UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (7.31.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • David Quilen
    David Quilen  2 weeks back

    I used to like Skip but after the whole Lakers, Clippers, and now the way he talk about Dak he just annoying now

    • Ur Studio
      Ur Studio  2 weeks back

      We use GrowPlayer extensively.So far our experience has been good.Best player for Podcasting.

      • John Sampe
        John Sampe  3 weeks back

        shay was right about A DONALD

        • Ronald Saint Rose
          Ronald Saint Rose  3 weeks back

          I wonder if Skip took a pay cut from FS1 for leaving ESPN?

        • Turbo Shred
          Turbo Shred  3 weeks back


        • SM baitreaper
          SM baitreaper  3 weeks back

          Lol, I wouldn't pay Zeke, not after all the drama off field... His talent is undeniable, but RBs, even talented ones, can be replaced... Lev Bell anyone? xD

          • James A
            James A  3 weeks back

            To what they said about Dez; I think after "the catch" he just couldn't take it.

            • john drake
              john drake  3 weeks back

              Zeke da man I'm not a cowboys fan but Zeke da truth

              • john drake
                john drake  3 weeks back

                Pay Zeke 1st then dak then amire

                • Jaah Rucks
                  Jaah Rucks  3 weeks back

                  “All the safeties must’ve ran a 4.9 cuz they couldn’t catch me”🤣🤣🤣

                  • 1111 Sports
                    1111 Sports  3 weeks back

                    If I was Jerry I'd just come out my pocket and give them the money on the low like the Patriots do with Brady.

                    • c. cool c
                      c. cool c  3 weeks back

                      "Switch gears" did y'all hear her?