the tea on summer, hannah, and vereena (don’t get offended)

  • Published: 11 August 2019
  • summer mckeen αnd hαnnαh meloche mαke fun of vαreenα αnd some fαn edits

    summer cαlls dαrker mαkeup “blαck womαn mαkeup” αs if thαt’s α thing...

    summer uses α stereotypical blαccent αs “humor”

    hαnnαh αnd summer mαke fun of ANOTHER fαn edit

    summer juuls yet tαlks αbout how bαd juuling is for you (i meαn it is tho)

    zoe lαverne αnd αlex guzmαn chimed in

    streαm normαni


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  • Marisaprincess47
    Marisaprincess47  1 weeks back

    Uhhhh no pointing out that they make content for white girls is 100% not equivalent or comparable to the negative stereotypes Summer continues to ignorantly perpetuate; this is hardly an example of reverse racism and people don’t seem to understand that racism exists in an institutional level and pointing out that their content is relatable to white girls does NOT disadvantage in the ways colored people are institutionally

    • xaniah
      xaniah   2 days back

      jeanne pea I DONT EVER SAY THIS BUT PERIODDDD omg you touched every subject perfectly wow if only we had more people like you 😭💛 i wish i could retweet this

    • jeanne pea
      jeanne pea  2 days back

      These conversations are what these white teenagers need to be hearing and be involved in. With these type of platforms the fact that racism like this is still an issue...that is a huge problem. People also arguing that reverse racism is even a thing is ridiculous. You cannot be racist towards white people..prejudice? Sure. Racist? No. We are the majority race. We are born with privelege. I wish people would use their platforms just to even remotely touch on inclusivity. It blows my mind that this is still an issue and not being worked on. White people have alot of making up to do, and raising your kids to be better than this is a good place to start!

      Also, anyone speaking over POC and trying to tell them what they should and shouldn't be offended by or what they do and don't deem as racist is oppressive in itself. It should be a good thing to be "woke" but instead all we see are these teenage white girls just causing more diversity. Then when they apologize there is an excuse, which shows they actually give zero shit about POC and inclusivity. These girls should be cancelled. I dont like cancel culture, but when it comes to racism people really need to be taught hard lessons!

    • xaniah
      xaniah   3 days back

      Jumaiza but did she lie?

  • Joselyn Tejeda
    Joselyn Tejeda  5 hours back

    Verenna seems very humble ❤❤

    • BabyLove
      BabyLove  5 hours back

      This is exactly why I would never be able to hang out with preppy white girls. I was once that one Latina amongst preppy white girls and it was the most uncomfortable experience ever. None of them could act their true selves, they thought they were perfect and literally were experts at making me feel left out. Never again, the most bland people you will be around. This is triggering me lol I can’t help but think about my middle school experience with these types of girls.

      • BabyLove
        BabyLove  5 hours back

        She doesn’t like her because she’s not white, period...end of story. ✌🏼

        • AshleyR
          AshleyR  6 hours back

          Wait but I’m confused why this is a big deal for Hannah she’s just in one video

          • catherine dewey
            catherine dewey  7 hours back

            i understand everything you're saying but just be careful using such harsh words such as saying they have no talents and basically are worthless because it's extremely negative and harmful to one's self esteem. otherwise, i respect everything you said about the situation

            • Eryn Shipley
              Eryn Shipley  7 hours back

              ok, the video of her doing the voice, i totally underestand. me and my sister talk and joke around in funny weird voices all the time, because its fun. i'd also like to point out Summer never said she was impersonating another race, ya'll took that upon yourselves to assume she was. but that still doesnt justify her making fun of edits and juuling and "black woman makeup"

              • Domonique Fisher
                Domonique Fisher  11 hours back

                The fact that i dont know who Summer or Hannah is says ALOT......

                • Lizzy Borden
                  Lizzy Borden  15 hours back

                  People are obsessed with maintaining this shallow fame they acquired. Willing to degrade and disrespect anyone for attention. I’d be ashamed of these girls if they were my daughters. I’d wonder how I’d failed as a parent if I had raised two such low class individuals.

                  • richard green iii
                    richard green iii  20 hours back

                    Okay yasss the Normani promotion

                    • Calista Dekas
                      Calista Dekas  1 days back

                      the girl who made this lowk got me triggered bc like y would u make a video like this if you don’t even really know much about the girls or watch them. no hate tho bc like this was interesting and i enjoyed it. just mainly the fact that some of her opinions were odd but like idk wot i’m saying st this point ahah

                      • Soph
                        Soph  1 days back

                        tbh i'm really disappointed that they did that i just like reallyyy got in to hannahs channel and she seemed so sweet and i have watched summer every now and then for years and just to see how ruse they are makes me sad

                        • Selika Ibarra
                          Selika Ibarra  1 days back

                          Ew, dont make stupid people famous

                          • Grace Danny
                            Grace Danny  1 days back

                            Yeah she could said something different but they were in a stupid mood and yeah ik she shouldn’t of said that and it was pretty bad and she didn’t even mean it. Also even tho it wasn’t funny to u it’s called an inside joke so obviously they would find it funny. The thing about the edit was pretty mean and she shouldn’t of made fun of it but there’s probably a explanation for it. This is not a hate comment I’m just trynna show she’s not a horrible person :)

                            • xaniah
                              xaniah   20 hours back

                              she liked a racist tweet towards black people in 2017. she is racist. how can you defend that. also, stereotypical accents are not an inside joke ESPECIALLY when it’s white people doing it.

                          • Redhead 21
                            Redhead 21  1 days back

                            Black people make everything about race. Wtf are you talking about. The narrator is racist. She sounded like cardi b. Why can’t she do that accent?

                            • ayxn
                              ayxn  9 hours back

                              ''Black people make eveything about race'', because white people like her (and probably you too) keep being racist! Of course you would defend her. So now, how are you gonna defend the racist tweets that Summer liked?

                          • Hope Johnson
                            Hope Johnson  2 days back

                            and this is why I’m still subscribed to vereena

                            • Chelsea Ramjattan
                              Chelsea Ramjattan  2 days back

                              Racism is racism there’s no reverse racism

                            • beartotat _
                              beartotat _  2 days back

                              summer is on crack


                              that's the explanation

                              • Ahri Fatima
                                Ahri Fatima  2 days back

                                Bro. The circus music 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                Btw: Sub to my channel guys!! 🥰

                                • Skinandcurls 2.0
                                  Skinandcurls 2.0  2 days back

                                  “It’s just funny” is that her excuse for everything? She’s super racist. Making fun of any culture in any way is racist. Using African American stereotypes and calling it her ultra ego is racist. Saying that’s “black people makeup” is racist. So everyone say this with me at the same time SUMMER and her friends Are super RACIST!

                                  • Maria Bohor
                                    Maria Bohor  3 days back


                                    • Stacey Sabot
                                      Stacey Sabot  3 days back

                                      Wait a sec... she said a friend got the juul for her on her birthday... then says she doesn’t own a juul. I will never understand teenager logic. SMH. 😂

                                      • willow perryman
                                        willow perryman  3 days back

                                        u went off for the edits huh? living for it

                                        • Lena Drest
                                          Lena Drest  3 days back

                                          wtf? i really dislike summer, but when the fuck did she say her influence is just for WHITE teenage GIRLS?

                                          • Emily Verstraelen
                                            Emily Verstraelen  3 days back

                                            y'all american's are so easily offended jeez stfu

                                            • idk no
                                              idk no  3 days back

                                              who tf r these people

                                              • Makayla Danielle
                                                Makayla Danielle  3 days back

                                                seems like her apologies are half assed and she keeps doing the things that she's apologizing for over and over

                                                • Txmoe Thompson
                                                  Txmoe Thompson  3 days back

                                                  Didnt know who these 2 were until IndiaBatsons video...

                                                  • kass m
                                                    kass m  3 days back

                                                    white bitches and their privilege

                                                    • Kate Haltom
                                                      Kate Haltom  3 days back

                                                      no hate, but how did they offend vereena? i don’t know how she’s involved can someone explain please?

                                                      • A U
                                                        A U  2 days back

                                                        Summer said why the fuck is vereena in this when she was watching a fan edit (0:07)

                                                    • Alexia Espinoza
                                                      Alexia Espinoza  3 days back

                                                      OMGG now u cant be funny with ur friends and do accent cuz its raist

                                                      • Alexia Espinoza
                                                        Alexia Espinoza  3 days back

                                                        ill tell u why shes famousss bc she apologize for her mistake also last time i check ur the one getting view for other ppl failure soo did u love to hear that mauhhh bihha

                                                        • Brynlee Paluso
                                                          Brynlee Paluso  3 days back

                                                          i’ve always loved summer but this breaks my heart. i bought her lipstick proudly and looked up to her and i’m shocked. this just shows who they are. i’m so sad...

                                                          • taylor maldonado
                                                            taylor maldonado  4 days back

                                                            it’s weird how her friend got her a pod even though she didn’t have a juul👀

                                                            • Vicki Stowe
                                                              Vicki Stowe  4 days back

                                                              I can see why Emma stop hanging with them they was jealous of Emma Summer is fake never liked her So is Hannah

                                                              • Sierra Warnick
                                                                Sierra Warnick  4 days back

                                                                “all she does is make videos for white teenage girls” ...... how is that not racist against white girls? you’re being just as rude and she was and at least she’s apologizing for it.

                                                                • catherine dewey
                                                                  catherine dewey  7 hours back

                                                                  @ayxn i think what she is referring to is the fact that "videos for white teenage girls" is stereotyping. i'm just trying to explain that it is a sensitive situation to stereotype a whole race into liking a certain youtuber etc., and it is also not completely fair to conclude that she only makes videos for women of a certain race.

                                                                • ayxn
                                                                  ayxn  9 hours back

                                                                  That's her demographic. That's a fact, it's not racist. Thats like saying ''she makes videos for girls' means you're sexist. You people are ridiculous.. Grow up and stop defending shitty people who do not give a damn about you.

                                                              • Rozi's Here
                                                                Rozi's Here  4 days back

                                                                Is it just me or is it not a big deal?
                                                                All she said was "y the fuck is vereena in it" she was just confused since they don't know her that well, ppl r getting butthurt overnothing these days, I get it that it was a lil rude but it wasn't that big of a deal to me.

                                                                • Macco Dewdney
                                                                  Macco Dewdney  4 days back


                                                                  • nat nat
                                                                    nat nat  4 days back

                                                                    as a black and asian girl , , , they honestly so ignorant. idk if they are racist but that joke was. i never liked them and never will tbh :/

                                                                    • xaniah
                                                                      xaniah   3 days back

                                                                      girl summer liked a racist tweet towards black people🗿 shes racist in my book

                                                                  • gina travis
                                                                    gina travis  4 days back

                                                                    ok ya i’m not saying that anything she did is like,,, ya know ok or anything like she was a whole ass racist bitch but i rlly don’t get the whole big deal w her vaping. i mean ya her saying ‘vApInG bAdS’ then vaping is annoying but no one is coming for the middle schoolers that do it in the bathroom in this way? i mean no what summer&hannah did, horrible i would never ever but the vaping thing i just do not get.

                                                                    • {Alexa }
                                                                      {Alexa }  4 days back

                                                                      Go off sis 👏🏽

                                                                      • Juhnayz Dream
                                                                        Juhnayz Dream  4 days back

                                                                        I have no idea what this is?

                                                                        • Isabella Petrillose
                                                                          Isabella Petrillose  4 days back


                                                                          • Essieee
                                                                            Essieee  4 days back

                                                                            She rlly said im just a kid??? She's deadass 20. A whole ass adult that can't make a proper apology..... The stench🤮🤮🤧

                                                                            • ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐɹʇɔǝןǝ

                                                                              ....never was subbed to her but am subbed to her rn and I keep trying to unsub but it won't let me.....hmm

                                                                              • Britney Frances
                                                                                Britney Frances  5 days back

                                                                                I genuinely understand Summer’s POV w the first vid but the black woman powder?? That’s fucked :/

                                                                                • Ella Colling
                                                                                  Ella Colling  5 days back

                                                                                  they really are just untalented mean girls who have platforms bc they’re skinny, white and pretty- and use those platforms to do absolutely fuck all except drink coffee and shout in cars.

                                                                                  • Annika A
                                                                                    Annika A  5 days back

                                                                                    theyre so racist :/