UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.02.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name  2 weeks back

    How do you spend 2 hours talking about LeBitch and the Cowboys?

    • Monty Hibdon
      Monty Hibdon  2 weeks back

      Jenny's laugh is so cute

      • aggro haze420
        aggro haze420  2 weeks back

        Shannon sharp is a racist yo hates on ben like no other! Watch my man get mvp tho big ben will shine reguardless

        • Jay King
          Jay King  2 weeks back

          Skip wants to throw LeBron so bad he use his own Cowboys against them and refer to him as his Cowboys

        • Norwall
          Norwall  2 weeks back

          Great content.

          • rugga34
            rugga34  2 weeks back

            Shannon I caught that ether reference at 1:53:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥

            • William Sanchez
              William Sanchez  3 weeks back

              Bro Shannon is so quick to side with Lebron bc he on his nuts so hard (pause) that he didn’t even let griff explain his comments, I knew them comments were gonna be out of context bc him and griff are friends and why would he just blast him out of nowhere didn’t make sense. Wouldn’t be the first time media has put stories out that haven’t been in complete context

              • Bruce Sandstrom
                Bruce Sandstrom  3 weeks back

                Skip Bayless logic says calling out your teammates in the media is far more damning than ASSUALTING your teammates.

                • John
                  John  2 weeks back

                  Bruce Sandstrom
                  At least Michael went about things like a man and handled business face to face. Lebron wants to act like a female and constantly dry snitch on his teammates and point blame

                • Altitude Magic
                  Altitude Magic  2 weeks back

                  We didnt know mj assaulted kerr till after to winning was over.
                  Calling out your teammate in the media disrupts the team even before the winning begins.

                  Give me a guy that will say it to my face and ounch me before he talks behind my back.

              • Jerry Kwerve
                Jerry Kwerve  3 weeks back

                Everyday is Lebron and Dak/Cowboys

                • Heraclitean
                  Heraclitean  3 weeks back

                  When is Skip going to get through his thick skull that KD's titles are cheapened by the fact he won them alongside the western conference all-star team. Could KD have dragged the 2018 Cavs to the finals like Lebron did? Please. Lebron is still king until proven otherwise.

                  • Heraclitean
                    Heraclitean  2 weeks back

                    @BULLY VABLE Who did GS play that year? How much of a cake walk was that? Facilitated by the injury gods too. Kawhi, out. Pelicans? Please. Houston was the only obstacle and Chris Paul got injured at the perfect time. Lebron had virtually no help. KD had all the help in the world. Winning a title like that is just not that impressive.

                  • BULLY VABLE
                    BULLY VABLE  3 weeks back

                    Drag to the finals? Who did the Cavs play in playoffs that was any threat at all. The Raptors? C'mon dawg.

                    Kawhi made finals with zero stars even with an MVP in the conference and the 76ers.

                    Does that not prove the point? East had no competition.

                • P. Menjivar
                  P. Menjivar  3 weeks back

                  Skip is on a new level of ignorance everyday SMH

                  • Asaad 131313
                    Asaad 131313  2 weeks back

                    P. Menjivar yes he is he hates hearing the truth

                • Giffond Hall
                  Giffond Hall  3 weeks back

                  shannon just mad because skipp is telling the truth about lebron 😁

                  • quentin corpening
                    quentin corpening  3 weeks back

                    Anytime yall have rob on the show your ratings goes down 80%

                    • quentin corpening
                      quentin corpening  2 weeks back

                      @Altitude Magic and you spelled lederick wrong homie

                    • quentin corpening
                      quentin corpening  2 weeks back

                      @Altitude Magic ok so you named one homie let me know when u find something else

                    • Altitude Magic
                      Altitude Magic  2 weeks back

                      Haha ledick riders hate rob.
                      Last i checked he is the ONLY one to predict lebum getting swept for the second time.

                    • quentin corpening
                      quentin corpening  2 weeks back

                      @Jerry Kwerve what facts rob spits he is wrong ever time he opens his mouth go back and check the tape ✌✌

                    • Jerry Kwerve
                      Jerry Kwerve  2 weeks back

                      Rob spits Facts

                  • Jason Stroupe
                    Jason Stroupe  3 weeks back

                    Shouldn't Dak be motivated in the first place😕

                    • Jason Stroupe
                      Jason Stroupe  2 weeks back

                      @Daniel Ochoa'Quezada they r not gonna win the SB Dak is not good enough and Jason Garrett is still their coach on top of all that Zeke might not play and their the COWBOYS tell find a way to f it up

                    • Daniel Ochoa'Quezada
                      Daniel Ochoa'Quezada  3 weeks back

                      You would think that all the Boys should be this is their best chance to win the SB this yr and into 2021 if they dont win on by then........well they will probably have to wait for next ZEKE WHITTEN COOPER and they will have to go after sunshine for Clemson they could win then but whom ever get that kid will be an automatic wild card team

                    • Giffond Hall
                      Giffond Hall  3 weeks back

                      he already is

                  • Austin Gilbert
                    Austin Gilbert  3 weeks back

                    Man Rob Parker and Chris Broussard need to sit down and shut the f**k up.
                    However, Rob is right about Lebron.
                    He does not play with young players.
                    I wouldn't be surprised if the Lakers trade Kyle Kuzma at trade deadline, the Lakers final piece.

                  • Zack Sticken
                    Zack Sticken  3 weeks back

                    Gotta love that skip says calls Shannon “king of the haters”

                    • Marco Olvera
                      Marco Olvera  3 weeks back

                      Skip needs to stop bringing up the two eagles games! The eagles were badly hurt on almost every defensive position! You give Floyd a hard time for bragging about beating a one armed manny! Well you beat a one wing eagles team!

                      • Daniel Ochoa'Quezada
                        Daniel Ochoa'Quezada  3 weeks back

                        Skip will try to win a debate by any means but those eagle wins still count.....i mean they are Professionals at what they do right it doesn't matter whos in the line up they only have one job and thats to WIN period!

                      • DANIEL ALEXANDER
                        DANIEL ALEXANDER  3 weeks back


                    • Sedulous Tiger0
                      Sedulous Tiger0  3 weeks back

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