Andy Ngo Explains Why Antifa Doesn't Get Arrested in Portland | Joe Rogan


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  • Brent Woods
    Brent Woods  2 hours back

    antifa cant be arrested because antifa are not one homogeneous thing. For example if the government wants to higher the taxes and you protest it you are protesting what you consider a fascist policy. This would make you antifascist. (antifa is short for anti-fascism)

    • drstrangelove09
      drstrangelove09  3 hours back

      Why so negative? (The thumbs down count is way too high!)

      • Bombs Away LeMay
        Bombs Away LeMay  3 hours back

        American flag waving is now "right-wing", something is wrong with this

        • jaazielbuko
          jaazielbuko  6 hours back

          Its great to see left ppl blame ngo for this.... fck. Victim-blaming at its finest

          • Mr Wonderful
            Mr Wonderful  6 hours back

            There has to be violence and destruction in Portland against antifa, it’s time to for a militant group bigger and more destructive then then them, they bring milk shakes, we brings guns.

            • Kay-Cee Gray
              Kay-Cee Gray  7 hours back

              Andy needs to sue the shit out of The City of Portland, the police department, the county, the state of Oregon and the mayor/commissioner. “To protect and serve.”

              • tonedef221
                tonedef221  7 hours back

                I think platforming scumbags like this is exactly why they go out to instigate antifa or other groups on the left. The idiot cried to the police a few times over a milkshake landing on him. He was out there to get exposure for personal gain. People like him are disgusting and should be weeded out instantly. But people fall for it so it will continue.

                • jj smither
                  jj smither  7 hours back

                  Proof that cops are totally useless. You need your own defense. Cops do what the're told. The cops of old - the ones I knew as a kid - who fight for truth and justice like Superman are gone. Cops do what their masters tell them to. If their masters are Bolsheviks, they'll throw your ass into a gulag for hate speech and do nothings while you're beaten senseless by pink-haired kwears. They don't care.

                  • Johnny Wheels
                    Johnny Wheels  3 hours back

                    Cops are Order Followers, so they'll do whatever immoral and unconstitutional commands that are barked from their corrupt superiors! Order followers (law enforcement and military) commit all the atrocities throughout history!

                • TheBryanArnold
                  TheBryanArnold  8 hours back

                  Antifa members should be hung. End of story.

                  • vortexx killaxx
                    vortexx killaxx  9 hours back

                    Australian here, the fact he got a fucking brain haemorrhage should be enough to put those coward punks in jail. They think they are ''cool'' when really they are fucking assholes, fuck Antifa, they are the fascists and are a real problem, i'm glad American citizens have the right to protect themselves because here in Australia if you defended yourself you would be the one jailed

                    • Johnny Wheels
                      Johnny Wheels  3 hours back

                      Not true! If you defend yourself in America, you get arrested too!

                  • TheyCallMeSalty
                    TheyCallMeSalty  10 hours back

                    1.3k hoes mad

                    • The Rockazoid
                      The Rockazoid  10 hours back

                      Really? You guys are ridiculous. Antifa is your boogey man.

                      • that_G_EvanP
                        that_G_EvanP  10 hours back

                        I feel for this guy but if he had brain hemorrhaging then I'm Count Chocula.

                        • bill notice
                          bill notice  10 hours back

                          Could you imagine if a Hillary supporter who of been beaten this badly by TRUMP people in masks the media would of gone orgasmic and ruthlessly pursued any person in MASKS for Justice!!!!

                          • Rage TheFire
                            Rage TheFire  10 hours back

                            Antifa needs to perish

                            • Jack Mahoney
                              Jack Mahoney  11 hours back

                              I thought Antifa was recognized as a domestic terrorist group by the US government.

                              • Johnny Wheels
                                Johnny Wheels  3 hours back

                                No. It's actually sovereign citizens, patriots and constitutionalists that are labeled terrorists by DHS. Dept. of Homeland Schutzstaffel.

                            • Blkstang82
                              Blkstang82  11 hours back

                              this is third time i'm posting this. why is this comment being deleted? It's not even that bad. The censorship is real.

                              "Imagine a world where it's a provocative act to wave the american flag , and admissible to beat someone nearly to death in full view of the cops with no consequence as long as you are a leftist sheep. This is the world we live in now thanks to the regressive left."

                              • Frandaman84
                                Frandaman84  13 hours back

                                Hes a reporter that doesnt call the group hes talking about, their name..?

                                • FR34K0
                                  FR34K0  13 hours back

                                  Eventually one or more of then,are gunna get shot and killed for assaulting the wrong person and they are going to play the victim. And I'm just Gunna laugh.

                                  • Brian May
                                    Brian May  14 hours back

                                    antifuck should be considered the enemy of the state and should be treat equally as Hamas, ISIS, and other international terrorist groups in the world.

                                    • Shotgunsam 23
                                      Shotgunsam 23  15 hours back

                                      Joe is so liberal these days.

                                      • Peter Ellef
                                        Peter Ellef  16 hours back

                                        VERY, VERY SAD!!!

                                        • Damien Emerson
                                          Damien Emerson  16 hours back

                                          You dont see this garbage happening in Republican states. The demonrats (democrats) are supporting antifa and allowing this crap to happen. If they tried this in in SC it would be the last time. We are proud of our military, are pround to be American, and really proud of our constitutional right to bear arms and are more than willing to defend our community and ourselves from Fascist domestic terrorist. My message to everyone against antifa. Get a CWP and buy a glock. When you are attacked by these lynch mobs open fire. The problem is the have no repercussions for their actions. And if the state or government wont step in to fix the problem then it falls on us to defend ourselves and everyone else in our communities. What most dont understand is our military and government make us a strong country but what makes us the strongest world power is that when you fight America you dont just have to fight our troops you have to fight every American in our great nation. #RedBlooded #Fuck'em to Death

                                          • Aj Ward
                                            Aj Ward  17 hours back

                                            This is going to sound corny, but I genuinely want to know: why can't we just love each other?

                                            • Johnny Wheels
                                              Johnny Wheels  3 hours back

                                              Because its Good vs. Evil in a free will zone. That's why!

                                          • George van der Westhuizen

                                            Joe:"From getting hit on the head you got a brain haemorrhage?' Who would've thunk?

                                            • Brian
                                              Brian  17 hours back

                                              Anyone disliking this is a terrified ANTIFA member who wouldn't step foot on a protest without other ANTIFA. Weak ass cowards.

                                              • brandon gengler
                                                brandon gengler  17 hours back

                                                Bring that shit to Kansas where we have conceal and open carry to defend ourselves

                                              • el_juano
                                                el_juano  17 hours back

                                                Irony: a group which believes they are against facism using the exact! same! tactics famously, or rather, infamously employed by the jackboot brown shirts of pre-Nazi rule Germany.

                                                • Chris Gentry
                                                  Chris Gentry  17 hours back

                                                  Im just curious what if any are the concealed weapons carry laws in Portland?

                                                  • DarkNSF
                                                    DarkNSF  18 hours back

                                                    why is Joe surprised that being hit in the head caused a brain hemorrhage

                                                    • Jeff Price
                                                      Jeff Price  19 hours back

                                                      If you study Germany's decent in national socialism, it started with the state ceding control of the streets to factions engaged in street battles...

                                                      • Valar Morghulis
                                                        Valar Morghulis  20 hours back

                                                        Portland is a complete shithole. If you’re on the far left, you should do yourself a favor and get away from that echo chamber of losers

                                                        • Michael Spellmam
                                                          Michael Spellmam  20 hours back

                                                          A bullet works for these people! Bet police would intervene then wouldn’t they! Try that with me and you will find out!

                                                          • ElFederal01
                                                            ElFederal01  21 hours back

                                                            It would be the mayor the city manager the city elected Comissioners and the police commissioner who would be in control.

                                                            • Rob Hupfeld
                                                              Rob Hupfeld  23 hours back

                                                              I watched enough old time westerns to no the baddies always covered their faces!!! Whats wrong with you Yanks??? Show your face or F... OFF!!!

                                                              • Poppa Jacks
                                                                Poppa Jacks  1 days back

                                                                Ted Wheeler needs to lose his job and be put in prison this idiot doesn't run the city Antifa does.

                                                                • K W
                                                                  K W  1 days back

                                                                  Joe’s minimalist attitude with a way to stay neutral makes me uneasy. I think he’s taking the money and running. can’t say I blame him, id prolly take the millions too. But it still sucks.

                                                                  • Anton Jurun
                                                                    Anton Jurun  1 days back

                                                                    In VA it's illegal (class 6 felony) to wear a mask in public for the purpose of hiding your identity if you are over 16.

                                                                    • Elizabeth Vandecoevering

                                                                      Antifa is making Portland, Oregon unsafe for any true American living within the city due to that the terrorist group Antifa are backed by a corrupt Democrat Mayor and his allies, so it is time for Portlanders to start working together on taking their city back from Antifa and from the corrupt Democrats and their allies.
                                                                      To all true Americans living in Oregon, we must take our state back from the corrupt Democrats and their allies, and from Antifa before our homestate farther becomes just like California where true Americans living within the fallen state no longer have any freedoms or rights, no longer have a safe place to live in, are being forced into becoming very poor or homeless, and are being force to flee California.
                                                                      It saddens me that some friends of my family had moved to California many years ago not knowing that California will become unlivable for any true American living within the state and Oregon is slowly becoming just like California if we true Americans living within Oregon keep on allowing the corrupt Democrats and their allies, and Antifa have more power and their way with our homestate and turn Oregon into another hellhole much like California has become.

                                                                      • Sam Klug
                                                                        Sam Klug  1 days back

                                                                        Antifa claims to be "Anti-Fascist" but ironically they're the biggest fascists around.

                                                                        • Johnny Wheels
                                                                          Johnny Wheels  3 hours back

                                                                          They're anti-Fascist, but pro-Communist who behave like both! Bought and paid for thugs of the Democrat Socialist/Communist Party 🇨🇳

                                                                      • Liam Bishop
                                                                        Liam Bishop  1 days back

                                                                        Welcome to the red pill. I'm sorry yours was brutal.

                                                                        • Kawiman96
                                                                          Kawiman96  1 days back

                                                                          they dont get arrested because that was never an option.. the government is behind all of this.

                                                                          • Steve Rakes
                                                                            Steve Rakes  1 days back

                                                                            Here's a fun fact: The Portland chief of police also happens to be the Portland mayor. No conflict of interest there. LOL

                                                                            • Willeh aka bloody legend

                                                                              for an antifascist group they are acting very fascist.

                                                                              • A Dude
                                                                                A Dude  1 days back

                                                                                I have been saying and tweeting this at you Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro for a long time now. These people have been weaponized. This is how socialists and communist movement succeed we bind our selves to ideals that will not allow us to successfully defeat them.

                                                                                • Chris Rackley
                                                                                  Chris Rackley  1 days back

                                                                                  he talks so slow, poor guy, I'm sure people can tell he has brain damage

                                                                                  • Epok97
                                                                                    Epok97  1 days back

                                                                                    Isn’t Portland the same place that just releases meth heads like a day after being arrested?

                                                                                    • agochoa
                                                                                      agochoa  1 days back

                                                                                      “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.........”

                                                                                      -US military Oath of enlistment

                                                                                      Antifa sounds like the “domestic” part to me. Time to shut them down.