Durant speaks for first time since joining Nets, no ill will toward Warriors - Colin Cowherd

  • Published: 08 August 2019
  • Durant speaks for first time since joining Nets, no ill will toward Warriors - Colin Cowherd Give Advice | The Herd
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  • Sanjay Thallam
    Sanjay Thallam  4 days back

    U stupid

    • Charlie 2k
      Charlie 2k  4 days back

      Brady...Jeter... hmm what's diff about them vs kd situation....🤔🤔🤔
      That's his audience the people who cant figure that out

      • Wilfredo Guzman
        Wilfredo Guzman  4 days back

        This should is dope ..🧩🧩🌀🌀 listenable not watchable I rather put the radio on

        • joe kotulak
          joe kotulak  6 days back

          It is a fact that Durant did leave the Warriors for a lesser roster. Steve Kerr is a really good coach, but I don't agree that he is better than Atkinson. If I had the choice to have either Kerr coach the Warriors last year or Kenny Atkinson, I would choose Kenny Atkinson just because I'll know he'll get the very most out of the entire roster. I really don't think Atkinson gets the appreciation he deserves because he coaches the Nets. I guarantee it would be a lot different if Atkinson was coaching a big name franchise. There's a reason why I admire and respect coaches like Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich, because they make no names into someone. Just like Bill Belichick can make a no name defense into something or turn Julian Edelman into something.

          • God's Eagle
            God's Eagle  6 days back

            Regardless! Players always ALWAYS want to play. That's why there are head coaches. That's why there's medical staff, GM's, etc to make such decisions and protect the players.

            You don't say soldiers can make their own decisions. The Navy team can INDIVIDUALLY make their own decisions. No, there is a General in the army. There's a Captain in the Navy that looks out and protects their soldiers and whatnot; the leaders know when to say, you're going to sit this one out son. You're not ready. These players are no different than a soldier that is always ready and willing to suit up and go into battle. They are not the ones to be make such decisions especially when they've incurred an injury and their medical well-being has been affected. Colin stop it!

            • Mc LOVIN
              Mc LOVIN  4 days back

              Kawhi did not want to play

          • Benjamin Ostiguy
            Benjamin Ostiguy  6 days back

            Colin has a wig, no?

            • alabamagaboy
              alabamagaboy  6 days back

              Sports media I'm convinced is definitely bipolar just to have storylines!!

              • Patrick
                Patrick  7 days back

                Would owning a Kyrie Irving Brooklyn Nets Jersey Be Cool or Uncool. Because the Brooklyn Nets are my second
                favourite NBA Team and it is not even close. But what if he barely last in the borough and Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan do not pan out in this Brooklyn Championship Contending Nets team of potentially Kyrie Irving Point Guard and Kevin Durant at Small Forward/Power Forward and Deandre Jordan as Center.

                • Alton Lee
                  Alton Lee  1 weeks back

                  This is the media as a whole, ASSHOLES. THEY ATTEMPT TO BAIT PLAYERS INTO COMMENTS THEY CAN USE.

                  • HemanParkFilms
                    HemanParkFilms  1 weeks back

                    Finally an analyst who respects what KD said. While he’s good at his gig, I’m starting to lose respect for Shannon Sharpe. He’s becoming more like Nick Wright, and that’s embarrassing. KD said this...respect it

                    • xguitargodx
                      xguitargodx  1 weeks back

                      Why is the video audio sync cutting all over the place like this

                      • Tp M
                        Tp M  1 weeks back

                        I always laugh thinking imagine Colin drops a N bomb 😂

                        • MysticMech
                          MysticMech  1 weeks back

                          Colin calling out media? (Skip and LeShanon)
                          What is this...
                          I like it.

                          • Casey Collins
                            Casey Collins  1 weeks back

                            Kd gets killed for going to GS. KD gets killed for going to Brooklyn. KD gets killed for wiping his ass with the opposite hand. If I were him I'd Instagram my dick with the caption "suck it"

                            • the right one
                              the right one  1 weeks back

                              Do anybody expect him to say anything else.

                              • Egypt's Father II
                                Egypt's Father II  1 weeks back

                                He said before the finals started he targeted game 5... how did he know it would be a game 5?

                              • Javier Serrano
                                Javier Serrano  1 weeks back

                                We just gonna ignore how the media bashed him for going to a loaded team now he leaves he looks dumb? Okkkkk lmao

                                • aoraz2003
                                  aoraz2003  1 weeks back

                                  Still the media people insist the warriors has to blame with his injury, am sure they will find a reason or story that still point out the warriors has to blame with his injury...

                                  • Nam Pham
                                    Nam Pham  1 weeks back

                                    So fans are supposed to give flack when a guy chooses the harder option leaving a good team... BUT he's also trashed for taking the easier route joining a stacked team. Lmao, this is just criticism for its own sake

                                    • Yonny
                                      Yonny  1 weeks back

                                      Such a moron

                                      • Patrick Sawiras
                                        Patrick Sawiras  1 weeks back


                                        • Calvin
                                          Calvin  1 weeks back

                                          Shannon & Skip on the other hand trying to make up false narratives on Undisputed...while Perkins on twitter talking about having dirt on KD, all cause KD didn't say what Perkins wanted him to say after going on air and blaming the GSW. A damn shame.

                                          • Bella
                                            Bella  7 days back

                                            @The Chosen One Again KD is finally taking the high road and everyone is mad. I believe this injury and setback will force him to mature

                                          • The Chosen One Again
                                            The Chosen One Again  1 weeks back

                                            Calvin I believe KD wanted to play, I also believe the Warriors placed pressure on him. Do you believe KD didn’t know he was picking the Nets on June 30th the same day of free agency?

                                        • Daily Fit Boost
                                          Daily Fit Boost  2 weeks back

                                          (15:34) 🤔

                                          • damian lindsay
                                            damian lindsay  2 weeks back

                                            true word

                                            • oj oj
                                              oj oj  2 weeks back

                                              u right colin i agree, The media has to rationalize KDs behavior by essentially calling him soft or weak emotionally when he’s speaking straight facts about them and their narratives.

                                              • oj oj
                                                oj oj  1 weeks back

                                                @Jessy Garci im from Monte carlo and i understand Kd's point and u live there in USA and still dont understand what Colin is trying to say? ahahah U need to watch the Spicy wings show with KD maybe u ill undrstand more. cap cap cap

                                              • Jessy Garci
                                                Jessy Garci  1 weeks back

                                                Man KD is full of it! I mean to say all the lies about it was always the nets ?? Then he said that him and Kyrie never plan on playing together..In KD's word. Cap, cap, cap

                                            • Pranay Nighukar
                                              Pranay Nighukar  2 weeks back

                                              Colin is the 1st analyst who trusted Durant when he said things about his own life