Here's a Tour of the Most Expensive Rolls-Royce Sedan From 1973


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  • Kenneth Lown
    Kenneth Lown  6 hours back


    • DJT10
      DJT10  1 days back

      My Dad is purchasing one of these beautiful cars but the one we've got our eyes on is 2hrs away. Should we buy it and have it possibly break down or wait for a nearer one to come up?

      • Rob Fulano
        Rob Fulano  1 days back

        I thought my wife talked a lot....

        • Vladislav
          Vladislav  2 days back

          That engine needs some cleaning. The car needs a little bit of work to make it like it was back in the day but it's still beautiful. I have to wonder how much the price drops due to some of those things not working.

          • idle observer
            idle observer  2 days back

            My '61 oldsmobile had power seats. Anyone who has used a floor mount dimmer switch despises the modern horror.

            • archechme
              archechme  3 days back

              It needs restoring, badly.

              • NightSky 222
                NightSky 222  3 days back

                Older bmw beamers have those backseat ash trays and lighters also and when you open the ash tray it glows with an orange light

                • RVINDVNCE
                  RVINDVNCE  4 days back

                  it's far from perfect but anything else in 1973 was outright crap

                  • Fred Fungus
                    Fred Fungus  4 days back

                    WHAT IS YOUR EXPERTISE
                    TO JUDGE MOTOR CARS
                    ......... Other than speak at a million miles an hour your expertise is zip

                  • christschool
                    christschool  4 days back

                    I had a customer that had one of these, in British green. The car was a POS in regards to reliability, even 45 years ago. It drains the battery within a couple of days if not driven. I would rather own an American car, which were also bad but not this bad, from that year. All British made cars back then had crappy electrical systems.

                    • grochomarx2002
                      grochomarx2002  1 weeks back

                      A simpler car, and theirfor much more reliable and easier to use and maintain.

                      Do we really need 20 different computers in a car just to drive down to the 7 - 11 for a big gulp?

                      Give me simple elegance over electronic gadgets any day.

                      • Vid James
                        Vid James  1 weeks back

                        My favorite part about Doug's reviews is that almost everything is a "guess". Please, Doug, don't bother actually doing research. Just keep guessing wrong and reporting it to us.

                        • captainbackflash
                          captainbackflash  1 weeks back

                          He should do a show with James May from (ex) Top Gear or Grand Tour. He loves Rolls Royce , too. And knows everything about them.

                          • Matt Frazier
                            Matt Frazier  1 weeks back

                            Much better than the gaudy over the top ones they make now. Such elegance.

                            • cell9899
                              cell9899  1 weeks back

                              I feel like Doug is too rough on some of these older cars, did you see the way he was playing with the hood ornament?!! The way he presses the buttons repeatedly too lol. One day he’s gonna break something

                              • Visionery1
                                Visionery1  2 weeks back

                                20:38, is this the bridge under which high trucks get stuck time and again?

                                • Marex Kai
                                  Marex Kai  2 weeks back

                                  Doug, do you ever go to meet a car owner for your review and then think "shit, I have reviewed this car already"

                                  • Anti-theist
                                    Anti-theist  2 weeks back

                                    Laughable now. Such a heap of shit.

                                    • Gamer du Québec
                                      Gamer du Québec  2 weeks back

                                      I saw one for sale for 25k CAD. A Rolls-Royce less expensive than a new base Mustang. And you can tell everyone you drive a Rolls-Royce

                                      • Moottöri Pää
                                        Moottöri Pää  2 weeks back

                                        that radio on it, need some kind asshole to put so lame and shitty stereo at Rolls

                                        • Jonathan Albertson
                                          Jonathan Albertson  2 weeks back

                                          All these old fart butt hurt keyboard warriors in the comments are entertainment gold!

                                          • jason whitton
                                            jason whitton  2 weeks back

                                            I saw one of these in disrepair, collecting dust under some carport in the Hollywood hills. I loved it.

                                            • Mark Freedman
                                              Mark Freedman  2 weeks back

                                              It would be a good idea to review a silver shadow that is not a junker. You will find that one in good condition is far different than what you reviewed here. When you reviewed a Silver Spur, (comparable design but newer) you did a good job. The Spur was in excellent condition. BTW a Shadow in excellent condition sells for about 35K to 40K. In all honesty, you should redo this video with a Shadow in comparable condition to the Spur you reviewed. Otherwise you look like a fool. Not good PR for yourself or AutoTrader. The rest of your videos are great but you missed the point on this one. For example, All luxury cars from this period had power locks, All American cars after 1967 ALL of them had head rests. Little research on headrests had been done when they were introduced so you can expect that Rolls was simply complying with the regulation. All cars from the 40' 50s and 60s and at least the early 70's had buttons on the floor for high beams. Cars did not have graphic symbols on controls until the government mandated them. Your so called 'quirks" were the standard of the day. So ridiculing them because you have no experience with antique cars makes you look like a ignorant jerk to those who grew up through this era. You consider standard features as quirks. If you reviewed any American car from this period you would find that most all of them had the same quirks in them. I'm surprised that you don't consider a Silver Shadow odd because it doesn't have air bags. The silver spur didn't have airbags in America until about 1991. Please redo this video. You came across like an entitled adolescent. There is a seller on Ebay, rrmotorsinc who usually has several in great condition. Look him up.

                                              • Mintygreen
                                                Mintygreen  2 weeks back

                                                Doug is Kermit’s voice impersonator

                                                • P P
                                                  P P  3 weeks back

                                                  I would assume that the 4 four knobs that control the electric windows work as follows: the two closest to the back control the back windows, the one the furthest to the back ( on the left) would control the left window, the other the right...same for the front pair. Not much of a mystery, although I might of course be completely wrong

                                                  • Mary Smith
                                                    Mary Smith  3 weeks back

                                                    Doug by now should of learnt a few things about cars, alas no.

                                                    • Nick N
                                                      Nick N  3 weeks back

                                                      Keep paying attention to details Doug., Most of us couldn't. But then again, this isn't a "regular" estate. *Doug whips around in his wagon*. #estateheaven

                                                      • Martin Jowsey
                                                        Martin Jowsey  3 weeks back

                                                        I'm guessing 'brights'=full-beam?

                                                        • gurjot singh
                                                          gurjot singh  3 weeks back

                                                          @10:22 it is kind of check engine system that checks for any sorts of problems , if it keeps beeping their is some problem and to check the engine checking system their is this button
                                                          Only rolls Royce could think of it

                                                          • MotionMcAnixx
                                                            MotionMcAnixx  3 weeks back

                                                            Most British lads would pull for quality innit?

                                                            • discorobotification
                                                              discorobotification  3 weeks back

                                                              One day I hope to see you look at a first gen Honda Accord.

                                                              • Steven Wilkins
                                                                Steven Wilkins  3 weeks back

                                                                Vinyl tops, amazing its not rotten like most are by now. Must of been garaged

                                                                • Lord Matias47
                                                                  Lord Matias47  3 weeks back

                                                                  Freddie Mercury’s car

                                                                  • Raphael Franks
                                                                    Raphael Franks  3 weeks back

                                                                    I'm pretty sure the Phantom has always been the top of the line Rolls-Royce sedan, it hasn't charged to different models.

                                                                    • Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !

                                                                      Is this the one with Citroen's hydronumatic suspension.

                                                                      • Jake Griffin
                                                                        Jake Griffin  4 weeks back

                                                                        It isn’t weird to have ash trays in the back. Our Jaguar and Cadillac we owned had them.

                                                                        • fredpnet
                                                                          fredpnet  4 weeks back

                                                                          The "coolant" button is probably one of the famous Monty Python's secret function :)

                                                                          • James Conroy
                                                                            James Conroy  4 weeks back

                                                                            Most hood ornaments were on a similar pivoting mount.

                                                                            • richieb carric
                                                                              richieb carric  4 weeks back

                                                                              Does this character always talk like this...or has he affected his tone and pronunciation just for the video in what is now ,unfortunately,typical american affectation of speech...most noticeably among young american women who affect a croak and a little girl voice and every sentence rises at the end as if it is a question...bloody annoying...

                                                                              • Michael Macluskie
                                                                                Michael Macluskie  1 months back

                                                                                When the Brits built this car in the 70s the Yanks were still driving around in Model "T" Fords.

                                                                                • Jack Carter
                                                                                  Jack Carter  1 months back

                                                                                  “The Rolls Royce Phantom of 1973” Really? I think before you generalise like that, you should do your research and remember RR was a very different business and manufacturer then than it is today. The ‘Shadow was their regular ‘cooking’ product, they made many better bespoke an coachbuilt cars - Wraiths, MPW’s etc to specific order. The shadow was the first regular product to be driven by owners rather than their staff, their first ‘personal’ car. RR wouldn’t be around to make the ugly footballer trophy product they have to make today if it weren’t for the Success of the Silver Shadow.

                                                                                  • Collateralcoffee
                                                                                    Collateralcoffee  1 months back

                                                                                    I honestly wonder how this dumbfuck is allowed by people to talk nonsense about their cars. He is clueless, he is obnoxious, and he thinks he is God himself.

                                                                                    • Smoking twins
                                                                                      Smoking twins  1 months back

                                                                                      The jeep wrangler does the door handles like that still

                                                                                      • danoz
                                                                                        danoz  1 months back

                                                                                        Hey Doug... review the 1974 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe! If you can find a well kept one, or one restored to original specs, they are a fantastic car! Cheers

                                                                                        • el ectrecuted
                                                                                          el ectrecuted  1 months back

                                                                                          this is the model Isaac Hayes was using in the "pursuit of the pimpmobile", painted pink of course

                                                                                          • thunderstorms06
                                                                                            thunderstorms06  1 months back

                                                                                            I had a pair of them both 1973
                                                                                            I installed a Harvey bialy suspension designed by lotus
                                                                                            With heavier sway bars it made it drive 100% the seats add a block of memory foam
                                                                                            Power windows regreasedbwith the brake removed and that helped speed up the windows
                                                                                            Hella halogen headlights improved visibility painted the rubber bumper inserts to match on the later 73 the other car had chromed early style bumpers.removed the big block over riders to have a slim bumper look
                                                                                            Halogen bulbs in the side blinker lights and replaced the round mirrors with early silver spirit retangular ones gave them a shadow 2 appearance. Removed the non vented front rotors and spindles and replaced with early 1981 silver spirit vented ones.borla stainless exhaust system on both cars.
                                                                                            Replaced headliners with vinal one one car and the other he'd velvet not wool that had stains in them.
                                                                                            Mirror tinted the side glass only and a tint strip atop the front and at the bottom of the rear glass.
                                                                                            Halogen reverse bulbs and indicators too. Also we're the clear side marker lenzes with tiny red and yellow lenz installed gave the body a smother look.
                                                                                            As to say my silver shadows SRB 15286 & her sister SRB 16884 lived happily together in a nice suburban garage in Alabama .i had the finest youth a guy could have . No Ferrari as I'd have lost my drivers liscense or died in one of those therefor dad sported son a pair of very well outfitted Rolls-Royces.
                                                                                            I survived to be older now after the death of the benefactor supporter of the cars (Dad) they were sold Ito someone to feed them money o no longer needed or should continue doing.
                                                                                            i have retained my highly modified silver spirit/spur custom built with all the best parts from spirit spur & turbo R
                                                                                            It has sat abandoned since the mortguage crisis nearly wiped me out. I lived dirt ass poor but I held on to the soon I'll be back on the horse I repair the cars I simply say , Obama damage finally getting attended too. The economy would have continued falling into a bottomless pit had he not been gotten rid of..many Rolls sat for a decade because of him...

                                                                                          • Ryan Chase
                                                                                            Ryan Chase  1 months back

                                                                                            Affordable entry price... can you estimate yearly maintenance costs at say 10,000 mi/ yr?

                                                                                            • byteme9718
                                                                                              byteme9718  1 months back

                                                                                              Why would you ask this retard this? He has no fucking clue. He can't even understand the switches!

                                                                                          • the Game, Review and Reallife Channel

                                                                                            Doug is the type of guy that got no Idea how cheaply build modern cars are, also luxury sedans...