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  • D Flatt
    D Flatt  6 days back

    Changing a pass interference to a 15 yard penalty as opposed to a spot foul is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. You are normally a sensible guy but you are way off base on this. This rule gets abused in college ALL THE TIME.

    • Wade Moore
      Wade Moore  1 weeks back

      Rodgers has an opinion, expressed it in his way, leave it to Florio to read as far into it as he can. Still, the comment reminds me of when the let go Alex Van Pelt and he commented "you'd think they'd want to let me know" it makes him look like a whiner.

      • Tjay D
        Tjay D  2 weeks back

        How did Florio get this show? What’s his backstory and qualifications

        • Wade Moore
          Wade Moore  1 weeks back

          He was a practicing lawyer for nearly twenty years I think. Prior to law school he costarted an NFL news mail service that became really popular and was bought by espn. He worked for ESPN for one day or something like that. Then he practiced law after a while got back in the nfl game, ran a popular blog that was bought by NBC. He lives in west virginia I don't think he has a journalism degree

      • Jordan Dixon Reed
        Jordan Dixon Reed  2 weeks back

        Such a Rodgers hater

        • Ryan Kothrade
          Ryan Kothrade  2 weeks back

          There are way too many assumptions here, this is all the media talks about.

          • phoolishbwoy
            phoolishbwoy  2 weeks back

            These shows are starting to be like the liberal media that instigates issues that aren’t there.

            • Vampahh
              Vampahh  2 weeks back

              On the topic of the PI replay, if 6/10 think it's PI and 4/10 think it's not I think it's fair to say no call. But if it's 9/10 vs 1/10 are you still gonna not call it?

              • Thundertrain
                Thundertrain  2 weeks back

                I cant watch Simms any longer. I am watching less which sucks as I like florio

                • Matthew Smith
                  Matthew Smith  2 weeks back

                  For everyone calling Rodgers overrated it's time to put an end to that NOW. Having a Superbowl Championship, Superbowl MVP, 2 League MVPs, 8 straight playoff appearances(2nd only to Brady, and Peyton in the last 20 years), 3 NFC championship game appearances, and the ALL TIME leader in TD/Int ratio, as well as QB rating is NOT overrated. No other QB then Brady has won 2 rings in the last 10 years. In the past 20 years only 4 guys have. Brady and Peyton, Big Ben, and Eli.

                  The fact that he's only won one ring doesn't make him overrated. We all know the other 2 guys on that list minus Brady/Peyton, are not better then Rodgers-( Big Ben, and Eli.) Maybe Brady and Peyton, but the point is winning multiple rings is hard, and it doesn't necessarily make you a better QB. Rodgers has the stats, records, playoff appearances with bad teams year after year, and the ring/Superbowl performance, to back up that he is in fact THAT DUDE. If your QB wasn't Brady or Peyton in the last 20 years, you're simply a hater. No one else has an argument over him in that span. But guess what? Peyton's career is finished, and Brady's will be sooner rather then later. Rodgers still has time to add to his legacy,and at worst he is the 3rd best QB of his generation, and top 5-6 all time BEFORE he even throws another pass.

                  The Packers were 4-1 before his collarbone injury in 2017. So basically if he was healthy, 9 out of 11 years he would have made the playoffs. The 2 outliers are his first year starting, and last year with a bum knee, and a coach who clearly had to go. One down year on a bum knee, and everyone's ready to crucify the guy. How quickly you forget the last time he was fully healthy-2016, he carried a 4-6 team, with the 30th ranked defense, a WR playing RB, and a trash CB as his #1 corner who only lasted 3 years in the league BTW, to 8 STRAIGHT wins, and within one game of a Superbowl. This man is dangerous, and every ounce as good and valuable a player to his team, as we have ever witnessed. Can't wait for him to shut up all the doubters, and watch the tears of salt rain down!

                  • Peter DellOlio
                    Peter DellOlio  2 weeks back

                    Why can't they just admit that Kaep can't play in the NFL, it's ok that he can't. It's also OK for people to disagree with his opinions.


                    • bumdog
                      bumdog  2 weeks back

                      Its kinda not but it is understandable that there will be hateful people in this world

                  • Thomas More
                    Thomas More  2 weeks back

                    This is sooooo ridiculous. Talk about grasping at straws. Slow news day. Rodgers was asked specifically his opinion and responded appropriately and nicely. It wasn't even a big deal. He wasn't calling out anyone. It's customary to have joint practices, so he's not singling out his own coach. He was questioning the idea of a joint practice in general.

                    • Gerald Schutte
                      Gerald Schutte  2 weeks back

                      Rodgers is the "Greatest all-time... FOR UNDERACHIEVING!!!

                      • Ziggy 'Fibonacci' Stardust

                        Florio is such a joke. He lacks journalistic self-awareness - Viking homer

                        • E. J. Banks
                          E. J. Banks  2 weeks back

                          "we're not against practice. we're not against practicers. but we are against these thugs." Rev. Aaron Rodgers

                          • Flint Given
                            Flint Given  2 weeks back

                            Florio is way over the top on the Rodgers comments

                            • QuestionableIdentity
                              QuestionableIdentity  2 weeks back

                              Lmao. If it was Richard Sherman they would be praising his intelligence. I'm not even a fkn white guy either

                          • James Holman
                            James Holman  2 weeks back

                            Aaron was wrong. You can only practice punt returns live

                            • APPROVED FOR TYTOPIA
                              APPROVED FOR TYTOPIA  2 weeks back

                              He's not against practice. He doesn't like Joint practice because it's more Dangerous the regular practice, and maybe they can't do as much as they want because another team is there to see

                              • Denny Roman
                                Denny Roman  2 weeks back

                                i think we just seen the tip of the iceberg with AARON

                              • Tavon Thompson
                                Tavon Thompson  2 weeks back

                                wassup with this media agenda tryna paint Aaron like this bad guy lol he said he don’t like joint practices & it’s the end of the world.

                                • Sosa Otto
                                  Sosa Otto  2 weeks back

                                  Mike florio is the biggest joke behind skip and cowherd. Mans hates the packers cause he’s a Vikings fan

                                  • Terrance Hall
                                    Terrance Hall  2 weeks back

                                    aaron was right.

                                    • Powerlifterusa
                                      Powerlifterusa  2 weeks back

                                      Simms acting like he wasn’t a bust

                                      • Liam Owen
                                        Liam Owen  2 weeks back

                                        Power lifter acting like he doesn’t suck guys off all day

                                      • Habeeb Mustapha
                                        Habeeb Mustapha  2 weeks back

                                        What does this have to with anything lol

                                    • Terrance Hall
                                      Terrance Hall  2 weeks back

                                      colin is still getting blackballed.