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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder   1 years back

    What topics would you like to see discussed in future Change My Mind segments?

    • Bonbon
      Bonbon  2 weeks back

      Pedophiles now being in the lgbtq community

    • Adeo al545eks
      Adeo al545eks  1 months back

      @Shivam Patel its a donut

    • Aaron King
      Aaron King  2 months back

      Top of my head something about cop violence. Something to set the facts straight .

    • monkeymagic436
      monkeymagic436  3 months back

      Somthing to do with the current censorship bollocks going on

    • Eric Nichol
      Eric Nichol  3 months back

      Climate control

  • Nick Diy
    Nick Diy  5 hours back


    • Angel On A Mission
      Angel On A Mission  6 hours back

      The transsexual was a lot more polite and came across more informed than the angry intersex person.

      • David Lawson
        David Lawson  8 hours back

        That tranny is a terrible mother, look at that poor boy baking in the sun and she is not paying any attention to that!

        • verbazingwekkend
          verbazingwekkend  11 hours back

          Her tits look animated.

          • Erik Petersson
            Erik Petersson  19 hours back

            I would say a more honest perspective in regards to the trans suicide rate would be that, yes, even after treatment the rate stays about the same. But that isnt because it doesnt help to transition - its because trans people, Despite transitioning, often times have other demons they are dealing with that eventually, they subcome to. Depression is high within the trans community and it kills more than transitioning does. Lets not forget that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder that currently /cant/ be fully treated - it can only be eliviated in the losest of senses. A chemical imbalance in the brain not affected by any medication besides hormonal treatment is one hard to treat, and so suicide is a means people chose because its hard to feel lost within your own body.

            They say its their truth, because its something they cant help. But I would say a better perspective on how to adress ”their truth” would be to simply state: I have a disorder, just like any disability (or like what this trans womans son has) and its something that I cant really change. Its either to live unhappy, and suicidal - or do one of the /few/ things that may actually help me in my given situation. Just like how pain killers may be given to those with chronic pain, I takes hormones to deal with a psycological pain.

            Thats just my perspective, tho.

            • David Hunt Jr.
              David Hunt Jr.  20 hours back

              I can see how it would be frustrating to try to answer a question while being interrupted by someone else's paraphrasing mid explanation. Let a person finish a thought before jumping in to correct what you think they meant or were trying to say. Clarify after they've answered, not during. There was so much potential for a better understanding of one another through basic courtesy and respectful conversation.

              • Brendan X1
                Brendan X1  1 days back

                Are we sure that Danielle’s child isn’t a disabled adult ? That some how ended up in the care of this trans women. How did Danielle even create her child when she was still a man ?

                • Brendan X1
                  Brendan X1  1 days back

                  Was she a man at the time ?

              • Furious Immortal
                Furious Immortal  1 days back

                I found it predictably entertaining when the sjw off-screen went into snowflake-mode and immediately offered to stick with Danielle and offer her science-related facts. Danielle seemed perfectly capable of speaking for herself, and getting her points across. She was obviously a capable debater and followed the flow of debate very well. But for some reason, that self-entitled leftist sjw vlogger bitch thought that it was her "duty" and "responsibility" to speak for others, and to come to Danielle's "rescue". She has so much free time on her hands that she goes around, filming others' shows, claiming them as her own, and she believes that people actually care about her privileged videos out of anything other than irony.

                • Frank Foley
                  Frank Foley  1 days back

                  Nice tits misses

                  • MyPassionFurPaws
                    MyPassionFurPaws  1 days back

                    Alicia sounds so much like Miley Cyrus

                    • Whyss Witheld
                      Whyss Witheld  1 days back

                      I kept laughing at the kid just chillin with sun glasses

                      • Coach T
                        Coach T  2 days back

                        You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. - Corey Wayne lol

                        • Thomas
                          Thomas  2 days back

                          Steven is (a) using logical fallacies to make his point, (b) doesn't understand the way in which science operates and (c) is constructing his own (societal) issues. Allow me to elaborate.

                          Alicia is actually responding very smartly and to the point, especially when she addresses the phrenology-issue in a response to this repeated (and not very relevant) "was hermaphrodite a medical term". This repeated question is based on the implied statement that "if something is or has been a medical term, it's a good idea to keep using that term forever, (regardless of the societal (and at times very hostile) ramifications for those we use to identify as such)". Which is actually a logical fallacy referred to as 'argumentum ad antiquitatem' (you can look it up, it's real), and which will, from a logical point of view, definitely not get you anywhere closer to any truth in reasoning. Simply put: horse and carriage at one point in time worked wonderfully to get us from a to b, but that shouldn't be - and luckily wasn't - an argument which effectively holds us back from developing the thing we now refer to as "car".

                          Also, if you know a lot about science, you will also know that science operates on something called scientific paradigm - this stems from Kuhn (you can look it up, it's real). Especially when it comes to more gamma-oriented research, we are almost inherently biased because the object of research are humans and the researchers are humans as well, who are biased by cultural and societal norms of the time and conduct research from the perspective of, and which is in line with, those societal (but always temporal) norms. That's why, even in science, it's very difficult to find "THE" truth. We can strive for it, but saying that we've reached it or found it because we have a certain statistic at a certain point it time, is from a scientific point of view both egocentric as well as simply flawed. This is Science 101.

                          As for the statement "society can't keep up" - you know what? If people would stop using any of those terms in an agressive way or to offend and stigmatize other people, that'd be the last term you'd ever have to learn. Why? Well, because if a term doesn't get negatively affected like that, it wouldn't have to be - and most likely won't be - replaced by another term that can last for as long as people can leave the people addressed by it alone. It's really that simple. This whole thing functions in a circle whereby people first start to attack and misuse a term, and then when it's changed into something that doesn't have this aggressive connotation, those very same people start to complain that society can't keep up. So basically you're constructing your own issues. Not very effective in terms of (scientific or societal) progress.

                          • Moang Her
                            Moang Her  2 days back

                            People are more polite when they aren’t trying to white knight for a “marginalized” group. Lol.

                            • Hugo Vial
                              Hugo Vial  2 days back

                              Lol I thought you guy where going to start making out. She or him I don't know how about "it" was going to jump your bones.

                              • Luke LaForce
                                Luke LaForce  2 days back


                                • James Davenport
                                  James Davenport  2 days back

                                  Yes hermaphrodite is a medical term lol omfg. People dont know the difference between a HERM and a trans. Wow.

                                  • aivis stalidzans
                                    aivis stalidzans  2 days back


                                    • Mak Chal
                                      Mak Chal  3 days back

                                      If those drz never removed ur testeez...u would have got a vagina infection and it would have killed u...ud better thank god that we have those kind of people that dont agree with mutation being "ok" bcuz cancer,iz a mutation that also killz

                                      • KevinMphotography
                                        KevinMphotography  3 days back

                                        She ran off crying and YOU need a tissue?

                                        • Kilnmaster
                                          Kilnmaster  3 days back

                                          "I think, I think, I think." who gives a shit what you "think"! Biology is biology!!! You can think what you want, it doesn't make it the truth or factual. So you like men big deal doesn't mean your a woman. There are 2 genders, chromosomes for men, chromosomes for woman..

                                          • James Miller
                                            James Miller  3 days back

                                            Types of brains Lol

                                            • Maxime Bernier 2019
                                              Maxime Bernier 2019  3 days back

                                              If western civilization is evil why doesnt she go to eastern civilization where I escaped from and see how many days she lives?

                                              • Diamondbackf1
                                                Diamondbackf1  3 days back

                                                People get to be whoever they want to be!!!

                                                • Davi2810
                                                  Davi2810  3 days back

                                                  40:32 and que in the Streetfighter K.0. sample....

                                                  • Jen Martinez
                                                    Jen Martinez  3 days back

                                                    This male female brain mental Olympics is hilarious.

                                                    • PsychedSubstrate
                                                      PsychedSubstrate  3 days back

                                                      Danielle was so nice. Both men showed each other respect and had a civilized man-to-man conversation. I liked seeing Danielle in this show and i hope to see him in a future video

                                                      • Crow Daddy
                                                        Crow Daddy  2 days back

                                                        Lmao I see what you did there :p got a good chuckle

                                                    • Scoobs. -
                                                      Scoobs. -  3 days back

                                                      I'm sorry but the background noise killed me

                                                      • Aguest
                                                        Aguest  3 days back

                                                        I feel like it would be 10x more likely for people to listen to him if he was a black and bisexual woman.

                                                        • TIMI'S CORNER
                                                          TIMI'S CORNER  3 days back

                                                          Keep up the good work. Continue the fight against this madness that's
                                                          now creeping to overtake the eastern world as well. Shout out from the
                                                          Philippines. Oh, can you talk about the tragic case of David Reimer?

                                                          • TheWhiskeyCowboy
                                                            TheWhiskeyCowboy  3 days back

                                                            There is no such thing as transgender. It is a term used to make mental illness seem like something else. And while the first guy was nice, polite, and sounded reasonable... he is still mentally ill. Now that does not mean that you should treat the mentally ill badly, but I for one will not encourage their illness and play along with it... less so when I believe the vast majority of people claiming it are doing so to be trendy.

                                                            And I am so tired of when someone does not agree with, or play along with, the mentally ill, it is somehow being discriminatory or denying their "existence" as HUMANS. No. it is a strawman larger than the burning man. But they drag it up over and over and over. They do it to force guilt and compliance with their delusion.

                                                            • David A
                                                              David A  3 days back

                                                              dfgsdgjiurhsug Right? ogjfgsughsiogs Right? jfogjiodgjsogjpsgdfg Right? ogjoasjgisdfjogjsdfgojsdf Right?

                                                              • saquist
                                                                saquist  3 days back

                                                                Crowder is a near complete ass. Hes running around like a religious zealot saying he wants someone to change his mind. Yet hes not doing a lick of listening. He constantly interrupts. People think by speaking...let them speak.

                                                                • Terror Belle
                                                                  Terror Belle  4 days back

                                                                  Danielle was awesome. This is great conversation.

                                                                  • Lubble-1397
                                                                    Lubble-1397  4 days back

                                                                    Wow that second woman really is the exact opposite of Danielle, she's rude, interrupts constantly, doesn't respect the conversation and just goes on and on

                                                                    • anigodd
                                                                      anigodd  4 days back

                                                                      Some people are just in denial because that’s the only way they can cope. We’ll really never know why things are like this, but we can sure try.

                                                                      • Josh  Se
                                                                        Josh Se  4 days back

                                                                        Right right right right slouches right right right

                                                                        • Ben Paterson
                                                                          Ben Paterson  4 days back

                                                                          Last person only heard what she wanted to, hopeless.

                                                                          • Ducky Ez
                                                                            Ducky Ez  4 days back

                                                                            that woman who started recording them is an asshole

                                                                            • Ducky Ez
                                                                              Ducky Ez  4 days back

                                                                              lol hermaphrodite is literally a medical term for someone born with a mix of both genitalia, thats like someone with down syndrome getting offended because you saythat they have downsyndrome, better than calling them a downy

                                                                              • 1 2
                                                                                1 2  4 days back

                                                                                They always say "When we get to live our lives as ourselves..." as an attempt to justify forcing us into using the language that they compel us to use.

                                                                                ...but you're not living as yourself. You take hormones and have sex change surgeries.

                                                                                *"Living as yourself" would be accepting who you were born as and not altering your body to look how you WISH it did.*

                                                                                • John Doe
                                                                                  John Doe  4 days back

                                                                                  Well I'm happy steven took it easy on the trans guy. 40%

                                                                                  • Scott Xavier
                                                                                    Scott Xavier  4 days back

                                                                                    I find the second woman is attractive and I find it to be BS that she was born a male without any estrogen in her body.

                                                                                    • hurrdurr
                                                                                      hurrdurr  4 days back

                                                                                      *dO yOu wAnT mE tO giVe YoU sOmE SciEnCe*

                                                                                      Aaaand that is how not to start a conversation

                                                                                      • Michael Bonade
                                                                                        Michael Bonade  4 days back

                                                                                        Everything is the equivalent of the N word.....Fredo....well, Frida?,!

                                                                                        • Michael Bonade
                                                                                          Michael Bonade  4 days back

                                                                                          Just flat out brainwashed to despise America and the actual gifts of Western Culture....what a gal

                                                                                          • The Freindly Narcissist

                                                                                            1.7 percent is the number of folks with intersex traits