Raiders' Derek Carr opens up about Antonio Brown, moving to Las Vegas (FULL INTERVIEW) | NBC Sports


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  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson  1 days back

    I say we go 12-4 next season!! Derek Carr 5,000 yards passing 50 TD’s 12 interceptions

    • Watts Raider
      Watts Raider  1 days back

      My Boi Let's Go !!!!

      • David Spade
        David Spade  2 days back

        Carr knows we suck it’s pathetic

        • Picasso Pete
          Picasso Pete  2 days back

          AB is going stab DC in the back when he least expects it... keep babying phony Tony.. he cares nothing for you.

          • Rigo Flores
            Rigo Flores  3 days back

            DC gonna take us to the playoffs this doubt

            • Roland orantez
              Roland orantez  5 days back

              Wow this was a real good interview haven't seen one in a long time....just questions no put downs just good information

              • Noah Lancaster
                Noah Lancaster  5 days back

                Love this guy ☠️💯🐐

                • That Raiders Fan
                  That Raiders Fan  5 days back

                  Great interview and Go Raiders ☠️

                  • Ronald Krikorian
                    Ronald Krikorian  6 days back

                    Carr is the reason we don't go to the playoffs. Every yr more & more excuses. He could care less about oakland!! Thats a fact. 32-46 in 5 seasons. What?

                    • lozano 4224
                      lozano 4224  3 days back

                      What excuses exactly ? Carr is literally the reason we made the wild card in 2016 ...

                    • Jrock Lopez
                      Jrock Lopez  4 days back

                      Real Raider Nation over here...

                    • Ronald Krikorian
                      Ronald Krikorian  5 days back

                      @Noah Lancaster tired of all the excuses. No more excuses!

                    • Noah Lancaster
                      Noah Lancaster  5 days back

                      With no weapons. Just wait. You a hater. That’s our qb

                  • Andrew Marone
                    Andrew Marone  6 days back

                    Can’t wait for Las Vegas Raiders

                    • leon acevedo
                      leon acevedo  7 days back

                      A+ interview DC.

                      • RobbieSupreme
                        RobbieSupreme  1 weeks back

                        Still can’t believe they’re leaving ☹️

                        • marky mark
                          marky mark  4 days back

                          Yes it’s sad but they deserve a nice stadium for a change. Wherever they are still our Raiders

                        • That Raiders Fan
                          That Raiders Fan  5 days back

                          RobbieSupreme it’s very unfortunate but then again the NFL is a business. Go Raiders ☠️

                      • Lou Zer
                        Lou Zer  1 weeks back

                        BUYER’s REMORSE??? Chucky Cheese is pulling his hair out wondering wtf he was thinking not paying Mack and trading for that headcase diva AB.
                        Vegas is gonna have buyers remorse as well, they’re paying for the worst franchise in all sports, nothing but losing since 2003 except for one fluke season in 2016, no Super Bowl since 1983, nothin but futility and draft bust after bust. That’s DAAAAAA RAAAIIIIIIITTTTAAAARRRDDDS !! LMFAO DUMMY RAITARD NATION.

                        • TayTay HearMeOut
                          TayTay HearMeOut  2 days back

                          U don’t even know what u talkin bout lmao smh lil dumbass

                        • Rick D
                          Rick D  6 days back

                          Jealous because rams are selling tickets for 15$ just to get people in the stadium. Love you lou, see ya on the next raiders feed. Know youll be there, biggest raiders fan, you follow and watch every raider video. Thanks man

                        • Rick D
                          Rick D  6 days back

                          @Logan King and evil dog!

                        • KingKush
                          KingKush  6 days back

                          @Logan King hey Bobby lee is hilarious! But i agree this guy is a dumbass ^^

                        • Logan King
                          Logan King  7 days back

                          You might be my favorite troll. Like a personal bobby lee making joke and making a fool of himself. Please right more, I miss your Mad TV blind kung fu master skits.

                      • AJ
                        AJ  1 weeks back

                        Appreciate old school interviews like this! Btw, it's an end game for Carr in 2019. I sure hope he does make it, Raiders have other needs going forward.

                        • Dan
                          Dan  1 weeks back

                          Peter King - Fresno are the Bulldogs - BSU are the Broncos

                          • Lj Aguilar
                            Lj Aguilar  1 weeks back

                            We’re did he get it wrong in the interview did I miss it? Only time I heard bring about the Broncos he was referring to the Denver Broncos

                        • HRRY JSPH
                          HRRY JSPH  1 weeks back

                          The minimum 9/9. Makes the playoffs.

                          • 1019902735
                            1019902735  1 weeks back

                            Carr ain't going to Vegas; he's going to Dallas!

                          • Virus-Power
                            Virus-Power  1 weeks back

                            NBC is old-skool. Just an interview. No talking heads in the studio yapping nonsense.

                            • The DreadNeck
                              The DreadNeck  1 weeks back

                              Still love seeing Boise beat Fresno.
                              Go Raiders

                              • bulldogsbob
                                bulldogsbob  1 weeks back

                                No we tied in Carr’s jr year and won it in his Sr year.

                              • The DreadNeck
                                The DreadNeck  1 weeks back

                                Heh, first one huh?

                              • Emmanuel Torres
                                Emmanuel Torres  1 weeks back

                                The DreadNeck how did that go in the final last year .…mw champs

                            • Steve Steele
                              Steve Steele  1 weeks back

                              Carr is excellent at handling these interviews. Peter King is a decent guy too.

                              • reignman2112
                                reignman2112  5 days back

                                Carr may be the best in the league at interviews. I see announcing in his post career future.

                            • DNICE41
                              DNICE41  1 weeks back

                              Nice change of pace interview instead of all the negative media hyperbole surrounding the team.

                              • RAIDERTONY 323
                                RAIDERTONY 323  1 weeks back

                                Ikr!Media is wild right now bro they need to be checked

                            • Konnor Ternus
                              Konnor Ternus  1 weeks back

                              If Nebraska ever had a QB like Derek Carr things would be different.

                              • Nicole Alexander
                                Nicole Alexander  1 weeks back


                                • Sam
                                  Sam  1 weeks back

                                  Carr is a bum. Not a franchise qb

                                  • That Raiders Fan
                                    That Raiders Fan  5 days back

                                    Sam He’s our franchise quarterback Go Raiders and 🖕the haters

                                  • leon acevedo
                                    leon acevedo  7 days back

                                    Sam Lionel Ritchie fan ha

                                  • AJ
                                    AJ  1 weeks back

                                    the only "bum" is the guy not backing up or responding to his statement. ChickenShit Sam

                                  • Lj Aguilar
                                    Lj Aguilar  1 weeks back

                                    He’s definitely not a chiefs fan because they have no reason to hate on Carr when they have the best qb in the league ( most talented I should say) a lot more to prove

                                  • Lord Quas
                                    Lord Quas  1 weeks back

                                    Sam, You're obviously uneducated on the matter. He's already a franchise quarterback they built around him.

                                • No where Man!
                                  No where Man!  1 weeks back

                                  A respectable interview.

                                  • Will Keve
                                    Will Keve  1 weeks back

                                    Hey NBC if you suddenly have a job opening for a camera man after this video, I'll send my CV

                                    • Chatur Shivananda
                                      Chatur Shivananda  1 weeks back

                                      Can't wait for the next Hard Knocks episode with all this drama, it's gonna be lit!!

                                      • Ben Williams
                                        Ben Williams  1 weeks back

                                        Raiders suck.