More Ways To RIP OFF Gamestop


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  • jose duran
    jose duran  1 hours back

    I buy systems and resale them, sometimes I go to best buy and offer them to their customers

    • Saltine 772Life
      Saltine 772Life  22 hours back

      Go to a pawn shop lol an u would love game stop

      • FjordGames
        FjordGames  24 hours back

        Recently made my first gamestop purchase on their norwegian website. Never. Ever. Again. I ordered a 2ds xl. Then ordered games for it from another site, since their selection was abysmal, and half the games I wanted that was there, was not even in stock. I ordered on a thursday. Monday morning at 7 o clock, the games arrived. A week after ordering - they still had not shipped the 2ds. FUCK gamestop, what a bunch of clowns!

        • Acemaster5594
          Acemaster5594  1 days back

          Corporate thrift shops like where I work might work too.

          • Raymond Belmont
            Raymond Belmont  2 days back

            More ways to rip off GameStop, go to Walmart but up the multiple copies of duck dynasty for 3 cents each.

            Take all of them to GameStop for store credit and stack up the savings.

            • NynX _Smash
              NynX _Smash  3 days back

              One time I bought twilight princess from a swap meet it worked fine... at first. I had beaten the first two temples with no problem until I entered the water temple then the game completely stopped working. So later on, I went into gamestop and I saw the same game for 18 bucks so I bought the game used, went back to my house switched the disks then the next day I returned the messed up disk to them and I kept the working one

              • Unlii
                Unlii  4 days back

                I buy games at Gamestop. Never have any problems. I walk in tell them what I want, pay, and walk out. I trade in games knowing im not going ot get much, because like a car, it loses value very quickly. Trading madden in is like trading in a shitty car. And I know for a fact a lot of people exaggerate their "gamestop only offered this much" stories. Its easy to fact check on their website.

                • jason hayes-delong
                  jason hayes-delong  4 days back

                  the preorder part can work in canada at ebgames which is gamestops canadian variant but only if you have a good relationship with the specific gamestop in addition the trade in system actually accounts for the sales at other stores here most of the time and the broken games well they dont check the games here they look at the discs but thats all

                  • JMP Podcast
                    JMP Podcast  4 days back

                    Way too much effort in this shit.

                    • Braappy McBraapface
                      Braappy McBraapface  4 days back

                      The GS by me never has anything worth a dime in their dumpster. Regardless, they dump dirt on top of what they throw out.

                      • Victor Alexander
                        Victor Alexander  5 days back

                        "You can find broken Anthem disks" Are you telling me there's an Anthem that actually works? 🤔🤔🤔

                        • jose duran
                          jose duran  1 hours back

                          Bravo sir! *tip of my hat yo you*

                      • The Clint Commander
                        The Clint Commander  5 days back

                        A buddy of mine had an Xbox 360 that got the RROD. He figured out that he could wrap it up in a towel and let the system run for a period of time and the Xbox would work for a short while. He got a great deal on a trade in for it. It was totally broken but he figured out a way to make it work for just long enough to sell it back to Gamestop, lol! Damn. I'm glad I only buy new.

                        • James Bilotta
                          James Bilotta  6 days back

                          My gamestops have always tested my discs, unless they looked 100% perfect.

                          • PantsStatusZero
                            PantsStatusZero  6 days back

                            11:55 That definite fraud

                            • Patrick Barker
                              Patrick Barker  1 weeks back

                              Our Electronic Store with is like 40m away from GS in the same Mall, sold StarWar BF2 for 3,50 on i dunno inventory cuts? Bought two copies, went down do GS SOLD them for 25 a piece. Made 50bucks in exchange for 6. They deserve it.

                              • Christovajal
                                Christovajal  1 weeks back

                                Why are you whispering

                                • Justinwolfordfilms
                                  Justinwolfordfilms  1 weeks back

                                  I want to game stop a month ago and traded in maybe 20 to 25 games that were Xbox 360 and 2 Xbox 1 games and for maybe 62.67 maybe that’s when they had trade in Xbox 1 games for 5% more of the trade value store credit so I got myself a new game

                                  • BigDog36
                                    BigDog36  1 weeks back

                                    once every two months? Right.

                                    • Cleanprincegaming
                                      Cleanprincegaming   1 weeks back

                            ’s been two and a half months since this video lmao did you even check before trying to troll?

                                  • Pure Bread
                                    Pure Bread  1 weeks back

                                    Just buy redbox games

                                    • Pure Bread
                                      Pure Bread  1 weeks back

                                      Wait how are you getting all these games from dumpster diving when the store has security cameras wouldnt the store call you out for that

                                      • Pure Bread
                                        Pure Bread  1 weeks back

                                        They sold me a defective joycon and I'm not surprised just disappointed

                                        • crkr
                                          crkr  2 weeks back

                                          This guys made up stories really bother me because they are so scripted and obviously fake that it's almost insulting.

                                          • Paul Last
                                            Paul Last  2 weeks back

                                            Those days are long in gone my friend

                                            • Jason Neudorf
                                              Jason Neudorf  2 weeks back

                                              Where did u go to University? Just curious....

                                              • Jason Neudorf
                                                Jason Neudorf  2 weeks back

                                                They don't test ur controllers either...Say the run (L3) sticks and return it.(with receipt)....Haven't bought a new controller in 7 years...

                                                • Jaime Herrera
                                                  Jaime Herrera  2 weeks back

                                                  How to rip of gamestop Easy just buy a reowned game disc like call of duty black ops 4 for 10 dollar's

                                                  • Mr.Pikachu the Sayori fan

                                                    I have always had a decent experience at GameStop
                                                    My family most of the time buys games at GameStop but I we have never traded in games
                                                    But I will tell you one time that me and my family had a BAD experience at steak n’ shake
                                                    We went into our local steak n’ shake and my dad apparently heard employees yelling at each other.
                                                    My parents after like a hour or two wait decided that enough was enough and said we were leaving.
                                                    We went to Jack in a box and went through drive thru and went home.
                                                    The problem is that according to dad they might be hiring people as mangers that should be like dishwasher or something like that.
                                                    Also restaurants always make it super cold to get customers out faster.
                                                    You won’t see at non franchise restaurants that are just locally runned.
                                                    I mean there is this one restruant that is the only one left in America.
                                                    I mean it more of a cafe but you get the point.
                                                    I can’t of course say the name of the restaurant or else it would be really easy to find my location.

                                                    • Brian South
                                                      Brian South  2 weeks back


                                                      • metaldude21
                                                        metaldude21  2 weeks back

                                                        Never had a problem with GameStop as a consumer.

                                                        Yesterday's interaction:

                                                        "Hi, I wanna trade these in."
                                                        *Checks discs for scratches
                                                        "Cash or store credit?"
                                                        "Put it towards Link's Awakening and two Animal Crossing: New Horizon reservations."
                                                        "You got it, do you want to reserve Pokemon Sword or Shield?"
                                                        "Nah, Amazon has a $10 credit for prime members."
                                                        "Gotcha, that's a good deal. Right you're all set."

                                                        *Ten minutes later a phone call.

                                                        "Hey, I'm sorry but just realized your copy of Let's Go Eevee didn't scan in properly so you didn't get the trade credit for it. Could you come back in so we can get you your credit?"
                                                        "Oh, wow. Cool yeah, I'll be right over"

                                                        THE AUDACITY TO CALL ME WHEN THEY WANNA GIVE ME MY TRADE CREDIT. Outrageous.

                                                        • james friel
                                                          james friel  2 weeks back

                                                          As for the guy arguing about the trade in value. That's WHAT THE COMPANY DOES! what part of buy/resell don't you understand. You buy the game for 60 bucks, you sell it back for 30 bucks, they re-sell it so they can make a profit, they aren't going to offer you 60 bucks for the game, they need to make money. If you buy a new car for 20k, and a month later trade the car in to get another car, you aren't going to get 20k back lol.  SIMPLE! If you don't want the 30 dollars for the game you want to trade in, DON'T TRADE IT IN lol. Go somewhere else to trade it in.. oh wait, no one else does that. I guess you either keep your silly game and shut up, or get the 30 bucks that someone offers. Simple. Option 1, or option 2.

                                                          • roninofthemoon
                                                            roninofthemoon  2 weeks back

                                                            That was so funny.
                                                            Great story telling.

                                                            • Donte Nickens
                                                              Donte Nickens  2 weeks back

                                                              "how do you sleep at night?" what the FUCK makes you think I actually sleep?! *goes back to being silent, dead eyed stare ensues as i continue to the transaction*

                                                              • The Pryo
                                                                The Pryo  2 weeks back

                                                                Dude, I’ve been buying used games and returning them within 7 days forever!

                                                                • MASTADRAKEZASTA 22
                                                                  MASTADRAKEZASTA 22  2 weeks back

                                                                  Somebody give this kid a medal 🏅

                                                                  • Wayward Pony
                                                                    Wayward Pony  2 weeks back

                                                                    Says he won't tell us how to do anything illegal, then talks of creepy guy trading in stolen games in great detail with no repercussions to hisself or business.

                                                                    • alemirdikson
                                                                      alemirdikson  2 weeks back

                                                                      This is why GameStop is dying.
                                                                      Not a complaint. Just an observation.

                                                                      • Mike
                                                                        Mike  2 weeks back

                                                                        You sound just as shady as Gamestop, I'd never do business with you.

                                                                        • Mike
                                                                          Mike  2 weeks back

                                                                          Your wrong, they do test games at alot of them.

                                                                          • Azar Hughes
                                                                            Azar Hughes  2 weeks back

                                                                            You had me dying laughing, with the last story about the guy , with his son...

                                                                            • X
                                                                              X  2 weeks back

                                                                              honestly, I would've also told the manager to let him trade them in, then once he left, called the police, its not worth it telling him to leave, "he might be from scar face or maybe the god father" I dont know what those are, but they sound like gangs, and if they are, its just better to let him trade them in, then let the police handle it

                                                                              • halojimmy7
                                                                                halojimmy7  2 weeks back

                                                                                I wouldn't put my foot in gamestop to buy, I go to Amazon

                                                                                • HuntWolf422
                                                                                  HuntWolf422  2 weeks back

                                                                                  I have a GameStop near a salvation army, I'd buy games like new super Mario Bros Wii for 10 at salvation army then sell then for like 22. I sold about 7 copies of that and Mario kart Wii until eventually they asked where the hell I got so many copies if these games. I told them salvation army and they then attempted to tell me they couldn't take the games anymore, so I called corporate. Resolved quite quick 😊

                                                                                  • Micah Brittain
                                                                                    Micah Brittain  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I loved these stories

                                                                                    • G.E. Solis
                                                                                      G.E. Solis  3 weeks back

                                                                                      Mafia guy?

                                                                                      • Tony
                                                                                        Tony  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Why does anyone pre-order? I’ve never had an issue buying a game on release day.

                                                                                        • Gio Golia
                                                                                          Gio Golia  3 weeks back

                                                                                          Im actually proud we have GAME here in the uk

                                                                                          • HUMBLE SERVANT
                                                                                            HUMBLE SERVANT  3 weeks back

                                                                                            Stop drop shut em down open up shop....DMX/S.Beatz the commercial

                                                                                            • Dimitrios Chatzopoulos
                                                                                              Dimitrios Chatzopoulos  3 weeks back

                                                                                              "How do sleep at night?" well.. not hungry i guess.. employees need the money to survive... BOYCOTT gamestop ppl.