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  • Karen Louks
    Karen Louks  6 days back

    After the One season protest that embarrassed the nation over the flag and the national anthem I would give him a dime

    • Dante Moreschi
      Dante Moreschi  1 weeks back

      should have taken florio in round 3

      • L3GITME
        L3GITME  1 weeks back

        If you own a football team, then the football players are worth everything...

        • Thomas Gassett
          Thomas Gassett  1 weeks back

          No one likes players trying to out do Terrell Owens. Watching football should be fun, not irritating.

          • Chris topher
            Chris topher  1 weeks back

            Antonio brown isn't worth the headaches...

            • Prince Vegeta
              Prince Vegeta  6 days back

              you’re clearly delusional when it comes to his worth then

          • elchucofried
            elchucofried  1 weeks back


            • Neil
              Neil  1 weeks back

              which nfl players are....

              • Steve Martin
                Steve Martin  1 weeks back

                Khalil Mack. Aaron Donald. DeAndre Hopskins. Christian McCaffrey. Julio Jones. Are worth the HEADACHES.

                • Thomas Gassett
                  Thomas Gassett  1 weeks back

                  These players are so good, and so loved that they could rob a bank at half time ... and no one would care.

                • Adam Ho
                  Adam Ho  1 weeks back

                  I don’t think mccaffrey is really a headache

                • taykito*
                  taykito*  1 weeks back

                  You don't understand the theme right

                • Wash Georgington
                  Wash Georgington  1 weeks back

                  tbh seeing this just makes me fucking sad

              • Rob Host
                Rob Host  1 weeks back

                I don’t think Tom Brady’s causing anyone headaches by being great at 42 years old. Like what are you trying to say here exactly? Stupid answer

                • John Chierichella
                  John Chierichella  1 weeks back

                  Ojb is unicorns and rainbows until u get lil pressure and boom he’s an outright joke and lil crying lil complaining snitch
                  U name it he’s that kinda distraction
                  Good riddance

                  • John Chierichella
                    John Chierichella  6 days back

                    bumdog what you call crying about your teammates especially ones that are hall of famers
                    Nobody talk about someone lively hood and it’s dry snitching

                  • bumdog
                    bumdog  6 days back


                • Saleem wright
                  Saleem wright  1 weeks back


                  • Saleem wright
                    Saleem wright  1 weeks back