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  • SkrakWolf YT
    SkrakWolf YT  11 minutes back

    I got the kwebblekops in the back 😂😂

    • Callisto Harman
      Callisto Harman  23 minutes back

      Your boyfriend is stalking you 😑

      • Leah Browne
        Leah Browne  56 minutes back

        Does Azzy ever notice if Jordi is in the back

        • Wyatt Grove
          Wyatt Grove  1 hours back

          Why in kweble cop in the background

          • Blooming Blossom23
            Blooming Blossom23  2 hours back

            Hi welcome to the comment section!

            99% Jordi was in the background!
            1% this

            • It’s Dheon Singh
              It’s Dheon Singh  2 hours back

              Why is Jordi looking st the camron

              • Total drama fan
                Total drama fan  3 hours back

                I can see kwebblecop / Jordy in the background

                • Nathan Latty
                  Nathan Latty  3 hours back

                  I see jorid in the back

                  • Splat the Clown
                    Splat the Clown  3 hours back

                    I liked all the comments on this video so wou need to like this

                    • Gell B
                      Gell B  3 hours back

                      Kwcop is in the background

                      • XxGachaVenixXx XOX
                        XxGachaVenixXx XOX  3 hours back

                        hr bf is da bak

                        • Tiko elene
                          Tiko elene  4 hours back

                          Azzy why is jordi in the backround like if you see him

                          • cool stuff
                            cool stuff  5 hours back

                            Ur hot

                            • hamettonya
                              hamettonya  5 hours back

                              Boyfriend is saying hello in the background

                              • AMD210
                                AMD210  8 hours back

                                Ahhhhhhh azzy your bf.........

                                • Carol Curry
                                  Carol Curry  8 hours back

                                  Hi jordi

                                  • Carol Curry
                                    Carol Curry  8 hours back

                                    Did u see jordi editing a video

                                    • cassie fodor
                                      cassie fodor  8 hours back

                                      Peekaboo I see you but do you see me behind you as a real life please see me I’m behind you girl azzy: boy if you don’t know that I’m recording tell me dumb dumb tell me when I’m at the Winco right now boy 👦

                                      • Fatmir Maksuti
                                        Fatmir Maksuti  8 hours back

                                        Can Zoro jump That far?

                                        • MyTinySecrets
                                          MyTinySecrets  8 hours back

                                          Jordy was in the background

                                          • susHamk
                                            susHamk  8 hours back

                                            Is that your boyfriend behind you

                                            • KitKat Gaming
                                              KitKat Gaming  8 hours back

                                              Lol terry over there in the corner...

                                              • YOBOYCASHY
                                                YOBOYCASHY  9 hours back

                                                Who saw kweppolkob in the backround

                                                • 25brookev
                                                  25brookev  10 hours back

                                                  Your boyfriend is so ulgy

                                                  • Steve Jones
                                                    Steve Jones  10 hours back

                                                    Your dofred is de hayd you

                                                    • Gabriella Lebrasse
                                                      Gabriella Lebrasse  11 hours back

                                                      I had a close Calle hen I went to go get my phone and then it flow all the way from my bedside table to my bed and my bed side taken is very far way from me

                                                      • Stephen Arthur
                                                        Stephen Arthur  11 hours back

                                                        Jordis behind you like if you see him

                                                        • Sophie Slavin
                                                          Sophie Slavin  11 hours back

                                                          Who was in tje backround?????? Comment if you know!!!!!!

                                                          • N R
                                                            N R  11 hours back

                                                            Jordi is just staring at azzy

                                                            • Elva Wu
                                                              Elva Wu  12 hours back

                                                              I know how to ice Kate

                                                              • Andrea Booth
                                                                Andrea Booth  12 hours back

                                                                i can see ur boyfriend in da backround

                                                                • George Nicholls
                                                                  George Nicholls  13 hours back

                                                                  Who was thinking what jordi was doing all video

                                                                  • Maximilian Mendoza
                                                                    Maximilian Mendoza  13 hours back

                                                                    OMG who is that guy reflecting in the mirror

                                                                    • Arno Van Graan
                                                                      Arno Van Graan  14 hours back

                                                                      Your bf is foto boming u

                                                                      • Bobby Ballejos
                                                                        Bobby Ballejos  14 hours back

                                                                        I like Jordi is just chilig in the back

                                                                        • Ryan odonoghue
                                                                          Ryan odonoghue  17 hours back

                                                                          In the background

                                                                          • Ryan odonoghue
                                                                            Ryan odonoghue  17 hours back


                                                                            • Killian Ainsley
                                                                              Killian Ainsley  17 hours back

                                                                              Your boyfriend copper behind you he’s watching you behind you understand the word is about is

                                                                              • nicole Williams
                                                                                nicole Williams  18 hours back

                                                                                What is Jordi doing in back

                                                                                • Jakey Funny
                                                                                  Jakey Funny  18 hours back

                                                                                  Jordi is sitting in the room
                                                                                  Azzy:what are you doing?!!??!?!?!?!

                                                                                  • Julie Daniels
                                                                                    Julie Daniels  19 hours back

                                                                                    A park to trees all the time..😶😶😶

                                                                                    • Keira’s Awesome machine

                                                                                      i was laughing so hard when i saw jordi in the backround

                                                                                      • Adrian Zantos
                                                                                        Adrian Zantos  20 hours back

                                                                                        What is jordi doing in the backround

                                                                                        • Fresh Elixir 324
                                                                                          Fresh Elixir 324  21 hours back

                                                                                          Your boyfriend is behind you

                                                                                          • Makenzie Hedrick
                                                                                            Makenzie Hedrick  21 hours back

                                                                                            Your cool AND FUNNY HAHA 🤣

                                                                                            • Ben Eckman
                                                                                              Ben Eckman  21 hours back

                                                                                              Jordy is behind you

                                                                                              • Jay Tamba
                                                                                                Jay Tamba  22 hours back

                                                                                                Azzy your the best ok😵😶😘I love you vids your the best never change

                                                                                                • lewis matthis
                                                                                                  lewis matthis  22 hours back