AMD 3900X Overclocking explained... How to get improvements!


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  • 88djdmepfdnkjf94
    88djdmepfdnkjf94  2 days back

    any PSA on what manufacturers fixed voltages or ones that refuse too? love to know why it was so jacked in the first place.
    also that shirt just got alot more relevant or atleast half right.

    • Tokyosukidesu
      Tokyosukidesu  3 days back

      Interestingly my 3700x tanks in performance when put the voltage to 1.35. but I found out that if I use windows balanced mode I got idle voltages of around 1.2.
      Even more interestingly is that it looks like that the 1.4 to 1.5V is intended to boost single core performance but it goes down to 1.1V if you use more than one thread, probably for thermal limits.
      Going from ryzen balanced mode to windows balanced mode also reduced temps by over 10C. Idle is now 40 to 50C ish gaming and testing is 60 to 70C isch.
      Activating precision boost overdrive is also a killer as the 3700x can draw up to 130W instead of 88W. Tho that doesn't come into play during gaming as the cpu probably doesn't need an all core boost. Nevertheless I reduced the max power draw to 100W that is a good balance between temps and performance in multi threaded loads. If I render something I can still boost it back up to 130W.

      • teyasio
        teyasio  3 days back

        Glad I watched your video. My asus x570 and this was after I downloaded the latest bios from the internet feature. My cpu voltage was 1.4x. Lucky only ran it for a day like that till I caught it. Thanks!

        • Melomidi
          Melomidi  3 days back

          I'll definitely be referencing this video to overclock my 3900x, and maybe I'll update this with temps because I'm doing air cooling on the beefy noctua NHD--15

          • TeamMinchin
            TeamMinchin  3 days back

            Please include Rainbow Six Siege in gaming benchmarks since it's heavily CPU bound, and uses all cores.

            • mokurai82
              mokurai82  3 days back

              I get massive drops in cinebench r20 multithreaded score (from 4600 to around 4000) if I drop the voltage (by 0,15v offset) even at same Mhz value on my 3700x. It's really weird. It's like it disregards the manual bios settings altogether (and auto-adjusts to keep stability maybe?). I'm on an ASUS ROG Strix B350-F gaming mobo btw.

              • Michel Jeandillou
                Michel Jeandillou  4 days back

                Tbh thisd is great info but it doesnt tell us whether we should oc for games since you only tested one. We'd need 10 games oc vs not oc (just xmp + fclk)

                • hydzior
                  hydzior  4 days back

                  I've done everything and my performance (vcore to 1.3 from auto) is a lot lower than before :D

                  • DeeDee
                    DeeDee  4 days back

                    It would be fine showing the OC process and BIOS values. Just show the benchmark results is not your style...

                    • paul maydaynight
                      paul maydaynight  4 days back

                      get a few cheap Peltier devices and make and test for fun (and real life diy results) a few tiny super slim low power pwm controlled cpu/gpu/power regulator reuseable coolers see
                      Tech Ingredients,Published on May 23, 2019

                      • Paul Mohr
                        Paul Mohr  5 days back

                        Yep, its true the overclocking on the new 3000 series amd's isn't all that great. There just isn't that much headroom it seems. But is that a bad thing? What that tells me is they are running these things at the best performance they feel they can safely run them at right out of the box. They are not crippling them and underclocking them so they run cooler or so they can release an "overclocked" or "unlocked" version later and charge more money for it because its "special". Instead you buy your cpu for 200 to 400 dollars or so, plug it in and it runs about as good as it can. You don't have to spend a bunch of time tweaking and messing with it. As a general consumer I think this a great thing. You are actually getting what you are paying for.

                        It is sort of like buying a newer car. They spend a lot of time and money to make these things run the best they can. I mean we are getting 200 horsepower out of small 4 cylinder engines these days. And getting 30 plus miles to the gallon out of them. If you think throwing a 200 dollar cold air intake and a new muffler on it is going to make it go faster you are probably wrong. Chances are those new "performance" parts are not any better than what the engineers designed at the factory.

                        • Dirty Babes
                          Dirty Babes  5 days back

                          What RAM is that???

                          • michygeorg
                            michygeorg  6 days back

                            I instantly Liked when I saw your shirt

                            • SlavjanA
                              SlavjanA  6 days back

                              1.47V is normal.

                              The stock voltage parameters are, 1.325V max for all core workloads, and 1.47V max for single core workloads.

                              The stock memory and SoC voltages are not however.
                              Also, DOCP is Asus' term for XMP, and the SoC voltage is also for the IMC. Basically VCCIO and VCCSA on Intel, are VSoC on Zen.

                              • pendeltonthecook
                                pendeltonthecook  5 days back

                                Something or other is goofy about this series though. I recently purchased a 3600 and on the stock cooler it idles at 55-60c (it hops all over the place no matter if its ryzen balanced or windows balanced power plan) and hits 90 under a cinebench load and if i try to run two back to back I get thermal shutdown at 95. Ive reseated the cooler a few times, and despite the 60 idle, the cooler is not warm at all. So i dont know if there's an issue with the core to ihs transfer or IHS to heatsink, but something is goofy.

                            • Red Will
                              Red Will  6 days back

                              Hero. Just built a new rig with a 3800x and after boot was woundering why it was idle at 60c. Lowered the volts and benchmarked Hitman 2 and hit a peak of 55c under load.

                              • wazifa channel
                                wazifa channel  6 days back

                                He talks so much and shows nothing.and see benchmark results less details no good content

                                • veritaseverett
                                  veritaseverett  6 days back

                                  Just here for Jay's face. Thanks :)

                                  • Will Sutton
                                    Will Sutton  6 days back

                                    ok, you convinced me.....keep my current system and wait until all the bugs are ironed out, holdit...that would mean never so wait until most of the bugs are ironed out

                                    • BuzzingGoober
                                      BuzzingGoober  6 days back

                                      Should we never go above 3600 MHz on ram with any ryzen could then?

                                      • Timothy Gonzalez
                                        Timothy Gonzalez  6 days back

                                        Thanks J, I have the same board and felt like the setting were off but wasn't sure how to fine tune it or even what to look at!! No wonder my 3600x on idle was running so hot.

                                        • Ultra King
                                          Ultra King  6 days back

                                          I over locked my ram to 3500 from 3200 with 1.4v is it okay?

                                          • Hall James
                                            Hall James  7 days back

                                            also, use ryzen master

                                            • Safe Dave
                                              Safe Dave  7 days back

                                              yeah i know your facebook is dead messaged you over a year ago, gave in deleted the message

                                              • Mike Soda
                                                Mike Soda  7 days back

                                                I was really hoping Ryzen would hit 5ghz this time. People will still buy intel because it can't. Even if AMD at lower frequency is still faster.

                                                • ZEN Controller
                                                  ZEN Controller  7 days back

                                                  Really need that 7702 bios jay!!!! couldn't get a copy could I...

                                                  • vadim negru
                                                    vadim negru  7 days back

                                                    German motherboard? (5:00, memory voltage)

                                                    • Josh
                                                      Josh  1 weeks back

                                                      so maybe my Seasonic 650W I just got isn't enough for the 3900X?!

                                                      • Ace L
                                                        Ace L  1 weeks back

                                                        sick shirt

                                                        • Daniel Santelices
                                                          Daniel Santelices  1 weeks back

                                                          Hmm okay I was afraid I was the only one with ~40°c cpu on idle, this calms me a bit.

                                                          Will the voltage be changed with patches or something that has to be done manually?

                                                          • Tendai Dongo
                                                            Tendai Dongo  1 weeks back

                                                            Sorry gotta switch not exiting enough

                                                            • Peter
                                                              Peter  1 weeks back

                                                              I wonder if leaving things on auto OC and trying to decrease voltage a little would net in an actual higher boost

                                                              secondly, what the difference between 3600 CL16 and 3600 CL14 with as tight timings as possible are

                                                              And lastly, if Water chillers have an actual use now, with Ryzen 3000 doing higher clocks with every few degrees less :-)

                                                              Btw, no individual core OC (or rather individual CCX), like you could do, in theory, with Intel?

                                                              • Elkaasje
                                                                Elkaasje  1 weeks back

                                                                Jay, disable LN2 mode next time before you accuse Asus of borking your voltages.

                                                                • Sebastian Mustermann
                                                                  Sebastian Mustermann  1 weeks back

                                                                  I wonder if the reading from Ryzen Master and HWiNFO show the same odd voltages or if it is a false reading at all and changing the voltages did anything OR nothing.

                                                                  • Four Lights
                                                                    Four Lights  1 weeks back

                                                                    Jay, that's an amazing shirt! Where did you get it?

                                                                    • Beekeeper games
                                                                      Beekeeper games  1 weeks back

                                                                      I can run 4.4ghz on my 3900x but i need to use 1.425v and even then its not stable when i run cinebench. So i got my 3900x to 4.3 at 1.35v

                                                                      • Ariel Velasquez
                                                                        Ariel Velasquez  1 weeks back

                                                                        Picard/Riker '20?...

                                                                        • SpicyBacon
                                                                          SpicyBacon  1 weeks back

                                                                          Has an nzxt cooler add.
                                                                          Proceeds to use.a corsair cooler

                                                                          • conspirecy theorist
                                                                            conspirecy theorist  1 weeks back

                                                                            Amd dosent need to refine this 7nm process as the next cpus will be using euv and that in itself means 15% better power efficiency or 10% more performance as well as 20% increase to transistor density.

                                                                            • Blaž Bohinc
                                                                              Blaž Bohinc  1 weeks back

                                                                              Too bad I'm not upgrading anytime soon, my 2016 rig is still holding up.. I think that next year tho.. next year is my year

                                                                              • Mailynn Brant
                                                                                Mailynn Brant  1 weeks back

                                                                                I would like to see a benchmark for Ark. the game is brutal on systems

                                                                                • IDVert3X
                                                                                  IDVert3X  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Yeah but that's because it's horribly optimised. My RX470 can barely run it at [email protected] settings and [email protected] which looks worse than San Andreas, Mafia and other almost 20 yo games.

                                                                              • Zrogdule
                                                                                Zrogdule  1 weeks back

                                                                                awesome shirt :)

                                                                                • Arc
                                                                                  Arc  1 weeks back

                                                                                  So let me get this straith. If I dont want to play with memory/cpu manual overclocking for now, and want to use the pc in stock, all i need to do is set my memory to infinite fabric 1:1 ratio?
                                                                                  so lets say I have 3200Mhz memory and the infnite fabric is set to Auto or value such as 1200, 1500
                                                                                  all I need to do is set XMP and infinite fabric 1:1 with my memory so 3200Mhz=>means 1600

                                                                                  • ReLoadXxXxX
                                                                                    ReLoadXxXxX  1 weeks back

                                                                                    It's actually better to get the fabric clock as high as possible. But it usually caps out around 1800 unless you're really lucky. Robert from AMD confirmed on Reddit

                                                                                • Scott Birkinshaw
                                                                                  Scott Birkinshaw  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Epic shirt is EPIC! ENGAGE!

                                                                                  • SuperCookieGaming
                                                                                    SuperCookieGaming  1 weeks back

                                                                                    i think i am going to get 3600. My htpc already has an Captain 360.

                                                                                    • tharhino
                                                                                      tharhino  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Waiting for nzxt to update they’re hot garbage of an application (cam) so I can actually adjust my pump and fan settings on my aio. Says my 3900x is at 50 degrees while running prime95. Ryzen master is at 85... 😕

                                                                                      • christian decker
                                                                                        christian decker  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Try this please i wanna know if it could cool thread ripper.

                                                                                        • Cass Toyne
                                                                                          Cass Toyne  1 weeks back

                                                                                          I don't think you have something quite right Jay, i've built a 3900x rig this weekend, with AIO but put on industry spec Noctua fans to keep the temps of the CPU down - Im hitting OVER 4600Mhz max boost or over 4500Mhz constantly on multiple cores (4-6) at factory with no overclocking . i cant see any of your temps so I cant judge if potentially our 3900x is limiting boost due to the temperatures getting high due to the factory AIO. I also don't know when your saying "your not going to see 4.6.." if you mean on average or max. Would be nice to see more of what your doing, your core clocks, temperatures and less face-time blabbering on - no offense.

                                                                                        • YouBlaydLunner HeSayYouBlaydLunner

                                                                                          Hey now days you don't have to "OC" the hardware does it better than tech shill 🤳🏻 channels, sorry but next year we're going to put you out to pasture.

                                                                                          OC is for your grand papa and your old security hole ridden Intel CPU's.