"Every Laptop Sucks"


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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee   3 months back

    For people that have an xps 13 (or know people with one), did that unit have coil whine?

    • Moni Beroli
      Moni Beroli  15 hours back

      Some have something like that. Maybe it comes from some cheap?SSD. I buyed one to replace my HDD and that SSD has some whyne'ry.. now i buyed one from Samsung - and untill now i don't hear nothing from it!

    • asia simone
      asia simone  1 weeks back

      what is coil whine any way?

    • Marco Rossi
      Marco Rossi  2 weeks back

      No but it made me realize how much better lenovo quality is. Stay away from dell.

    • jack5mikemotown
      jack5mikemotown  2 weeks back

      mine did yeah

    • Ultra Instinct Goku
      Ultra Instinct Goku  2 weeks back

      The biggest problem is why the hell does every laptop need to be thin and light. Isn't it better to get a ThinkPad P52 or something?

  • Akshay Jumani
    Akshay Jumani  3 hours back

    Spot on analysis Dave, I have an Asus UX360, certain keys on my laptop now just have a ticking sound to them, as if somethings's stuck underneath.

    • Ramil Safin
      Ramil Safin  5 hours back

      Please, more videos on cons of laptops!

      • Slime_Head
        Slime_Head  13 hours back

        The coil whine on xps 13s has been present for years and Dell still hasn't acknowledged the problem

        • Jadrian Tan
          Jadrian Tan  16 hours back

          Lenovo Yoga 720?

          • Yet Another Person
            Yet Another Person  21 hours back

            I’ve had multiple Dell Latitudes (5470 and 5490), and they both had coil whine, and the 5490 had backlight bleed.

            • tayyab shoaib
              tayyab shoaib  1 days back

              its so cringe worthy when you open laptop from a screen corner

              • Achhuana Hk
                Achhuana Hk  1 days back

                If it sucks then send it to me ,i know how to deal with them

                • OmerM92
                  OmerM92  2 days back

                  Does Amazon refund you on a laptop for having one of these “small issues“?

                  I saw in their return policy that they refund only “Dead on Arrival“.. Do these issues apply?

                  • OmerM92
                    OmerM92  2 days back

                    Can you elaborate on the issues with Asus? I’m thinking of buying one..

                    • OmerM92
                      OmerM92  3 hours back

                      Thanks 👍

                    • Legitti
                      Legitti  3 hours back

                      @OmerM92 Asus TUF FX505GM

                    • OmerM92
                      OmerM92  10 hours back

                      Which one did you get? I’m thinking about the Vivobook s15..

                    • Legitti
                      Legitti  20 hours back

                      I have no issues with Asus.

                  • Amit Karki
                    Amit Karki  2 days back

                    Bro which software do u use to make intro

                    • Ravi kumar
                      Ravi kumar  4 days back

                      Hello Dave, i was just asking if you have a fix for a dell hardware issue, they freeze at boot time, the pc just freezes at del logo. can u suggest a fix for it.

                      • SDoman
                        SDoman  4 days back

                        Your ssd might be dead or windows could be corrupted, try booting from a pendrive into linux and checking the ssd then if its fine get a windows install on a usb and reinstall it. If you have files you didnt back up you might want to see if you can access them while booted into linux.

                    • Shobhit Bhatnagar
                      Shobhit Bhatnagar  4 days back

                      I find it funny that you didn't talk about hp laptops.

                      • Vincent Rutto
                        Vincent Rutto  1 days back

                        Shit battery life and charging problem

                    • Bartosz Murawski
                      Bartosz Murawski  4 days back

                      So doesn't it bother you buying used laptops on Amazon ? Like the MSI GS65 that has no original case for example.

                      • Nguyen Tanthien
                        Nguyen Tanthien  4 days back

                        Wieviele mals verlassen ich die Stellenangebote........................?

                        • Clark Kent
                          Clark Kent  4 days back

                          Buy bunch of pc hardware, duck tape them together. Simple

                          • Will Alimena
                            Will Alimena  4 days back

                            dave bro ur canadian ass just said zee come on man its zed

                            • Zakir Hossain
                              Zakir Hossain  4 days back

                              Do u do giveaways?

                              • Jad Abu Ghaida
                                Jad Abu Ghaida  4 days back

                                Surface Laptop 2??!!

                                • Jaskirat Singh Takhar
                                  Jaskirat Singh Takhar  4 days back

                                  Buy VAIO. Best so far and best keyboard. Try it out . Using it for last 6 years. Never ran into any issue. Still using it. Although my company provided an new dell i7 8850 6 core . But i still feel my vaio has better feel. Try VAIO for once

                                  • Article13 Copyrekt
                                    Article13 Copyrekt  4 days back

                                    Gigabyte aero 15 classic, my ultimate no compromises laptop

                                    • Roderick Horton
                                      Roderick Horton  5 days back

                                      I generally hate laptops too. but for editing out and about I cannot see carrying around a WorkStation that weighs 60-70 pounds easily and all the other stuff that goes with it. So laptop it is for out and about work.

                                      • Xiuxuan Wang
                                        Xiuxuan Wang  5 days back

                                        How about the T2 chip or bridge OS thing?

                                        • mhirst16
                                          mhirst16  5 days back

                                          Another reason every laptop sucks- the BS they've done to them over the years.... no more physical button trackpads, sealed in batteries, soddered in ram and hard drives. They're all crap. There hasn't been a real laptop since the Thinkpad T520, which came out in 2011.

                                          • Aly J
                                            Aly J  5 days back

                                            Im looking for a good laptop for film school, will be doing heavy video creation & editing. From some googling ive seen the more popular laptops people are recommending are the aero 15, dell xps15 and macbooks but i prefer a windows OS so not looking for anything apple. What would be your recommendation, if not an of those i mentioned are any other laptops that are a good option? Also, from your experience what features should be the most important to be looking for in a laptop for video creation and editing?

                                            • Dhanar Putra
                                              Dhanar Putra  5 days back

                                              I agree that every laptop sucks...
                                              Because none of them offers a tasty typing experience like mecha keyboard on PC.

                                              • SDoman
                                                SDoman  4 days back

                                                you can plug a keyboard in dude

                                            • urban metalgray
                                              urban metalgray  5 days back

                                              This is also applicable to mobile phones. 100% caused by their goal of exceeding sales quotas.

                                              • Tim Esconde
                                                Tim Esconde  5 days back

                                                How about the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2?

                                                • SDoman
                                                  SDoman  4 days back

                                                  no thunderbolt

                                              • Zerox Rockman
                                                Zerox Rockman  5 days back

                                                Mate book = Kamasutra

                                                • Kuma Bear
                                                  Kuma Bear  6 days back

                                                  Handsome boy

                                                  • Suren Ytcrap
                                                    Suren Ytcrap  6 days back

                                                    [email protected] you dave 😂😂😂

                                                    • ORIOLESFan02 // SevenEleven

                                                      3:54 for me Asus is known for bad WiFi chips

                                                      • wesley lewis
                                                        wesley lewis  1 weeks back

                                                        can you please ship me a asus gx531

                                                        • Ryan Rich
                                                          Ryan Rich  1 weeks back

                                                          I have the X1 Carbon and I agree with you it is the laptop of kings

                                                        • Skybletch T-RO
                                                          Skybletch T-RO  1 weeks back

                                                          When Someone said 21x sucks

                                                          • Tosin Fayanju
                                                            Tosin Fayanju  1 weeks back

                                                            What about Hp, dell, Surface book and laptop?

                                                            • Rafaela Argus
                                                              Rafaela Argus  2 weeks back

                                                              everything is wrong with the macbook..... probably the only thing good about that is the touchpad

                                                              • Aaron Tarvin
                                                                Aaron Tarvin  2 weeks back

                                                                Nice video! If you read up on Asus, they are known for having sound crackle issues.

                                                                • Legit Plays
                                                                  Legit Plays  2 weeks back

                                                                  All i heard is that the Matebook X has the least problems of all these laptops

                                                                  • Stephen DiNardo
                                                                    Stephen DiNardo  2 weeks back

                                                                    That how I feel ever since Apple messed up the MacBook Pro keyboard, every laptop is flawed to the point I’m always waiting for the next wave. I’m currently waiting for a Surface Book 3 with Thunderbolt 3.

                                                                    • James Boyce
                                                                      James Boyce  2 weeks back

                                                                      Lenovo designers seem addicted to making a product that would look at home on the cosby show

                                                                      • Eissa AlDhaheri
                                                                        Eissa AlDhaheri  2 weeks back

                                                                        I dont get why people dislike this vid he said nothing wrong or disturbing just peraonal opinion

                                                                        • Shiva Kumar
                                                                          Shiva Kumar  2 weeks back

                                                                          Hey listen to me man...I told you D2D, review Thinkpad X1 tablet VS IPad Pro..

                                                                          • FRODO SWAGGINS
                                                                            FRODO SWAGGINS  2 weeks back

                                                                            Fuck you ! Dave
                                                                            Laptop X sucks , buy laptop Y

                                                                            • Namishki901
                                                                              Namishki901  2 weeks back

                                                                              Lenovo USED to have the best keyboards. They used to make durable tanks. They used to innovate with features like an elevating keyboard on a laptop (IBM days)
                                                                              Now they are heaps of shit!

                                                                              • Dravis0101
                                                                                Dravis0101  2 weeks back

                                                                                why in todays world do manufactures build laptops like phones between the two devices, i feel like im spending about the same amount of money ($500+) and yet there is really one or two things they skimp out on if im paying that kind of money i dont want my first thought to be "ok, which is the part that this manufacture did they skip out on" if im spending up to $1k in tech i expect it to be as close to perfect as possible, no lazy exceptions

                                                                                • Fly Guy
                                                                                  Fly Guy  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Super Great Review!!! ~ Getting ready to buy a X1 Carbon

                                                                                  • gilkesisking
                                                                                    gilkesisking  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Yes, every laptop does suck.......that runs Windows 10.