Thermoelectric Cooling is a Bad Idea

  • Published: 11 August 2019
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    People keep emailing us saying “Hey Linus, you should look at Peltier Coolers!” – and I’ve finally given in, so here is a video about why it’s a bad idea.

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Comments • 3 349

  • Unidorsal Icosahedron
    Unidorsal Icosahedron  9 minutes back

    "Everything that is not status quo is a bad idea, case closed, and never try anything new ever again please"

    • Tyler Hinman
      Tyler Hinman  40 minutes back

      Why not call the series, Just Cool It..?

      • ok
        ok  2 hours back

        It's important to mention that peltier devices actually CREATE heat, overall, during the process of moving heat.

        • JMUDoc
          JMUDoc  3 hours back

          "Snip me... like my doctor did!"
          "OK - we need to rethink this... everyone's just shocked that -"

          How did he not finish this sentence with "you just made a VASECTOMY joke"?

          • Peng Win
            Peng Win  6 hours back

            Bad Cooling Idea! Can molten rock cool down our Nvidia GPU? Tune in to find out!

            • AimingAtYou
              AimingAtYou  6 hours back

              Love your vids, and know you need to make money, so this is more of an FYI than a criticism - but Vincero watches are really poorly made watches with a more than normal mark-up. Just as an FYI.

              • Knifefest Degroot
                Knifefest Degroot  8 hours back

                If you put one of those Peltier coolers in series with a normal radiator, would you be able to get a "turbo cool" effect by letting the coolant reach sub-ambient during times of low load so it's pre-chilled for short bursts of high heat output?

                • spooky1234561
                  spooky1234561  8 hours back

                  32 amps !!!!!!!! omg

                  • Derby Mods
                    Derby Mods  9 hours back

                    Those look like solid water bottles

                    • Brian
                      Brian  9 hours back

                      1:21 almost made me puke tbh

                      • Matthew Gregory
                        Matthew Gregory  9 hours back

                        Why not use the peltier along with the radiator.

                        • David Neorchik
                          David Neorchik  10 hours back

                          CPU heat to water worked fine, dissipating the heat from the water through the peltier heat pump worked until the air coolers couldn’t conduct away the heat fast enough. All that volume of water to store the heat in the radiator probably dropped the volume of heat storage below the test run time.

                          More water would cheat the test. Why didn’t those air coolers dissipate the heat fast enough on top of the peltier pumps?

                          • Drakkarott
                            Drakkarott  10 hours back

                            Linus. I had Peltier coolers on my amd k6-2 300 mhz. they worked just fine over clocked to 500 mhz. back in the 199*

                            • Gordon Freeman
                              Gordon Freeman  11 hours back

                              Don't call it "tec", think of L.E.D., is not a word but 3 letters.

                              • Chris Oduro
                                Chris Oduro  12 hours back

                                only, magic too is real.

                                • GGigabiteM
                                  GGigabiteM  12 hours back

                                  It's not pelitche it's peltIER.

                                  • Alpha Centuri
                                    Alpha Centuri  13 hours back

                                    "snip me like my doctor did" linus sebastion 2019. OwO

                                    • Syahazu Supian
                                      Syahazu Supian  14 hours back

                                      Linus. when u played with cooling, u need to take cooling capacity into account

                                      • Farida Yasmin
                                        Farida Yasmin  14 hours back

                                        Why is Alex so nervous

                                        • ruediix
                                          ruediix  15 hours back

                                          BTW, I have a bad cooling idea if you are game:
                                          Liquid helium forced expansion cooling!

                                          If it can cool the EMP generator in an MRI machine, imagine what it can do for a CPU!

                                          • jazzmickge1
                                            jazzmickge1  15 hours back

                                            I'd like to see you try this test. In cars which of course use liquid cooling, they apply an additive to the water. The coolant added to engines, not only stop the water from freezing but also make the water more efficient at heat conduction. Would adding a coolant additive to the water in a PC system help cooling?

                                            • ruediix
                                              ruediix  15 hours back

                                              "This is the coolest thing I've done all day."

                                              That is a geeky pun if I've ever heard it.

                                              • Totokuma
                                                Totokuma  18 hours back

                                                I need this windows xp/ltt team wallpaper

                                                • Hilmar Ehrig
                                                  Hilmar Ehrig  18 hours back

                                                  You guys should really check out the overkill version built by der8auer!

                                                  • Gilly The Ghillie
                                                    Gilly The Ghillie  18 hours back

                                                    *angry Thuderf00t noises*

                                                    • Анатолий Зиновьев

                                                      Fuck this. I'm thinking on The Peltier element cooling for the last 3 or 4 years, especially for laptops. and then I got on email -- linus tries to make water cooling with peltier. Really?

                                                      • Bob Bobucles
                                                        Bob Bobucles  19 hours back

                                                        What about a 2 stage liquid system? The first stage is a regular fan radiator that takes the CPUs hottest water. Maximum cooling for minimal effort. The second stage uses the peltier to chill the warm water down below ambient.

                                                        • plazasta
                                                          plazasta  19 hours back

                                                          6:27 OH MY GOD THEY ACTUALLY USED THAT WALLPAPER YES

                                                          • HorzaPanda
                                                            HorzaPanda  20 hours back

                                                            I used to work at a lab where we used Peltier coolers to chill the CCDs. We did get the condensation problem once, which resulted in some confusion looking at images till someone worked it out XD (they're supposed to be sealed units so water really shouldn't be able to get in there, but of course, it still happens sometimes :P)

                                                            • Scott Gartner
                                                              Scott Gartner  21 hours back

                                                              Stop telling people that a VPN gives them anonymous browsing. IT DOES NOT. Besides using a VPN you have to know what you are doing (and shouldn't do) to actually achieve anonymous browsing. Most people do now know enough to achieve anonymous browsing, and for these people a VPN isn't going to fix that problem.

                                                              • Zephyrian
                                                                Zephyrian  21 hours back

                                                                Omg just make a Hybrid Air and AIO i think that would be hella cool :O

                                                                • lord storm
                                                                  lord storm  21 hours back

                                                                  Thinking about switching my stock cooling with an external liquid cooling setup: 3x 140mm x 420mm radiators sandwitched with 9x 140mm NF-A14 industrialPPC 3000PWM 12v 0.55amp 6.6w totaling: 4.95amps 59.4watts seperately powered by 1x 12v 13amp power supply module from amazon. You like spending money in the way of computer science, do you think you could do a video upload of this how efficient it is?

                                                                  • Michael [APFX]
                                                                    Michael [APFX]  21 hours back

                                                                    That little waterblock is definitely a limiting factor in your aquarium cooler setup. Use something built for overclocking on the same setup, I can GUARANTEE it will be a lot colder.

                                                                    • Laurence Grey
                                                                      Laurence Grey  22 hours back

                                                                      Ugh Linus your new scripted videos are virtually unwatchable. You and Alex used to make fluid decent informative videos, now you're just reading from a script and it just seems so awkward and fake.

                                                                      • Icetanker
                                                                        Icetanker  23 hours back

                                                                        disliked because of vincero sponsorship, shit watches, shitty practices, and definitely shouldn't be promoted.

                                                                        • Henry Chelston
                                                                          Henry Chelston  23 hours back

                                                                          did you have the fan throughput in the right direction in this video? if the fan is faced the wrong way, it will work like crap...

                                                                          • Henry Chelston
                                                                            Henry Chelston  23 hours back

                                                                            I use the Phononic Hex 2.0, 2 things, one the unit works very well if you hook up the USB to it and use the app so you can turn it up and max it out, also I noticed that you must tighen the backplate to the adaptor as much as you can to get the best contact to the CPU, now ofcourse there are better coolers out there but for me having a mini ITX unit, it works rather well. I have the i9 9900k btw

                                                                            • systemmax2000
                                                                              systemmax2000  23 hours back

                                                                              Linus you have ruined me. At work whenever something with a computer works I just go, "Ayyyyyyyyyyeee!"

                                                                              • Gantradies _
                                                                                Gantradies _  23 hours back

                                                                                Heh. My eyebrows literally went right up-
                                                                                CPU waste heat significantly outpaced the upper effective limits of the peltier effect well over a decade ago XD

                                                                                • Demonseed Elite
                                                                                  Demonseed Elite  23 hours back

                                                                                  I ran an early TEC product in the mid-90's on an AMD-200mhz CPU. It had a neoprene gasket that fit around the edge of the die to prevent condensation. It didn't work much better than a heatsink and the CPU clips were garbage. My roommate who also had one fried his CPU because of those clips. We went to a LAN party and in the move, the over-tight clip snapped the plastic "clamp-point" on the socket causing the unit to fall off. He fired up his machine and shortly into a Warcraft 2 game, the chip was fried with no internal throttling in those days and no heatsink.

                                                                                  • Kartikeya Kaushik
                                                                                    Kartikeya Kaushik  24 hours back

                                                                                    Whoever edited this, Please turn off the music in the background for future videos

                                                                                    • HappyFeet
                                                                                      HappyFeet  24 hours back

                                                                                      What IF ... you split it in half? And by that I mean ... water cooling on the CPU, BUT you cool the water in the tank with a peltier module? Wouldn't that be more ... cooler? Feasible, I meant feasible.

                                                                                      • TheDarxide23
                                                                                        TheDarxide23  1 days back

                                                                                        If someone is selling a piece of tech that uses a Peltier device and claims some sort of woo-woo magic then run away because it's 1000% a scam. Kickstarter is littered with them and the likes of Thunderf00t and EEVBlog have debunked them at every turn, but they're like a zombie horde. You can knock a few down but a dozen more are right behind. Kickstarter and the other crowdfunding websites really need to reevaluate their policies because these things are scamming people left and right. While we're on the topic, next time you visit the polling booth to vote be sure to vote for someone who supports public education. If people weren't so uneducated then these kinds of things wouldn't be running rampant.

                                                                                        • SplashNormous
                                                                                          SplashNormous  1 days back

                                                                                          0:29 happiest high-five he got in his entire life

                                                                                          • HiddenHippo TTV
                                                                                            HiddenHippo TTV  1 days back

                                                                                            I'd love to find out how much it would be to get linus to say HiddenHippoTTV great utube channel, even though i have no vids up yet and no twitch channel, these crap screwdriver ad's etc surely cant be that expensive,, id add an extra $50,, i would upload some gamin footage also :-D Thought id try once more on a newer vid,, Linus message me, i'll pay well, can see u'll advertise almost anythin for right price :-)

                                                                                            • Boosted Media
                                                                                              Boosted Media  1 days back

                                                                                              LOL. I remember putting a peltier plate under my cooler back in the Althon XP days. It sucked then too.

                                                                                              • broader80
                                                                                                broader80  1 days back

                                                                                                I'm not sure, are we supposed to buy some of this stuff now or get some merch, like T-shirts or anything and should I join the LTT forum or not?

                                                                                                A really good video, but something's missing, maybe at the end, or so...

                                                                                                • Mark Reed
                                                                                                  Mark Reed  1 days back

                                                                                                  The mention of that "air cooler" made me wonder, could you build a pc that diverts some waste heat to a tank of water to make hot beverages for long winter nights of gaming?