Do You Know Gun Laws In America?


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    REACT   6 days back

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    • awolfalone2006
      awolfalone2006  19 hours back

      REACT channel, I would like to suggest that you have this discussion with some YouTube gun channels as well. Maybe not just in studio. Take some of your normal staff and meet with people like Mat Best from Black Rifle Coffee, Matt from Demolition Ranch, The Warrior Poet Society, The AK Guy, Forgotten Weapons, and the crew from Taofledermaus. Bring in some LEOs and gun store/firing range owners as well from places other than California. No politicians. Honest round table discussion. I believe that would be educational for all sides of the argument.

    • Life of Talise
      Life of Talise  1 days back

      REACT Rip Christina grimme

  • its Me
    its Me  12 minutes back

    If congress want to pass a new law, it should inventory all the gun laws in the united states. From local, county, state, to federal. Now here is common sense

    • please enter a valid number
      please enter a valid number  35 minutes back


      • suineg1
        suineg1  4 hours back

        So many gun-nuts in the comments defending their right to obliterate normal people with semi\full automatic rifles !
        First world country problems !

        • its Me
          its Me  8 minutes back

          Suineg 1 Police officer like their guns, so I guess the police are so called gun nuts.

        • Даниил Коршков
          Даниил Коршков  17 minutes back

          @DJVIDZ Well you can, but it will be pretty hard. And I am sure that full auto owners are the most law abiding people in US

        • DJVIDZ
          DJVIDZ  2 hours back

          suineg1 u can’t even get a full auto as a normal citizen

      • A Padgett
        A Padgett  5 hours back

        How is the war on drugs going????

      • bluepeng889
        bluepeng889  6 hours back

        "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin.  

        "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson 

        "No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms" - Thomas Jefferson 

        And no, I don't care if these were said 200 years ago or not, it's still true to this very day.

        • James Hamilton
          James Hamilton  2 hours back

          1v1me m8, in what way are those still not true?

        • 1v1me m8
          1v1me m8  3 hours back

          bluepeng889 not rlly but k

      • Sander Nielsen
        Sander Nielsen  7 hours back

        Nikolas Cruz was declared mentally ill, but his foster parents didn't do jackshit to take his AR-15 away from him.

        • Ryan Vigus
          Ryan Vigus  7 hours back

          I think we should follow the Chris Rock approach where guns are permitted, but every bullet costs 5K.

          • Ryan Vigus
            Ryan Vigus  4 hours back

            @Mario G Wait what do you think is called fraud?

            "the second is to protect a free state from the tyranny, I would like an ar15 to do that."

            So how does an AR15 stop an ICBM from being launch from literally halfway across the world or a drone from dropping bombs on your house from a height that you can't see? If a tyrannical government wants to murder you, your civilian version of the M16 isn't going to stop them.

            You're right about context though. The 2nd was created when the most dangerous weapon was a cannon. It's about time we update it for the times that exist now don't you think?

          • Mario G
            Mario G  5 hours back

            Ryan Vigus sorry could find ur comment but, that’s called fraud and, there is context to each amendment the second is to protect a free state from the tyranny, I would like an ar15 to do that. The first is so the tyrannical government can’t stop ideas, protest, or criticism
            The amendments were to stop the government, that’s why they exist not so we can FEEL safe

          • Ryan Vigus
            Ryan Vigus  6 hours back

            @Sbeagin1 Hi...welcome to comedy. I see this is your first experience with it.

        • Justan Sawyer
          Justan Sawyer  7 hours back

          there was no discussion here... there was no one ith a different opinion who knew what they were talking about with guns. this is such a waste of time.

          • Axxidous
            Axxidous  7 hours back

            I mean.... read the title

        • John Mallory
          John Mallory  8 hours back

          When seconds count the police are only minutes away.

          • Axxidous
            Axxidous  7 hours back

            I don’t get the point of this comment. It literally has nothing to do with what anyone said and no one has said otherwise the entire video.

        • Ryan King
          Ryan King  8 hours back

          I have anxiety and depression. Do you see me killing people? Uh no!

          • Axxidous
            Axxidous  7 hours back

            I don’t get how anxiety and depression would lead to that or represent you know.... the vast array of OTHER mental illnesses and abnormalities. Nor does it represent anyone else with anxiety and depression because you’re not the same person as anyone else.

          • Dora the Explorer
            Dora the Explorer  7 hours back

            How deep is it

        • Axxidous
          Axxidous  9 hours back

          People feel too personally about their stance on guns. So we’ll never get anywhere. People need to be able to discuss, not debate.

          Talk about what works and what doesn’t without getting mad and insulting each other. If someone disagrees with you, it shouldn’t be hard to be like “Oh really? What makes you say that?” And try to understand where they are coming from rather than getting all defensive. You don’t have to let yourself be convinced and you don’t have to purposely try to avoid being convinced. DISCUSS. Think of ideas. Also we’re already getting mass shootings so we don’t have much to lose by trial and errors. At least then I’d know if someone I cared about was a victim I would know that the rules in place at the time were an attempt to prevent it rather than idiocy that caused it because of pride that makes people hate one another.

          Having the 2nd Amendment Right is not important just because it’s what you were taught. That means you have an emotional attachment to the idea whether it’s right or wrong. What’s important is WHY we have the right and should keep it. Include it in the discussion. Simple. Quit being stubborn.

          • RemainsThat
            RemainsThat  9 hours back

            Why don´t you talk about the risks that other countries faces because of your stupid law, for example, the drug war in Mexico, the Narcos has a lot of ultimate generation guns that they exchange for drugs in USA, the principal consumer of those, so the military and the police doesn´t have those ultimate generation guns, so in conclusion, US citizens has to stop think they are the only think that matters, for good or bad their actions has reactions in other places,

            • Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01
              Pink ShitTzu Puppy 01  11 hours back

              Whats the girl's name who talked about Christina Grimmie??

              • insanic1
                insanic1  11 hours back

                google image search "2019 mass shooters" blah blah blah its simply third world population trying to function in a western nation.

                • Clifford Kimpel
                  Clifford Kimpel  12 hours back

                  Can’t buy a gun from Nevada and bring it California if it dosnt meet California restrictions. At least legally you aren’t allowed to.

                  • chapmaned24
                    chapmaned24  12 hours back

                    I'd rather listen to KIDS REACT TO "SHOOT TO THRILL" By AC/DC

                    • chapmaned24
                      chapmaned24  12 hours back

                      We do realize criminals do not obey laws, right? Pass a thousand laws, criminals will still shoot people. So, we had guns when I was a child in the 60's. People carried guns on gun racks in their trucks. The Declaration of Independence tells us what OUR GUNS are for, and that is to TAKE OUT A TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT, and therefore, WE SHOULD NOT BE LIMITED IN WHAT KIND OF GUNS WE HAVE. If the government has better weapons than we do, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. There should NOT be any federal laws regarding restrictions for guns. We need better PEOPLE LAWS, meaning, if a person uses a gun for the purpose of committing crime, THEN CAPITAL PUNISHMENT.

                      • Dakarn
                        Dakarn  5 hours back

                        Well good for them. Do you think that had something to do with the law being passed, or there just happened to be a couple hundred thousand less criminals killing each other because they were already dead?

                      • KitKatBlackCat
                        KitKatBlackCat  6 hours back

                        @Dakarn When South Africa passed its major gun control act, there was a 13.6% decline in gun-related deaths on average per year over the course of 5 years.

                    • TeamSnowRabbit
                      TeamSnowRabbit  13 hours back

                      Thank god our nation doesn't strip anyone of their rights because of an aggressive misinformation campaign.

                      • TeamSnowRabbit
                        TeamSnowRabbit  6 hours back

                        @Ryan Vigus it means that the people have the right to have the means to resist the government

                      • Ryan Vigus
                        Ryan Vigus  6 hours back

                        You mean the right that was setup when the most dangerous weapon available was a cannon? Applying a law out of context makes very little sense. It would be like applying laws based around the printing press to the internet.

                    • Vanity Assassin
                      Vanity Assassin  13 hours back

                      Well murder is against the law.. Does that stop people from murdering in some circumstances? I think not. More gun laws isnt going to stop a crazy person from killing, they will find another method to do maxim damage.

                      • Skankhunt 42
                        Skankhunt 42  7 hours back

                        @Ryan Vigus there shouldn't be laws that you can't effectively enforce. Or laws that criminals can easily go around to do whatever the specific law was designed to stop

                      • Ryan Vigus
                        Ryan Vigus  8 hours back

                        So then we shouldn't have laws?

                    • Rebecca Mayol
                      Rebecca Mayol  14 hours back

                      In Australia if u don't vote you get fined

                      • Yun Hee Choi
                        Yun Hee Choi  15 hours back

                        I'm frustrated with our country I'm a disabled woman and afraid that someday I will be involved in a mass shooting and not going to make it. Something have to be happen right now before it gets even worse.

                        • DJVIDZ
                          DJVIDZ  2 hours back

                          Yun Hee Choi u should carry a gun to protect your self u have to get a license and have to renew it every time the max is like 2 years the lowest is 30 days depending on where u are

                        • Dakarn
                          Dakarn  9 hours back

                          Yun Hee Choi
                          The odds of you being eaten by a shark are greater than you being involved in a mass shooting, unless you are the one doing the shooting.
                          The media’s job is no longer to relay news stories. It is to push narratives, create drama, tension, and cause fear to drive ratings. It’s why the Food Network has more viewers than CNN.

                          Please. Stop allowing fear to rule your life choices. The problem is not as dire as the media claims. That is not to say that we should not take the issue seriously, but let’s not lose our heads and make rash decisions that will affect generations to come.

                      • DayDay all-Day
                        DayDay all-Day  15 hours back

                        The very first law they talked about is already misinformed. Any gun you bring into Cali from another state has to be California compliant. WTH. 😑

                        • DJVIDZ
                          DJVIDZ  2 hours back

                          nikolaii is it a state law

                        • nikolaii
                          nikolaii  10 hours back

                          DayDay all-Day no, they said there is no FEDERAL law against gun trafficking, which is correct.

                      • Throbelisk
                        Throbelisk  15 hours back

                        Firearms were created with the sole purpose of killing human beings more efficiently than bows, slings, or thrown spears and knives. They were not invented for hunting for food; that came afterward. The purpose of a gun is to end human life, and as such, they are a cursed weapon. I don't put much value in things like curses, but this is one I truly believe exists. A world without guns would be a better world overall.

                        • Throbelisk
                          Throbelisk  8 hours back

                          @Dakarn Yes, let's all own and carry fully automatic killing machines with no regulation at all. You are certifiably insane if that's what you truly believe. Ideas like that are part of the problem. We can't just follow "the old laws" because that's what we've been following for two hundred years and now look where we are. Take a moment to actually think rationally about the situation instead of "gubmint cumin fer mah gunz." You're an embarrassment to humanity.

                        • Dakarn
                          Dakarn  8 hours back

                          Bob Robertson
                          I like your idea of following the old laws and the Constitution. No restrictions on open/concealed carry. Citizens can own the same weaponry as the military with no restrictions. No background checks. No tax stamps.

                      • bernd das brot
                        bernd das brot  15 hours back

                        gun laws in the U.S. ? LUL go into walmart and get one or go to a gun exchange event or anywhere and buy a war weapon without any proof of who you are. it's almost easier to buy guns than candies

                        • DJVIDZ
                          DJVIDZ  2 hours back

                          bernd das brot miss Informed

                        • Dakarn
                          Dakarn  8 hours back

                          bernd das brot
                          Another victim of MSM lies and misinformation. You poor little sheep.

                        • Brent Trent
                          Brent Trent  13 hours back

                          Says the person who never bought one apparently...

                          If I went to Walmart or any other retailer selling guns I would have to fill out a form 4473 and submit to a NICS background check before final sale of any firearm.

                          The only place that doesn't happen is private sales between individuals.

                      • David Bergfors
                        David Bergfors  15 hours back

                        It's so very easy for me, sitting safe and sound in another country, to question the relevance of the second amendment, I'd argue as one of your reactors did, that this amendment is antiquated and sould not be used by politicians to prevent regulation for automated firearms.

                        • Skankhunt 42
                          Skankhunt 42  7 hours back

                          automatic firearms have been banned for 40 years now...

                        • Anon54387
                          Anon54387  15 hours back

                          It must be used to prevent regulation of firearms. It is the law of the land, and it says it is a right which shall not be infringed. We did, incidentally, strictly limit carry of guns for a 30 year period in the 20th century ( so comforting to know how flippantly government treats our rights) and the homicide rate was multiples higher than before or since. Gun control is a failed 20th century idea.

                      • Snoop John
                        Snoop John  16 hours back

                        This video is embarrassing.

                        Get a dozen or so people in a room and have them agree with each other for a half an hour. Waste of my time.

                        • Bob Robertson
                          Bob Robertson  11 hours back

                          Snoop John so sadly true I hope people don’t go Around in public spreading this false crap

                      • Evan Passarelli
                        Evan Passarelli  16 hours back

                        Me: Kentucky Cousins Rescue, what's your emergency
                        FBE: We need help to locate gun laws
                        Me: Don't worry, we'll sent the Kentucky Cousins to stop the violence

                        • Garv the Gamer
                          Garv the Gamer  17 hours back

                          None of them should be banned. Funny how both the left and the right are so extremely estranged with what this country was established for (Republicans on border and Democrats on guns).

                          • Anon54387
                            Anon54387  15 hours back

                            I can only half agree with you on each point. Democrats are also not keen on border security and too many Republicans aren't squarely behind the 2nd Amendment.

                        • bluepeng889
                          bluepeng889  17 hours back

                          Gun violence is actually a very small issue and the media over exaggerates on how big the issue is. Gun violence isn't a problem whatsoever in the USA. There's almost 400 million guns in the USA, and guess how many deaths by guns there were in 2016? 30,000. Out of the 400 million guns, only 30,000 deaths. Not to mention 20,000 of those 30,000 deaths were suicides. That means out of the 400,000,000 guns, there were only 10,000 non-suicide deaths. Also, almost all gun-deaths were caused by pistols, not rifles. Rifles like the Ar-15 count for an astronomically low percentage of gun deaths. Banning AR-15's will only have a negligible affect on gun violence.

                          • Dakarn
                            Dakarn  8 hours back

                            Phillip P Massey
                            As reported by Vox.
                            An arbiter of truth, that source is. 😏

                          • Alex Wright
                            Alex Wright  11 hours back

                            Small issue? Comparing the per capita homicide rate here in the UK or Europe as a whole with the United States would suggest otherwise.

                            The UK had 30 years of civil war in Northern Ireland without the kind of fatalities from mass shootings that have occurred in the United States.

                            Not sure why comparing the number of the deaths to the number of guns is being suggested as a statistic to use.

                            That would mean the more guns people get the better the stats look even if the homicide rate is still approaching that of a country involved in a civil war.

                        • Josh Kirk
                          Josh Kirk  17 hours back

                          I have one major MAJOR problem with this video, and it comes down to either the people who are administering this "test" as it were don't know the gun laws like they claim to OR they are intentionally taking parts out of context as well as omitting certain parts.

                        • Jaja Boi
                          Jaja Boi  18 hours back

                          Whenever FBE says they're trying to have a 'diverse' set of opinions, they always disappoint. It's always just 1 person when they have so much more in their cast.

                          • MrAoitara
                            MrAoitara  16 hours back

                            Even the producer asking the questions sounds like she's being tortured to ask them, sounds like she doesn't want to be there at all

                          • Dakarn
                            Dakarn  17 hours back

                            And even that person agrees with them.

                        • jesus christ
                          jesus christ  18 hours back

                          "Only military should have those weapons, what does a civilian need them for?" That statement is the entire issue I have with people against gun control. They don't seem to understand that the entire point of the 2nd amendment is for US citizens to be able to form a militia should the US government become corrupt, or controlling, which I see happening more and more each day. It's not to have guns for hunting or to use at a shooting range, it's to protect us from our government who gets more and more powerful each day, with mass surveillance efforts and invasions of privacy becoming more and more prevalent, as well as a crackdown on "dangerous speech" and basically wrongthink

                          • DJVIDZ
                            DJVIDZ  2 hours back

                            Tosch aka ChIMeRaTeX a citizen can’t buy a automatic weapon

                          • Skankhunt 42
                            Skankhunt 42  7 hours back

                            @Tosch aka ChIMeRaTeX by your logic, no revolution could have ever taken place? wait how did the United States even become a country. I thought a bunch of untrained individuals could not defeat a superior army in every way? must be magic I guess.

                          • Ryan Vigus
                            Ryan Vigus  7 hours back

                            @jesus christ You do understand that when the 2nd Amendment was written the most dangerous weapon available was a cannon right? That is something an average citizen could have a chance of withstanding. At this point claiming the 2nd Amendment is useful for protecting yourself against a tyrannical govt is delusional thinking.

                        • Cocobear12345 :3
                          Cocobear12345 :3  18 hours back

                          The problem is that if they started to have more strict gun laws, there would be some people would have to ge against it

                          • Francis Mendy
                            Francis Mendy  18 hours back

                            Mental health is often used as a scapegoat when it comes to this issue. But in reality, people with mental health issues are more likely to be victims of violent crime rather than the perpetrators. And only 4% of recent shooters have been shown to have signs of mental health issues. The problem is most to do with socio-economic issues.

                            • Janet Collins
                              Janet Collins  19 hours back

                              React to versatile an Irish boy group pls

                              • Sponty84
                                Sponty84  19 hours back

                                No need for a discussion. Shall not be infringed means just that. Molon Labe.

                                • Callie W311
                                  Callie W311  6 hours back

                                  @Skankhunt 42 yes a MONARCHY.

                                • Callie W311
                                  Callie W311  6 hours back

                                  @Skankhunt 42 im not embarrassing myself I actually just did hours and hours of research on the first three presidents and the quote I gave was almost.

                                • Skankhunt 42
                                  Skankhunt 42  7 hours back

                                  @Callie W311 oh god don't embarrass yourself. go read the federalist papers and then come back. the second amendment was specifically written in order to prevent the existence of a tyrannical government.

                                • Some Schmuck on Youtube
                                  Some Schmuck on Youtube  15 hours back

                                  Everybody seems to gloss over the “well regulated militia” part. Ignoring the part where it’s decided that individual gun owner and militia are treated as being the same, well regulated means following the proper rules/guidelines/laws. Somehow we’ve turned “well regulated” into meaning that “no regulations may be imposed”. That “you can’t take guns away from people who are following all gun laws”(which makes sense and should absolutely be followed) means no new laws can ever be applied or “writing any gun laws is tantamount to taking our guns” takes power away from people who elect representatives to make laws for us. And taken to the extreme would mean that every time a gun law is removed, it could never be written again.

                              • T. J. Payeur
                                T. J. Payeur  20 hours back

                                Gun laws do nothing.

                                • Throbelisk
                                  Throbelisk  15 hours back

                                  Japan would like a word with you. And all of the other countries where it's almost impossible to own a gun as a civilian.

                                • Callie W311
                                  Callie W311  16 hours back

                                  What gun laws?

                              • Zachary Hinson
                                Zachary Hinson  20 hours back

                                I dont know how many times I got to say this to so many people. Criminals dont abide by laws gun laws will be no different its hard to believe how stupid ppl can be.

                                • DJVIDZ
                                  DJVIDZ  2 hours back

                                  Agustín Bertelli make laws that make since

                                • Callie W311
                                  Callie W311  16 hours back

                                  @Zachary Hinson no. The forefathers wanted away from the monarchy. This wasn't a country yet and there was no standing army. Every single person that fought in the revolutionary war was a part of the Militia. After the war, when the Constitution was being written, G Washington told everyone that this new country couldn't win a war against another world power without a standing army. A militia wasn't good enough and next time they wouldn't be so lucky. It had nothing to do with protecting themselves against their own govt. In their eyes the British military were fighting for the King. The forefathers wanted as far away from creating and being like another monarchy as poss, that's why they veered away from a standing army, at first, until G Washington explained why a trained army was necessary for this new govt.

                              • charlotte
                                charlotte  20 hours back

                                It confuses me so much that u can’t drink until your 21 but you are able to buy a gun at 18? Crazy

                                • ricer boi
                                  ricer boi  12 hours back

                                  ummm the 2nd amendment is a RIGHT not like a can of beer

                              • lqdxoni1
                                lqdxoni1  20 hours back

                                The second amendment was for the citizens protections from a tyrannical government.
                                The gun is not the issue , the issue is the way society behaves and people’s self
                                Entitlement mentality.
                                I remember my parents talking about bring guns to school for firearm safety
                                And hunting or just target practice at the junk yard.
                                Every current gun law only affects law abiding people.

                                • Ryan Vigus
                                  Ryan Vigus  5 hours back

                                  "Every current gun law only affects law abiding people."

                                  You might want to talk to any number of people convicted of violating laws and tell them that that's how laws work.

                              • BestowalPants Gaming
                                BestowalPants Gaming  21 hours back

                                I think gun laws should be less restrictive

                                • Wittoi •
                                  Wittoi •  7 hours back

                                  BestowalPants Gaming Background checks and mental checks. Also I’m only against purchasing rifles. Handguns are fine

                                • BestowalPants Gaming
                                  BestowalPants Gaming  9 hours back

                                  @nikolaii No I do think they need them

                                • nikolaii
                                  nikolaii  10 hours back

                                  @BestowalPants Gaming That was clearly not the point of my comment. The word giving means "to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation; bestow:" As in, handing everyone guns. Do you really not think that people should need background checks?

                                • BestowalPants Gaming
                                  BestowalPants Gaming  10 hours back

                                  @Wittoi • Trump just undid an Obama era legislation that prevented people like i described from being allowed. from purchasing a gun. Even though they were still mentally stable. You know what qualified you for that list?

                                • BestowalPants Gaming
                                  BestowalPants Gaming  10 hours back

                                  @nikolaii you can already buy guns at 18 😂

                              • Jerid Glasspoole
                                Jerid Glasspoole  21 hours back

                                A lot of that data they are using has been proven to be false.

                                • Kur Norock
                                  Kur Norock  16 hours back

                                  @Jason Taylor I know. That's why I said what I said.

                                • Jason Taylor
                                  Jason Taylor  18 hours back

                                  @Kur Norock Vox use their own version of reality as justification of an opinion.

                                  The stat cited was laughable, they used a different definition of mass shooting to 99% of other publications.

                                • Kur Norock
                                  Kur Norock  20 hours back

                                  I can't even believe they cited Vox.. Well known for just making statistics up.

                              • Jerid Glasspoole
                                Jerid Glasspoole  21 hours back

                                they do know gun shooting, and school shooting are down, their far less shooting today than their was 30 or 40 years ago.

                                • DJVIDZ
                                  DJVIDZ  2 hours back

                                  Wittoi • 😂😂😂😂 u don’t even know what a semi automatic is it can be a pistol u just here what people say and u run with it u might want to rethink everything u heard

                                • Yeetersaurus Rex
                                  Yeetersaurus Rex  5 hours back

                                  @Wittoi • bruh, semi auto includes hunting rifles that arent bolt action and includes hand guns.

                                • Wittoi •
                                  Wittoi •  11 hours back

                                  Jerid Glasspoole Handguns are fine but semi auto rifles aren’t necessary. Hunting rifles are different than semi auto rifles, most huntings are bolt

                              • hex
                                hex  21 hours back

                                Finally. Some sensible gun discussion

                                • ricer boi
                                  ricer boi  12 hours back

                                  sensible? imao you smokin crack

                              • Random Human
                                Random Human  22 hours back

                                You will learn more about responsibility, the world and being an adult by buying and shooting a firearm than by listening to any pro-gun control arguments.

                                • MrAoitara
                                  MrAoitara  50 minutes back

                                  @Ryan Vigus you probably haven't done so and think that's all there is to this statement. if you go through the process of trying to own a gun you'll learn about what you have to go through to get one, instead of just inferring what the laws are based on the people like FBE and VOX who pick and choose parts of laws to make it seem like we have more relaxed laws than most places. but you're partially right, this new generation doesn't know about responsibility. they complain about college debt, and wonder why they owe over 100k for a degree in women's studies and can't find a job.

                                • Ryan Vigus
                                  Ryan Vigus  5 hours back

                                  If you need to own and shoot a gun to learn about responsibility then your parents did an awfully poor job at teaching you how to exist in society.

                                • Summon Slammer
                                  Summon Slammer  6 hours back

                                  I mean if you just think generally. Less guns in a population would mean less likely for injury to occur.

                                • MrAoitara
                                  MrAoitara  16 hours back

                                  More people need to see this comment.

                              • utplagal
                                utplagal  1 days back

                                *sigh* So much for keeping things respectful in the comments.

                                • Lisa
                                  Lisa  1 days back

                                  Guns suck

                                  • Arthiem
                                    Arthiem  20 hours back

                                    @Kur Norock he must have bought a Hi-point.

                                  • Kur Norock
                                    Kur Norock  20 hours back

                                    Really? Because my guns are pretty awesome. Yours must be defective.

                                  • Arthiem
                                    Arthiem  21 hours back

                                    no they don't. they blow.