NFL Training Camp 2019: Peter King's takeaways from San Francisco 49ers camp | NBC Sports


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  • 9erjoe Empire
    9erjoe Empire  4 days back

    Go NINERS 💪 great assessment

    • Joel Figueroa
      Joel Figueroa  4 days back

      13-3 including that 1st round Bye

      • Michelle Ezeugo
        Michelle Ezeugo  5 days back

        I would say 13-3

        • mont john
          mont john  6 days back

          peter king=homer.....

          • W GRAY
            W GRAY  7 days back

            Kyle needs to spend more time developing Nick Mullens. JG is NOT very good.

            • W GRAY
              W GRAY  5 days back

              @Phi Tech Honestly, I hope I'm wrong, but let's b clear. He wasn't good b4 the injury. He threw a pick 6 against Detroit that got call back because of a penalty, but it was by far the worst throw I've ever seen in my life.

            • Phi Tech
              Phi Tech  5 days back

              @W GRAY give him this season to prove himself if he can't ok then u can say bad decision. He got hurt last season dude, give him a break

            • W GRAY
              W GRAY  5 days back

              @Phi Tech They Screwed UP. The guy IS NOT a franchise qb. They won't b the 1st team to have to own a bad decision. (see Seattle and Matt Flynn)

            • Phi Tech
              Phi Tech  5 days back

              so they paid JG 137 Mil to then develop a backup QB?? are you on crack?

          • Joelrocks
            Joelrocks  1 weeks back


            • Evil Dead Mike
              Evil Dead Mike  1 weeks back

              they can't keep up with Rams and Seahawks. They can't even beat the Cards. 49ers are a 6-10 at best.

              • mont john
                mont john  6 days back

                yes 6 wins sounds right....

              • KingUfa206
                KingUfa206  1 weeks back

                Rams maybe. Seahawks lol. Seattle couldn't beat a 3rd string QB and a bunch of rookies.

              • Steven Reyna
                Steven Reyna  1 weeks back

                Evil Dead Mike lol 😂 you’re hilarious

            • Jeff Davis
              Jeff Davis  1 weeks back

              Just got a notification that jimmy g threw 5 picks in practice today

              • NYners718 !
                NYners718 !  7 days back

                @HeplMeh even if that's true so what. he still went 3 weeks of camp without a single pick. sometimes throwing 4 tds in the 11 on 11 period. so like I said , none of that gets mentioned

              • Hold Me
                Hold Me  1 weeks back

                You guys all realize the defense KNOWS what play the offense is running before the snap, right? So it's skewed to judge based off of practice. This wouldn't be the case during a legitimate game.

              • HeplMeh
                HeplMeh  1 weeks back

                @NYners718 ! They aren't his first picks since camp started. He had one like 2 practices ago.

              • Josh
                Josh  1 weeks back

                Nothing to worry about its training camp thats why you train.

              • NYners718 !
                NYners718 !  1 weeks back

                also his 1st time throwing a pick period since training camp started. but nobody's talkin bout that tho

            • Ryan Arroyo
              Ryan Arroyo  1 weeks back

              11-5 for the Niners