Joe Rogan on Piers Morgan's Tweet About the Big Bang


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  • Shane Dobson
    Shane Dobson  25 minutes back

    No Joe. It doesn't give "proof" of anything. It's an unanswered question. The answer should be "I don't know". This is how we avoid the god of the gaps belief, and in doing so we don't hinder ourselves from eventually figuring out the answer to the things we don't know.

    Newton couldn't figure out why some "wandering stars" would move in the opposite direction and he said this was where a higher power came in. If we all take Morgan's view, we would never figure out what caused the big bang and what caused whatever was before that.

    The big bang might be mystical, it might be completely logical and follow natural laws. As of right now; we don't know.

    • The Voice of Reason
      The Voice of Reason  3 hours back

      Why do people even argue this, just face it , it's the unknown, no one knows what happened, no one knows what life is all about , it's all speculation , it's the unknown

      • Mooshymang
        Mooshymang  4 hours back

        Bush did the Big Bang

        • atlg8or6137
          atlg8or6137  5 hours back

          10:46 of complete ignorance.

          • Jeremy Shaffer
            Jeremy Shaffer  5 hours back

            Big bang theory is completely ridiculous

            • TMike Wingman
              TMike Wingman  6 hours back

              It's not that hard to understand. And you cant go through a black hole because it's not a hole. Split 1 atom can level a city so...

              • BigFuckOffTurtle
                BigFuckOffTurtle  8 hours back

                If you aren't satisfied with there being nothing before big bang or there was simply no reason why the big bang took place, well what was there before god? And when or why did god come into existence? It seems to me that the big bang it more plausible since there is evidence of it and no evidence of god.

                • You think i'm funny?
                  You think i'm funny?  10 hours back

                  Piers Morgan is a fuckin moron

                  • Jeremy Frost
                    Jeremy Frost  12 hours back

                    There is no such thing as an actual “infinite”. Infinity is an irrational concept that leads to logical problems. Most importantly, if the universe extended infinitely into the past, we never would have arrived at today, since there would have been an infinite amount of time before today.
                    From an empirically verifiable perspective, it’s literally irrational.

                    • Jeremy Frost
                      Jeremy Frost  12 hours back

                      There is no such thing as an actual “infinite”. Infinity is an irrational concept that leads to logical problems. Most importantly, if the universe extended infinitely into the past, we never would have arrived at today, since there would have been an infinite amount of time before today.
                      From a strictly mathematical/scientific perspective, it’s literally irrational.

                      • Austin Horne
                        Austin Horne  12 hours back

                        I hate when JOE doesn't understand basic physics and uses his inaccurate theories to explain away concepts he doesnt understand. I CRINGE!

                        • Muneeb Iqbal
                          Muneeb Iqbal  14 hours back

                          It's called the kalaam cosmological argument.

                          • matt vargas
                            matt vargas  19 hours back

                            I wish people would stop saying something came from nothing, that this is magic or wizardry, or that simply because science does not have an answer yet then GOD/SPIRITS/MAGIC

                            • Travis Reitan
                              Travis Reitan  20 hours back

                              I just gave my girl a big bang last night

                            • vasiliy tereshchenko
                              vasiliy tereshchenko  22 hours back

                              We are asked by science to believe that the entire universe sprang from nothingness, and at a single point and for no discernible reason. This notion is the limit case for credulity. In other words, if you can believe this, you can believe anything.
                              Terence McKenna

                              • JAMES Jenkins
                                JAMES Jenkins  30 minutes back

                                Screw YOU AND YOUR CHANNEL AND The ST LOUIS blues and LOMA!!!!

                            • Ross
                              Ross  22 hours back

                              Anyone else feel like they have lost some brain cells watching this?

                              • Bubba Kushii
                                Bubba Kushii  23 hours back

                                Joe “ muh fucn DMT “ Rogan

                                • James Smith
                                  James Smith  1 days back

                                  There are explanations for what happened before the big bang.. you just have to know where to find them;

                                  • Matt Brown
                                    Matt Brown  1 days back

                                    Before the Big Bang all they had was Swiss cheese and a couple of hungry polar bears fighting over it.

                                    • Joseph Thompson
                                      Joseph Thompson  1 days back

                                      His afro is infinite!!

                                      • Banderson9988
                                        Banderson9988  1 days back

                                        The universe is like a loan for a house. Take out a loan for 100k and get a house for 100k. You still have no equity. That's how everything is born from nothing.

                                      • Althea Osborn
                                        Althea Osborn  1 days back

                                        "Nothing" by the physics definition means something completely different than the colloquial definition of "nothing." Also, not knowing what existed before the big bang does not justify claiming the existence of some mystical higher power. The time to believe in something is after you find evidence for it. And then to say that ALL of science is built upon the big bang theory, as if science is some kind of religion built upon a creation myth, is absolutely asinine.

                                        I love Joe Rogan, but good lord, there were SO many things wrong with this video.

                                        • Muneeb Iqbal
                                          Muneeb Iqbal  13 hours back

                                          Science helps understand the world around us, if it cannot tell us what happened before the big bang.... Then that's it.
                                          You claiming there is not a god is a statement you have no evidence for, why claim it? Biased.
                                          Research the kalaam cosmological argument.
                                          It does not say there is a god before the big bang, it just states there is a cause.
                                          Your bringing god into the equation.

                                      • Gerald Corsiglia
                                        Gerald Corsiglia  1 days back

                                        Morgan, It's the height of incredulity to misconstrue science by saying something scienctists has never claimed, and then have the complete lack of insight to not see your own position contains all the incredulity you claim others have.

                                        • Sean 392
                                          Sean 392  1 days back

                                          whats the deal with that guys left pinky nail? lol

                                          • Mr. Scoot Scooter
                                            Mr. Scoot Scooter  1 days back

                                            The Big Bang didn't happen.

                                            It's somebody's best guess.


                                            Sounds right?

                                            • Mr. Scoot Scooter
                                              Mr. Scoot Scooter  13 hours back


                                              It's the best guess? That's still a guess.

                                              0+0=0 mmmmkkkaaayyy.

                                            • Quole
                                              Quole  14 hours back

                                              Except there are legit theories of how it happened it wasnt 0+0 you tard. Time likely existed as did the first, second and third dimensions. Also that logic applies even moreso to the idea of a god creating everything. Do you honestly think scientists havent considered that?

                                            • Mr. Scoot Scooter
                                              Mr. Scoot Scooter  1 days back

                                              @Petar Miskovic

                                              What was before the big bang?

                                              That best guess. That is nowhere near a fact.

                                            • Petar Miskovic
                                              Petar Miskovic  1 days back

                                              you don't actually understand the science...never said it came from nothing

                                          • Vermester
                                            Vermester  2 days back

                                            A grizzly bear and a silverback took DMT then had a brawl. That’s how the universe started.

                                            • Luke Risbey
                                              Luke Risbey  2 days back

                                              Whatever the conclusion might be make it known, that Morgan is a fucking dickhead

                                              • M A
                                                M A  2 days back

                                                I totally believe in science, and the Big Bang theory. Because God gave me the ability to do so.

                                                • Über Man
                                                  Über Man  2 days back

                                                  Nothing doesn't exist.

                                                  • Mat MacQuarrie
                                                    Mat MacQuarrie  2 days back

                                                    "If you dont believe in some form of magic — your art is probably going to suck" ~ Maynard James Keenan

                                                    • BigFuckOffTurtle
                                                      BigFuckOffTurtle  8 hours back

                                                      Tell Bob Ross that.

                                                    • Randy Porter
                                                      Randy Porter  11 hours back

                                                      Quote from a bald dude left on a bald dudes podcast comments and then read and liked by a random bald dude(me).... The circle is now complete lol

                                                  • B
                                                    B  2 days back

                                                    A black hole can be be represented in 2 dimensions as a upside-down triangle .
                                                    As you enter deeper into the black hole, it narrows until it is as fine as a pinpoint.

                                                    Thus, there is no "door way" rather a collection of light and extreme pressure which will one day explode spawning new planets and solar systems.

                                                    TLDR; A BLACK HOLE IS NOT A SPACE PORTAL YOU FREAKS

                                                    • manish singh
                                                      manish singh  2 days back

                                                      It is magic until you know why. Science is the quest to find this why.

                                                      • Muneeb Iqbal
                                                        Muneeb Iqbal  13 hours back

                                                        Science only works in the universe. It can't find god because it isn't looking.

                                                    • Madalina Pierseca
                                                      Madalina Pierseca  2 days back

                                                      I thought light years were a measure of space. The universe can't be 14 billion light years old. It's 14 billion years, no?

                                                      • Raverus
                                                        Raverus  2 days back

                                                        It's a logical fallacy, "therefore god."

                                                        • Muneeb Iqbal
                                                          Muneeb Iqbal  14 hours back

                                                          And "therefore god" is your own assumption.
                                                          It can be nothing we can describe.
                                                          The question is "something" or "nothing"
                                                          Regardless if you call it "god" or just "something"
                                                          But saying it is "nothing" is a logical fallacy based on the same principles

                                                        • Muneeb Iqbal
                                                          Muneeb Iqbal  14 hours back

                                                          In the observal universe, everything that exists has a beginning
                                                          Everything that exists has a cause
                                                          The universe began to exist so it should have a cause
                                                          What is this cause? Definitely not nothing

                                                      • Kristoph Stjames
                                                        Kristoph Stjames  2 days back

                                                        Joe says " they didn't even know there were other planets out there until a couple of years ago" but these are the ones we're supposed to subscribe too and worship their theories. A bunch of atheist scientist? No thanks , I'll believe what the Bible has to say on the subject.

                                                        • Kristoph Stjames
                                                          Kristoph Stjames  2 days back

                                                          God is an eternal being with no beginning and no ending. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end. Only God incarnate could make such a statement. Only Jesus Christ is God incarnate.

                                                          • Madalina Pierseca
                                                            Madalina Pierseca  2 days back

                                                            Well, if you wrote it down then I guess it must be true.

                                                        • Billy Wardle
                                                          Billy Wardle  2 days back

                                                          Rogan's full of shit. Go eat an
                                                          elk you big headed lying prick

                                                          • winter ride
                                                            winter ride  2 days back

                                                            The whole purpose of humanity it seems is to learn and learn new lessons. Everything is about learning and becoming better. Now compare that to the big bang and reason for everything; I'd say everything was meant to be this way. Idk man this shyt is confusing.

                                                            • Quole
                                                              Quole  14 hours back

                                                              No that makes no sense. We exist to pass on our genes. Look up the selfish gene theory.

                                                          • John Myra
                                                            John Myra  2 days back

                                                            Science proceeds by it's own ignorance.

                                                            • Jeff Putnam
                                                              Jeff Putnam  2 days back

                                                              Bianry thinking???... he means ego. Time to wake up.

                                                              • Omar Alaskar
                                                                Omar Alaskar  2 days back

                                                                saying” there was nothing” before the big bang doesn’t make you an atheist, the real answer is yes, there was nothing. If u created a simulation what was there before it? there was nothing. In my theory if we advanced 2000 year were we live with robots and those robots developed AI with a consciousness we might start giving the AI tests inside a simulation before we bring them to our world by uploading them to robotic bodies, to avoid the corrupt and bad ones which might cause crime in our world. I believe we are inside a simulation for the same reason, as stated by every fucking religion this world is just a test “simulation” to see who’s evil and who’s good. Those AI tests will start being simple maybe a couple of questions or scenarios in a small simulation, but then we will notice that its not enough and thats were we will build a universe “simulation” and put them all in and let them play together to get a better results.

                                                                • Omar Alaskar
                                                                  Omar Alaskar  2 days back

                                                                  the only thing i’m sure of is the good ones will go to a better place whether its heaven or their world, and the bad ones will either get wiped out”erased”, repeat the simulation or they actually built hell and they are serious about it.. so just be good and good luck.

                                                              • Greg Paxson
                                                                Greg Paxson  2 days back

                                                                Just because we don't completely understand something does not mean it's created by a supernatural entity. Why is attributing what came before the Big Bang to a god any more valid that attributing it to a physical process we don't understand? It's actually less valid. We should be asking "what" not "who". There is zero evidence that an entity was involved in the creation of the universe however, all the science and evidence does lead us to a what?

                                                                • Scarlet Manuka
                                                                  Scarlet Manuka  2 days back

                                                                  Have to believe we are magic...Strum Strum...Strum Strum...Why are there so many...Songs about Rainbows

                                                                • Shawn Simmons
                                                                  Shawn Simmons  2 days back

                                                                  The thing is lets say "this created the universe" who created that thing, and something must have created that thing that started it, you can ask that question over and over and never get an answer, how was the first thing created without a creator lol?

                                                                  • sole
                                                                    sole  2 days back

                                                                    With out nothing there can't be something to contrast

                                                                    • Da Boss
                                                                      Da Boss  2 days back

                                                                      Geezus Joe let your guest talk lol

                                                                      • Edifice NJ
                                                                        Edifice NJ  2 days back

                                                                        Do not be that person who tries to twist Scripture and find any way possible to do something that is not supposed to be done. Nobody wants to listen to the truth anymore, but always remember God will not be mocked.

                                                                        • Steve Rosebud
                                                                          Steve Rosebud  2 days back

                                                                          Science-ism. It's a religion.