IFSC Climbing World Championships - Hachioji 2019 - BOULDER - Men Semi-Finals


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  • Mantaur104
    Mantaur104  5 days back

    This video is completely unknown to me, and yet it is in my History.

    • cheznikos
      cheznikos  1 weeks back

      Very good show for once. Parkour style debatable but for ppl who like it that way, perfect.

      • Ross Durbin
        Ross Durbin  1 weeks back

        Charlie.. when you "blow" it twice... you SHOULDNT have won anything that you didnt win...

        • John Dobbe
          John Dobbe  1 weeks back

          Hey Charlie remember when you say Adam Ondra should have won the overall title this year Tomoa Naraskaki got his score with one less comp.

          • James Humphries
            James Humphries  1 weeks back

            I think the intent of saying he "should" have won was saying that Ondra blew it. Tomoa was amazing, but Adam had the title in his hands twice and blew it. So saying he "should" have won it is not a slight on Tomoa at all - just that Adam had every opportunity and didn't pull through.

          • Ross Durbin
            Ross Durbin  1 weeks back

            Yeah the whole changing from "could" to "should" was a little irritating... say that to Tomoa

        • sinborn41214
          sinborn41214  1 weeks back

          Youtube algorithm, you're drunk. I have literally NEVER watched any rock climbing on here. Why do I wake up to find THIS ready to play?

          • Helhvitr K'taal
            Helhvitr K'taal  1 weeks back

            Well you are one of us now :P welcome to the Community! :D

        • Eric Connor
          Eric Connor  1 weeks back

          1:32:00 good and fast replays back to back at the right time, that's what I wanna see.

          • M. Pavlekovic
            M. Pavlekovic  1 weeks back

            japanese techno is also on point

            • Moppelfrosch
              Moppelfrosch  1 weeks back

              Good commentary as usuall

              • Cornish Wilson
                Cornish Wilson  1 weeks back

                Worst filming I’ve ever seen. Miss so many good moves

                • e s
                  e s  1 weeks back

                  "Better than the Innsbruck intro" - LMAO

                  • Raul Suarez
                    Raul Suarez  1 weeks back

                    " i love the performance of the USA team"...the other japanese competitors- hold my beer, please.Gonna talk to the commenter to tell him he's reading the list upside down.

                    • kris bbb
                      kris bbb  1 weeks back

                      I wonder how did Jakob feel waiting till the last seconds. What a great round!

                      • Ferran Bermudez
                        Ferran Bermudez  1 weeks back

                        Climbing starts at 2:18

                        • Keith Cookman
                          Keith Cookman  1 weeks back

                          This would be much better, if there was a lot less talking......

                          • Alex Kirk
                            Alex Kirk  1 weeks back


                          • Tayler Sampson
                            Tayler Sampson  1 weeks back

                            @Keith Cookman oh you're so VERY intellectual, take me right now brain daddy

                          • Keith Cookman
                            Keith Cookman  1 weeks back

                            Hay I guess steroids do shrink the mind. You people can’t tolerate my words. Maybe your all Liberals too.

                          • Tayler Sampson
                            Tayler Sampson  1 weeks back

                            Why would you do Boscoe so dirty like this

                          • Jaesonian
                            Jaesonian  1 weeks back

                            Then turn off the sound.

                        • SQUPERLATIV
                          SQUPERLATIV  1 weeks back

                          These Boulders were very difficult. Even for a World Cup.

                          • random dude
                            random dude  1 weeks back

                            World Championship*

                            And I agree with Julien, it was very accurate setting. Also liked the boulders personally.

                          • Julien Faeh
                            Julien Faeh  1 weeks back

                            Yes but I think it’s better than an easy round where 10 climbers top all the boulders . And all the boulders get topped, but by different climbers.
                            I think the setting was pretty good.