Twitter VS Egoraptor (Arin From Game Grumps)


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  • Oscarnator 232
    Oscarnator 232  2 weeks back

    Thanks bowblax your videos have been great. A full recap of this drama is now archived thanks to your work. As an old fan of the new grounds community I've been watching their content since 2010 and lately (the last 5 years) it's been sad watching airn change and reject his former peers, this drama was the boiling point to something that has been heating up under the surface for awhile now. Airn definitely deserves criticism off this as he attempts to hide from it as of late, people are saying this drama is trivial and pathetic and too an outsider looking in I can see why they'd think this, all I can say is that airn has burnt bridges and has rejected the ones close to him because they don't fit his new agenda, the criticism from fans and other creators isn't about the pelo video it's about everything he's done these last few years that he's avoided criticism for through his echo chamber.

    • ClausMystery
      ClausMystery  8 hours back

      @Ray Host So many illiterate cucks in here.

      All I see people calling me here is




      And no evidence

    • ClausMystery
      ClausMystery  8 hours back

      @Sparty0602 Everything I hate is an incel i see

    • Ray Host
      Ray Host  2 days back


    • Anime NPC
      Anime NPC  2 days back

      Its like he forgot he was born in Florida and drank the california sjw koolaid. God I used to respect the guy so much now he's no different from the twitter mob that cancels people for "inclusion". I know times are a changin' but you betrayed your friends and those who respected you a lot more then you realized...

    • FurredDragon
      FurredDragon  2 days back

      I haven't been the longest fan of Arin and Game grumps, but he was the first I found. He's changed so fast and he's deserving of all the criticism. I prefer his old content, but I can't change someone's experience and choices agaisnt their will.

  • Connor Sexsmith
    Connor Sexsmith  51 minutes back

    8:20 Visceral hellscape? Hmm, that sounds like an overreaction to me. Maybe you have some growing up to do yourself, BlueBreed.

    EDIT: 13:45 Steedoj is as delusional as they come, he really thinks that a guy who cheated on his wife is comparable to someone who tried to stand up for people.

    EDIT 2: 15:23 Not sure where the hell this narrative of Arin being a guy who cares only about his show and not his audience came from. (Especially since the show was made for fans of him) Btw, Game Grumps isn't going to get cancelled over some petty Twitter garbage.

    • J Millz
      J Millz  53 minutes back

      Ugh this is absolutely pathetic. Pandering to the fucking sjws. Guess what. Mean words happen. Mean things happen. Get over it. Life is hard and if you are sheltered as a kid you will not be able to handle adult life. So fucking sad.

      • Connor Sexsmith
        Connor Sexsmith  55 minutes back

        Oh look, this comment section has a lot of the whiny shitheads who stopped watching Game Grumps when Jon left and think that Arin is a terrible person for simply trying to stand up for people. Just the fact that this is an attempt at "damaging Arin's image" is ridiculous.
        Let me get a couple things straight:
        1. In Jon's debate with Destiny, he was never given loaded questions, he spouted out all that bigoted shit on his own without warning. (If you actually watched the debate you would know)
        2. Game Grumps have been doing better than ever since Dan was in. And no, Dan isn't being nice only because Arin's his boss, if that was the case he would have left by now.
        3. Anyone with a working brain who's heard of this current Twitter "drama" knows that this is just an excuse for everyone who hates Arin to go off on him.

        To all those commentors in this comment section, act your damn age, please.

        • TheCycleson
          TheCycleson  1 hours back

          Pelos video was really funny! it wasnt made to make fun of people. or have ill will at them. arin was in my opinion whining about things he has probably done before. because we all know. arin has basically fucked the sonic fanbase. seeing how the fans are being trolled to an extreme degree. and that tweet someone made about this was true. the sonic fanbase and sonic himself is hated by alot of people probably BECAUSE arin. honestly he confuses me.

          • Bloozby
            Bloozby  1 hours back

            Oney and Arin aren't friends anymore, Arin got peeved at him over some shit and raised the rent on his studio to be completely unaffordable so Oney had to leave.

            • ArleusV
              ArleusV  1 hours back

              h y p e r b a l l

              • Amazing Ambassador
                Amazing Ambassador  2 hours back

                Did you really just read “hyperbole” as “hyper ball”

                • Jenni Bean the Sweets Queen

                  Cant these people behave for like a minute? God damn!

                  • NoctaLunais
                    NoctaLunais  2 hours back

                    Man how do you not get Arin's point? yeah he said fucked up shit back on NG, he grew up and realized that some of the things he said hurt people. Understanding this he tries to lead by example and be better than his past self. Sure it might mean in cases like this he puts his own standards on others, but that's not a terrible thing. What's wrong with trying to be better, reduce hate speech and move towards a positive creative environment. I've watched Arin since I was a kid growing up on NG and the vids he made helped and changed my life, I appreciate and love the growth he's made towards being a wholesome and positive pillar.

                    • Bees
                      Bees  2 hours back

                      Can you do a video about how YMS supports dog fuckers?

                      • Booty Bopper
                        Booty Bopper  3 hours back

                        The best career move John ever made was blowing his gypsie juice on Suzy's face. God knows how far he would've sunk on the SS Egoraptor.

                        • DSLRen
                          DSLRen  3 hours back

                          All these tweets are from people I've never heard of. I've never liked Arin but what do any of them have to do with the situation

                          • MintBreath
                            MintBreath  3 hours back

                            WOW DUDE!! Thanks so much for bringing attention to something that is obviously personal to Arin Hanson and didn’t even need attention, making it seem like he’s worse of a person than he actually is. Good job of you!!

                            • Mega Mask
                              Mega Mask  3 hours back

                              Really??? You know all this information is already available to the public and isn’t exactly... private?

                          • DEUS EX
                            DEUS EX  3 hours back

                            I swear to Christ, if you ever say "Hyper ball" again . . .

                            • Liam Carrion
                              Liam Carrion  3 hours back

                              honestly dan is the only reason i watch game grumps anymore

                              • Niels Beeris
                                Niels Beeris  4 hours back

                                you sound like you're 12

                                • Mr.Garbage_625
                                  Mr.Garbage_625  4 hours back

                                  I swear this is peak generic shit content you talk in a monotone voice with no pastion the editing is basic not only that but you just end up reading fucking tweets anyone could just open up twitter and do what you do god put some effort in the content you make instead of becoming a nothing shitty drama youtuber with no personality

                                  • hefty magic
                                    hefty magic  4 hours back

                                    Oney a real one holy shit

                                    • Gecko 1993
                                      Gecko 1993  4 hours back

                                      Honestly... EgoRaptor is no longer the cool one as he used to be in the late 2000s, early 2010s. Nowadays, Oney is the way to go...

                                      • ameteuraspirant
                                        ameteuraspirant  4 hours back

                                        h y p e r b a l l

                                        • Sad Randomness
                                          Sad Randomness  4 hours back

                                          ...This is mean😅

                                          • Cuvy
                                            Cuvy  5 hours back

                                            He said hyper-ball lmao

                                            • Daniel Park
                                              Daniel Park  5 hours back

                                              Awwwwww, the thing that hurts most is that I think that arins comments were also "over the top", which suck because I'm a huge game grumps fan and I know he isn't a bad person, but in this scenerio he is.

                                              • Genral John
                                                Genral John  5 hours back

                                                Wtf is Aron on about? He is openly the most hateful person that I’ve seen that has a high amount of attention.

                                                • Logan Rust
                                                  Logan Rust  6 hours back


                                                  • spiderhero
                                                    spiderhero  6 hours back

                                                    Holy non issue batman

                                                    • Doki Doki
                                                      Doki Doki  6 hours back

                                                      *_"Go woke; Get broke."_*
                                                      -Mr. Obvious, 2019

                                                      • SkyTheChosenHero
                                                        SkyTheChosenHero  6 hours back

                                                        Poor big cat... All he wanted was to express his opinion and throw it out there. Too bad we cant do that much in the world anymore

                                                        • - King -
                                                          - King -  6 hours back

                                                          Basically ego sold out

                                                          • Luciano Castrogiovanni
                                                            Luciano Castrogiovanni  6 hours back

                                                            10:27 No, actually he is right calling them shows. You could have said that it was just "lets plays" back when game grumps started, or when Steam Train still was a thing, when they actually literally only had Let's Plays, nowadays they had to make a new channel to better separate the "shows" they have. They still do lets plays, but they also do others, like the Power Hour, skits, animation showdowns, so yeah, as of August 2019, he is correct to say its "shows", not "Let's plays".

                                                            That said, that's a nitpick, I do not side on Arin for this. I'm glad I found out (I don't use social media) about this, so I know where his heart is at atm, kinda hard to tell in GG. But I'm not at all surprised either, ever since the JonTron debackle. I still think he's a swell dude, but he's got his big honking defects he really should work on. Feels like he's going too far trying to provide for his crew and barely getting to provide for his own damn self, the fool.

                                                            • Damien Poe Rocks
                                                              Damien Poe Rocks  7 hours back

                                                              Excellent video

                                                              • Meme Master
                                                                Meme Master  7 hours back

                                                                Egoraptor(Arin from gamegrumps). Is that really a name that's fallen by the wayside? Jesus.

                                                                • Josh Kary
                                                                  Josh Kary  8 hours back

                                                                  disliked and unsubbed for "hyperball" at 6:50, how could you

                                                                  • ninelivesstealer
                                                                    ninelivesstealer  8 hours back

                                                                    Imagine getting owned online by fucking BlueBreed.

                                                                    • spACE
                                                                      spACE  8 hours back

                                                                      Another reason why I hate game grumps

                                                                      • Jimothy Jolt
                                                                        Jimothy Jolt  8 hours back

                                                                        6:49 "Hye-Per-Boh-Lee"

                                                                        • DOLPHIN
                                                                          DOLPHIN  9 hours back

                                                                          hyper bowl

                                                                          • Sonarchy
                                                                            Sonarchy  9 hours back

                                                                            I love how neutral you are !

                                                                            • Shadalyna & Blurry
                                                                              Shadalyna & Blurry  9 hours back

                                                                              Twitter drama should be referred to as the blue bird tea

                                                                              • Knucles Nucls
                                                                                Knucles Nucls  9 hours back


                                                                                • thebacon wizard
                                                                                  thebacon wizard  9 hours back

                                                                                  A small thing just ignited so many people who had a grudge lol, he talks about how he's done with these people, old friends. Honestly, I dont blame him, he's done animating and the old animation community is triggered over his success in not animating

                                                                                  • Bootlegcheesecake
                                                                                    Bootlegcheesecake  10 hours back

                                                                                    Buy ur apology
                                                                                    Classic twitter: 1$
                                                                                    +writing it on notes app: 50,000$

                                                                                    • CartoonJoseph
                                                                                      CartoonJoseph  10 hours back

                                                                                      I'm just concerned that man who makes fart jokes with a 40 year old song writer can somehow make millions off of it.

                                                                                      • Arc Tan
                                                                                        Arc Tan  10 hours back

                                                                                        That pink sad creature was supposed to be wolfychu right

                                                                                        • Kyle Hyde
                                                                                          Kyle Hyde  10 hours back

                                                                                          I've had nothing for Arin ever since they played a Disney Princess game. Around that time, depictions of Disney princesses were popular on tumblr. I don't remember how all this came about, but it's obvious to anyone that the tumblr crowd DOES NOT watch Game Grumps. They watched, obviously got offended, and GG apologized to the very people who do not watch. They then put a disclaimer on those episodes.

                                                                                          • GenMars
                                                                                            GenMars  10 hours back

                                                                                            evolved? more like Devolveld.

                                                                                            • Ethan Miller
                                                                                              Ethan Miller  11 hours back

                                                                                              bruh you said hyper ball

                                                                                              It's pronounced "high-PER-bowl-ee"