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  • extra solar
    extra solar  5 days back

    whats next for gruden ? after unnecessarily salvaging away half the talent, or sabotaging, he might go for the old biden cloud nine no reading no visibility no problem approach again, and figure the game will catch up to him sooner or later. hes got a while on the contract probably.

    • the W2W RE-View
      the W2W RE-View  1 weeks back

      Conspiracy theory here.

      • Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer

        Im starting to believe in black privilege

        • Magic Estrada
          Magic Estrada  2 weeks back

          PFT the number one raider hater YouTube to ever exist

          • Brian Keating
            Brian Keating  2 weeks back

            So is Mike Florio come out now and say he was wrong?

            • Hans Jörg S.
              Hans Jörg S.  2 weeks back

              Wow the worst PFT OT Ever

              • WelSpent
                WelSpent  2 weeks back

                mike needs to learn how to shut up and not repeat the same point 4 times over and over and allow chris simms to speak because he is the one who actually knows what hes talking about..

                • Dr Shwazz
                  Dr Shwazz  2 weeks back

                  I hate to say this but I think Antonio Brown has CTE...ever since that Vontaze Burfict hit in 2017. Dude has been completely different since. I mean why leave a winning franchise where you’re a top 2 receiver and loved by everyone...

                  • Jeff Cavanaugh
                    Jeff Cavanaugh  1 weeks back

                    Richie Incognito wanting to decapitate his deceased father as a keepsake is signs of CTE. A guy leaving a comfortable situation for more money and more headlines is just an egotistical player lol.

                  • Jeff Cavanaugh
                    Jeff Cavanaugh  1 weeks back

                    Do you have CTE? Have you ever heard of a “Diva Receiver” ????

                  • Richard Stembridge
                    Richard Stembridge  2 weeks back

                    More money

                  • Shark in the woods
                    Shark in the woods  2 weeks back

                    @Zoomscoping loool

                  • Zoomscoping
                    Zoomscoping  2 weeks back

                    Loved by everyone... that's a stretch and a half.