PROJECT ZORGO TRAP VY QWAINT! Searching for Secret Hacker Safe House Escape Room

  • Published: 22 February 2019
  • Help us FIND Vy Qwaint!
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    After Vy Qwaint made PAUSE CHALLENGE with VY QWAINT for 24 HOURS at PROJECT ZORGO Abandoned Hideout, Chad Wild Clay created VY TAKEN by PROJECT ZORGO! MISSING in TUNNEL (Trapped In Abandoned Hacker Escape Room Challenge) CWC, Daniel uploaded SAFE HOUSE is a TRAP by PROJECT ZORGO? (Escape Room Vlog Spying IRL 24 Hours Challenge), Chad and Daniel find themselves without Vy. She was taken by the mysterious hacker girl now known as PZ4. Without any clue as to where she may have been taken, the two hop into Chad's hacker-proof Delorean to begin searching. It is Daniel's first time riding the beast of a car, and he shows his concern for the missing Vy. Daniel soon starts receiving picture text messages through his Apple Watch and iPhone from Vy. Fortunately, she is still able to communicate, however, her picture clues are cryptic and must be solved by the two spy ninjas. These are some difficult riddles to solve! Upon arriving at a nearby park after following picture evidence, they get more info from Vy. They continue to follow the images as if they are walking through a maze or backyard escape room. They are hot on the trail when they encounter several hackers who are easily defeated and repelled. Or maybe it is the same hacker trying over and over again? The final puzzle piece leads Daniel and Chad into a building, where they find a room. Inside this mysterious location they spot a squad of Project Zorgo members, the tall leader, and of course Vy Qwaint. She has a strange brain control device on her head, and she is not responding to the ninjas. How will the two save Vy? How can they escape? Will they battle it out to takeover the hacker escape room? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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