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  • Danielle Sader
    Danielle Sader  2 weeks back

    globe propaganda and downplaying area 51 knowledge of alien life all in 1 episode = auto dislike

    • Rob Host
      Rob Host  2 weeks back

      Not gonna lie, an aircraft carrier game would be epic. Could easily do it on a retired one like the enterprise without disrupting a major naval asset

      • john smith
        john smith  2 weeks back

        the guy on the right has a 4 1/2 head.

        • Lars Mothander
          Lars Mothander  2 weeks back

          Mike watches Joe Rogan

          • Bill Deemer
            Bill Deemer  2 weeks back

            Dude They already did a game in Bristol at a track. Volunteers & Hokies.

            • Hicks Pettey
              Hicks Pettey  2 weeks back

              Chris...climate change has been around since the beginning of earth. Nobody is denying that humans are affecting it but there is ZERO and I repeat ZERO evidence to quantify what percentage humans affect it.

              • MrOasis316
                MrOasis316  2 weeks back

                Lol I thought I wouldn’t like this topic but this was actually a really cool segment. You guys should do one crazy hypocritical scenario video a month just for fun I’ll keep watching I enjoyed this video.

                • Edward Mason
                  Edward Mason  2 weeks back

                  I think they'll have a lot of good ones going once the season starts.

              • The Donocrispy
                The Donocrispy  2 weeks back

                Next episode Chris explains the gender spectrum