How did NASA Steer the Saturn V?- Smarter Every Day 223


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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay   2 weeks back

    I would like to point out several things:
    1. Luke Talley is awesome.
    2. Every single frame of this video requires more memory storage than this memory module is capable of handling. Think about that.
    3. On the second channel we talk about things like how they took into account gyroscopic precession with this bad boy. They also crashed this into the moon and used the signal as a way to figure out what the inside of the moon is like. It's a good video, you should consider watching it. ( )
    4. This is not the Apollo computer. This is the Saturn V computer. They're different. This steered the rocket.
    5. People that support Smarter Every Day on Patreon are really cool and I like them a lot. ( )

    • Education ED
      Education ED  17 hours back

      Destin, please continue with the second channel!!!!!!

    • I_Am_The_One
      I_Am_The_One  3 days back

      My AP physics teacher worked on Saturn 5 😂😂😂

    • Don Mayfield
      Don Mayfield  3 days back

      Did Steve Spielberg meet this Luke and choose his name for his Luke?

    • Hockey Town USA
      Hockey Town USA  3 days back

      What is the best way to cool a one floor house letting air flow just go through the house with a fan just the fan shut windows doors no fan

    • dot
      dot  4 days back

      -Matter didn’t create anti matter
      -Anti matter didn’t create matter
      (Both of them were present at the time of big bang)
      -Both of them didn’t create themselves.
      -Both of them came from an unimaginable source, that unimaginable source created matter and antimatter (everything) thats why it is known as “the creator” of everything.
      —and that unimaginable creator created all prophets (approx 124,000 from Prophet Adam to Prophet Mohammad pbuh) who introduced God/Allah (an unimaginable creator) as well as they came to us with the complete and beautiful guidance of mankind from the creator of mankind.
      Thank u :)

  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar  7 hours back

    science take you to the moon, religion take to the dumpster

    • Fernando Rizo
      Fernando Rizo  8 hours back

      Dude, awesome video. Respect the father of all this. Linus is just not welcome. Respect. RESPECT. Hey SmarterEveryDay
      , no more Linus.

      • Pedro Giafferis
        Pedro Giafferis  10 hours back

        This is crazy!!!

        • scooby405
          scooby405  10 hours back

          Can you make a video on aerogel

          • Kirk P
            Kirk P  12 hours back

            From back in the days when electrons were the size of Cocoa Puffs...LOL!

            • Mr Memes
              Mr Memes  14 hours back

              I've actually been here

              • Wuety06
                Wuety06  14 hours back

                Jesus Linus sure u could China has small hands

                • Wuety06
                  Wuety06  14 hours back

                  It's rope memory

                  • Christian Gather
                    Christian Gather  16 hours back

                    How can you thumbs down this??? Awesome video guys!! I learned something new (old) today :)

                    • nicotate07
                      nicotate07  1 days back

                      I love seeing my two favourite youtubers sharing the stuff they're passionate about!

                      • Ash Sherr
                        Ash Sherr  1 days back

                        this is the prick that kidnapped jesse pinkman

                        • Zareer K'Maneck
                          Zareer K'Maneck  1 days back

                          My 5 yr old boy and I love your videos. In fact your video on laminar flow impressed him so much that when he visits a fountain of any sort that is all he looks for. Can you do a video explaining Prince Rupert's drops. Thanks.

                          • Qaveth
                            Qaveth  1 days back

                            Typical space videos by nasa, real life money loss, aka launching rockets into the sea with no humans, then cgi all the way till they end, last but not least recycle rocket from sea and repeat.

                            • burgershot
                              burgershot  1 days back

                              This is MINDBLOWING

                              • Abhinav Sharma
                                Abhinav Sharma  2 days back

                                Luke : "It was used in SATURN V"

                                Linus : "But will it run CRYSIS?!"

                                • Terracom 7
                                  Terracom 7  2 days back

                                  so I found a cool science anomaly that I haven't seen before and I searched it up and can't find it or an explanation. if you take a 2 by 4 block of aluminum and you put it on its side, so the short side is facing up. then if you slightly slant the block and roll a cylinder magnet down at a slight angle it will seem to bounce off the side of the wall as if there is an invisible barrier.

                                  • Ken Haley
                                    Ken Haley  2 days back

                                    At 2:00, you are describing "core" memory, which was the type of memory used in most computers up to around 1975-1980, when semiconductor memory first entered the scene. I worked on an IBM 1620, a 1401 and others, including a minicomputer made by a company called Microdata, which all used core memory. (I'm 72.)

                                    I still have three 8K memory boards from that Microdata computer. (Failure of this type of memory was common, so I decided to save boards when they were replaced.) I remember they were priced at $3,500 each back then, or around 5 cents/bit. At that rate, 16GB of RAM (128 billion bits), now commonplace in PC's, would cost 6.4 billion dollars (without accounting for inflation)! That's over double the entire Apollo program budget. (Good thing they didn't need 16GB.)

                                    Just as shown in this video, I can see the little cores arranged on the grid of wires. I was amazed back then, and I still find it impressive today. Here's an interesting fact about core memory: In order to read a bit, the computer would actually write a zero at that location. A sense wire running through all the bits on that plane would detect a pulse if that location originally contained a 1 because reversing the magnetic direction would induce that electric pulse. A second cycle was then required to restore the bit back to a 1 (or leave it as 0 if no pulse was detected). This was known as "destructive" read, requiring two machine cycles. One cycle on the Microdata was one microsecond (1 MHz). A modern CPU running at 4GHz is 4,000 times faster. But one cool thing: if the computer lost power, core memory was preserved! It wasn't 100% reliable, but often, when the computer was powered back on after a power failure, it could continue running where it left off!

                                    Anyway, I am wondering what to do with these memory boards. Right now, they're just gathering dust in my closet. Any ideas?

                                    • Micha Grill
                                      Micha Grill  2 days back

                                      Not gonna lie that ad at the end was pretty salty :P

                                      • Carlthehamster
                                        Carlthehamster  2 days back

                                        ok now i love this episode because of linus and rockets xD

                                        • Gydo194
                                          Gydo194  2 days back

                                          of course Linus likes the cooling system the most LOL

                                          • Oliver McIlwain
                                            Oliver McIlwain  2 days back

                                            Why do surfaces get dark when wet?

                                            • mohammad ziad
                                              mohammad ziad  3 days back

                                              And then a flat earther come and say the space is fake.

                                              • Eat Jat
                                                Eat Jat  3 days back

                                                747 dislikes. How ironic.

                                                • Nathan Weisser
                                                  Nathan Weisser  3 days back

                                                  This video is supposed to be about a modern computer nerd and a 60s computer scientist interacting with each other, but what I'm more interested in is Linus being on the same screen as someone with a native Alabama accent lol

                                                  • Against NAZO!
                                                    Against NAZO!  3 days back

                                                    But what's with technology a few years later?
                                                    Would the MOS 6502 Processsor of Comodore64 be enough to steer such a rocket?

                                                    • Klippy Klop
                                                      Klippy Klop  3 days back

                                                      very, very clever. Cut from a different cloth.

                                                      • Lisa Johnson
                                                        Lisa Johnson  3 days back

                                                        Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I remember getting up early in the morning in the 1960's to watch a rocket launch on TV and it was an amazing feat back in the day. To see this "computer" that made that happy is mind blowing. These guys were amazing and it worked. Thanks for this very cool video.

                                                        • donven33
                                                          donven33  3 days back

                                                          Hey Dustin, I am a long time Audible client but still go and check out your recommendation everytime you make one. Just curious what else do you have in your Audible collection please?
                                                          Thanks in advance!

                                                          • Astrowixa102 Elon
                                                            Astrowixa102 Elon  3 days back

                                                            Saturn VRGB

                                                            • AJ Google
                                                              AJ Google  3 days back

                                                              I'd appreciate more audiobooks recommendations :)

                                                              • mar sag
                                                                mar sag  3 days back

                                                                these guys who made it in the '60s are authentical heroes!

                                                                • pawn pawnee
                                                                  pawn pawnee  3 days back

                                                                  Flat earthers would like to disagree.

                                                                  • ghanzo
                                                                    ghanzo  3 days back

                                                                    You can see the doubt building in Linus eyes, that the mission even happened.

                                                                    • Paul Rickett
                                                                      Paul Rickett  3 days back

                                                                      DumberEveryDay still hasn't figured out that the Apollo program never went to the moon. Earth is flat!

                                                                    • Jammy Pockets
                                                                      Jammy Pockets  4 days back

                                                                      You get a free book on your first month of audible anyway, so what is the benefit of typing 'smarter'? Do you get an extra free book in your first month with this code?

                                                                      • DeRiften
                                                                        DeRiften  4 days back

                                                                        Meanwhile today, people with no computer knowledge whatsoever can make complex games, and even the most basic of optimizations are a thing of the past. Engineers back then were goddamn geniuses

                                                                        • Alden Zenko
                                                                          Alden Zenko  19 hours back

                                                                          You might be surprised at some of the optimizations that modern compilers do automatically. No reason to reinvent the wheel

                                                                        • Roger Skagerström
                                                                          Roger Skagerström  1 days back

                                                                          Well the ones today that makes all the stuff so easy "on the surface" aren't morons either :D Well.. Some on Microsoft must be. But generally ;)

                                                                      • Shrop Shire
                                                                        Shrop Shire  4 days back


                                                                        • Technomaniac Dude
                                                                          Technomaniac Dude  4 days back

                                                                          He was a dumb choice

                                                                          • rahul suryawanshi
                                                                            rahul suryawanshi  4 days back

                                                                            It was the passion of few peoples who broke all the barriers.. Hats off to them.. Wish I could be among them...

                                                                            • John Goodman
                                                                              John Goodman  4 days back

                                                                              What a fantastic insight from the wonderful gentleman who worked on creating those memory modules. Superb work. Thank you for putting this great video out :)

                                                                              • ChrisCDXX
                                                                                ChrisCDXX  4 days back

                                                                                You should zoom out more or sit farther back. No need to be all up in that camera dude. Love your videos!!

                                                                                • poida84
                                                                                  poida84  4 days back

                                                                                  you should do a video about Hearing aids and cochlear implants

                                                                                  • Max Mcallister
                                                                                    Max Mcallister  4 days back

                                                                                    After watching almost every one of your videos when you say "Lets go get smarter every day" still makes me smile with excitement about what I'm going to learn. Never change Destin, never change.

                                                                                    • imperiajor
                                                                                      imperiajor  4 days back

                                                                                      Awesome video man, Congrats ^-^

                                                                                      • rhkips
                                                                                        rhkips  4 days back

                                                                                        Ohshi--You're here in Huntsville? Hahaha, awesome! I love coming over 565 and seeing that big ol' Saturn V poking out through the trees.

                                                                                        This was SO cool!! Thank you for sharing this. :D

                                                                                        • 14598175
                                                                                          14598175  4 days back

                                                                                          Wait a minute...aren't you the guy who used to take 6-packs of beer over to Truman's home?

                                                                                          • Nicholas Lettiere
                                                                                            Nicholas Lettiere  4 days back

                                                                                            Hey Destin, I have a question I was hoping you could answer? Could you "blind" a speed camera if you had license plate lights that were like infrared spotlights? And if so, is it possible for a light to put out both visible and infrared light simultaneously?