Trevor Noah - Most Viewed Videos of 2019 (So Far)


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  • Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah   2 weeks back

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    • laurie teekah
      laurie teekah  23 hours back

      I soo love you Treavor and I just stuck on why ANYONE CANNOT SEE DT IS LITERALLY MENTALLY ILL!!!

    • Olivia Tom
      Olivia Tom  4 days back

      Yeah, but is this REALLY him?

    • in go
      in go  4 days back

      @trevor noah
      Have you ever seen the "america first" videos?
      Pleas watch them 😂😂

    • xBoiko
      xBoiko  4 days back

      I love how you can joke without resorting to cursing or profanity. Clean jokes that anyone can relate to. Thank you and God bless you!

  • Kabelo Leboea
    Kabelo Leboea  3 hours back

    Hi Trevor, u make my lowest moments light man - as for the DT voice, I'm going to practice that hey - Charles Leboea in Jhb-Mondeor

    • pippo spano
      pippo spano  4 hours back

      "EBOLA ! EBOLA !!"

      "Calm down man, it's just AIDS!"

      • Andy Zhang
        Andy Zhang  5 hours back

        That Chinese jibberish is stupid accurate 😂😂

        • Tenmil
          Tenmil  16 hours back


          • Alexis Nicole
            Alexis Nicole  21 hours back

            5:10 😂😂😂I’m wheezing

            • Mojalefa Thobane
              Mojalefa Thobane  22 hours back

              Trevor you are best impersonator. I crack every time... Mzansi is proud. O battery lol hahahhahaha

              • Dirty Redd gray
                Dirty Redd gray  24 hours back

                Trevor is the new 👨

                • Miscy Me
                  Miscy Me  1 days back

                  Wanted to click like so many times..I already did tho

                  • cbxk1xg
                    cbxk1xg  1 days back

                    @ 10:40 My new favorite joke about small people, and I am small, for my shizzle.

                    • Corky Corcoran
                      Corky Corcoran  1 days back

                      Love this guy. SO funny.

                      • zinhle nomzamo
                        zinhle nomzamo  1 days back

                        Trevor Noah has been married for 5 years.has 3 kids,boy and twin girls. We've been together for 8 years😩

                        He just doesn't know it yet🚶

                        • jazz21977
                          jazz21977  1 days back

                          Cellphones can be hung up quite dramatic too... my 3310 got stuck in many walls (but yeah that's basically a landlinephone)... iPhone I've to be a bit more carefull.. but it's had flying lessons too

                          • RinnyDale
                            RinnyDale  2 days back

                            👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 TREVOR 👍🏻👍🏻

                            • KT Gray
                              KT Gray  2 days back

                              That whole gay set was hilarious! 😂😂😂

                              • Lvly ßttrfly
                                Lvly ßttrfly  2 days back

                                And trump must be Darth Vader. Lol

                                • Yafet Destiny 4L
                                  Yafet Destiny 4L  2 days back

                                  Have a good day everyone who is seeing this. ❤️

                                  • Maria Maritjie
                                    Maria Maritjie  2 days back

                                    Imitate Namibia's president please

                                    • nika qavtaradze
                                      nika qavtaradze  2 days back

                                      man, Trevor would be good Stevie Griffin

                                      • Birasa Arnold
                                        Birasa Arnold  2 days back

                                        you are the man bro, keep the spirit of making our days

                                        In Rwanda, we love the shows 👍👍🙌

                                        • ajaye jaw
                                          ajaye jaw  2 days back

                                          Trevor is soooo funny am dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                          • Obong Ak
                                            Obong Ak  2 days back


                                            • AliEvaMari
                                              AliEvaMari  2 days back

                                              Omg I love him sooooooo much ❤️

                                              • Mary Sophy
                                                Mary Sophy  2 days back

                                                Imagine this video making it to the most viewed... lmao

                                                • WebGuru
                                                  WebGuru  3 days back

                                                  I love you Trevor! Your stand-up and your work on The Daily Show is top-notch!

                                                  • Doria Barnes
                                                    Doria Barnes  3 days back

                                                    Trevor you make my day everytime, laughter is like medicine that's what you're doing to my soul. Enjoying every moment, shouting out from Jamaica.

                                                    • Nicole Pittman
                                                      Nicole Pittman  3 days back

                                                      OMG "my Mexican Jeti" Hahaha Can I please live in your world???

                                                      • Fran Osborne
                                                        Fran Osborne  3 days back

                                                        Trevaah!! You have totally mastered Trump's noise. Brilliant my man, brilliant!

                                                        • anacocos83
                                                          anacocos83  3 days back

                                                          He is so cute.. Trevor can't stop watching your videos

                                                          • Mark Stanley
                                                            Mark Stanley  3 days back

                                                            DARK AUDIENCE...

                                                            • TDK
                                                              TDK  3 days back

                                                              Best way to stamp out the last vestiges of racism is to make jokes about it. Trevor is great at it.

                                                              • TheXV22
                                                                TheXV22  4 days back

                                                                13:30 LMFAO

                                                                • aadrika garg
                                                                  aadrika garg  4 days back

                                                                  Love your jokes pulls me out of a bad day👍

                                                                  • Olivia Tom
                                                                    Olivia Tom  4 days back

                                                                    Like his Melania impression/accent."Oh, hello Donald." Not cool when the audience were laughing at the "we need to get immigrants out" part.

                                                                    • Adrian McCarthy
                                                                      Adrian McCarthy  4 days back

                                                                      “Mom was shot not me” 😂😂😂

                                                                      • John Gabriel
                                                                        John Gabriel  4 days back


                                                                        • cordell longstreath
                                                                          cordell longstreath  4 days back

                                                                          This nigga invited to the barbeque

                                                                          • PS
                                                                            PS  4 days back

                                                                            I love that he laughs at his own jokes.😂

                                                                            • elle415
                                                                              elle415  4 days back

                                                                              Wow. I just love all of your success. You are still so down to earth and have much humility. You have a tremendous gift. Your mother has raised a fine man. Well done Trevor.

                                                                              • lulabell 79
                                                                                lulabell 79  4 days back

                                                                                And did I mention how fine you are @Trevor Noah? You are so handsome. You look like the black version of the stuttering comedian, Drew Lynch and he is so gorgeous and so are you.

                                                                                • lulabell 79
                                                                                  lulabell 79  4 days back

                                                                                  I am a proud Trump supporter, but I gotta give it to nailed it with your Trump material!

                                                                                  • Joaquin Misa Jr.
                                                                                    Joaquin Misa Jr.  4 days back

                                                                                    A gift to humanity

                                                                                    • Nikki Dierolf-Ackerman

                                                                                      When life is crazy (you know because Trump is president) at least there’s Trevor Noah. Who can make you laugh so hard it hurts. Love his comedy!

                                                                                      • Raposa Cinéfila
                                                                                        Raposa Cinéfila  5 days back

                                                                                        After watching this video i can surely say its impossible to have a stand up show with Trevor without him saying how white people sucks in doing things and how women and black people are perfect and that's surely getting annoying after a while. It was kinda fun in the first 4 or 5 times, but having the same thing basically in every show it get boring after a while.

                                                                                        • Gavan Schultz
                                                                                          Gavan Schultz  3 days back

                                                                                          As someone who's watched all his stand up from here in South Africa I can safely say you're wrong

                                                                                      • JorgeWashington LombaLove8

                                                                                        HA HA HA.... No Way, hahaha

                                                                                        • bo jangles
                                                                                          bo jangles  5 days back

                                                                                          It took a couple days but I watched the whole thing . Very nice accents, I am amazed at Trevorr's polyglot abilities, and range of accents. Also what else was really nice was You Tube remembered my stopping spot and started me right back where I stopped, even after a day of being logged off.

                                                                                          • Lahonda Walker
                                                                                            Lahonda Walker  5 days back

                                                                                            love love Uu

                                                                                            • jojo beans
                                                                                              jojo beans  5 days back

                                                                                              Trevor when are u coming to jamaica