (that's what it came out of). If there was literally NOTHING before the big bang, no matter, no time, no space, then there would always be NOTHING. It's like humans need a beginning and need to know where everything came from. Here's a news flash: "Matter" exists, it's always existed, it always will exist.

                                                          • Official Spekter
                                                            Official Spekter  3 hours back

                                                            This is why someone like you could never go on the show and have a decent conversation. You are too caught up on the specifics to actually understand what is being said

                                                          • Official Spekter
                                                            Official Spekter  3 hours back

                                                            Ohh sorry dude, I’ll tell joe to correct it for you okay “Once there was matter consisting of nothing and then the Big Bang happened and everything sprung into life”

                                                        • Noah
                                                          Noah  2 days back

                                                          Ray Comfort Starts sweating profusely....

                                                          • Chucky
                                                            Chucky  2 days back

                                                            The Big Bang was masvidals knee when it hit askrens head

                                                            • BestVidsNow
                                                              BestVidsNow  2 days back

                                                              Just because you don't know today how something in the past happened, doesn't mean it is unknowable. Many things we know today and take for granted were at one time also considered unknowable. The only reason we go in these circles is that some people think that if science is true, then their faith can't be true. This conception is false and unnecessary.

                                                              • XXthekingofyouXX
                                                                XXthekingofyouXX  2 days back

                                                                5:02 - the weed kicks in.

                                                                • YOGiiZA
                                                                  YOGiiZA  2 days back

                                                                  it is not binary

                                                                  • tom bailey
                                                                    tom bailey  2 days back

                                                                    People evoke god at the edge of our understanding of the world. As we learn more the line gets pushed further and further.

                                                                    • Jonny H.
                                                                      Jonny H.  2 days back

                                                                      hugh ross

                                                                      • Anduril
                                                                        Anduril  2 days back

                                                                        I normally don't like Piers Morgan, I think he's a pompous doofus. Here I don't think he deserves criticism for espousing this idea, since it's a serious enough idea. But he worded it about as clumsily as he possibly could have on Twitter, so I may still give him some flak for that.

                                                                        • PUPULICIOUS YE
                                                                          PUPULICIOUS YE  2 days back

                                                                          The concept of god or any man creator is fucking dumb as fuck. How actually stupid. Just think for one second

                                                                          • PUPULICIOUS YE
                                                                            PUPULICIOUS YE  2 days back

                                                                            Friction my nugget. Same as hitting it from the back back,explosion! ...... life

                                                                            • Therealdeal
                                                                              Therealdeal  2 days back

                                                                              Joe "i forget who it was" Rogan

                                                                              • XShrike
                                                                                XShrike  2 days back

                                                                                The proper answer should be "We are not sure... Yet." God/magic has been losing ground to science for thousands of years. Every time science cannot immediately explain something, there are people trying to say, "Well God/magic did it." Only for sometime later, after study, an explanation is developed through science.

                                                                                • Official Spekter
                                                                                  Official Spekter  3 hours back

                                                                                  XShrike you’re probably an idiot by the sounds of this. Do you realise how many religious scientists there are? The universe is living proof.... Science and magic are one in the same. Just look at the large hadron collider and tell me it isn’t fucking magical