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Grooviness to the max on this VANTAGE track. Taken from his debut album 'Metro City'. ...
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01. 50//50 0:00 02. Happiness Deluxe 4:06 03. 99th Street 7:34 04. Snow Jam 10:45 05. Future Lover 13:47 06. Barracuda 17:02 07. So Right 21:13 08.
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Sali Zäme! ✖ ✖ ✖ Kimon ...
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POLAR VANTAGE M, ТОПовые часы за небольшие деньги ( Друзья после активног.
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Muchas gracias a @AstonMartinMX por prestarme esta belleza de coche y a ti por ver este video! ¡Pasa a saludar! Instagram: @agustinmk Twitter: @agustinmk .
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Check out the awesome shoes on & Use STRAIGHTPIPES15 for 15% off your entire order, valid until December 25, ...
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ARTZIE MUSIC MERCH AVAILABLE NOW: Artzie Music - #1 Destination for Unique Music Subscribe to us: ...
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The first 500 people to sign up get the first 2 months free at Skillshare! Two months ago, Aston Martin sent us a new Vantage, and it ...
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全新的底盤搭上AMG V8雙渦輪引擎,展現出脫胎換果的操控性.
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Buat lo yang suka koleksi sepatu, brand sepatu yang satu ini engga boleh kelewatan nih frewnk! Vans, sepatu yang identik banget sama skateboard ini udah ...
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ARTZIE MUSIC MERCH AVAILABLE NOW: Artzie Music - #1 Destination for Unique Music Subscribe to us: ...
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Thanks to Galpin Premier for the Aston Martin! If you're in the LA area and need a car contact sales here BUY DDE MERCH ...
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Merci à @astonmartinmonaco de m'avoir invité à essayer cette nouvelle Vantage ! Musique : Suivez moi aussi sur ...
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[狂人日誌] Aston Martin Vantage,Rage Against 五指! #狂人: 幾經紐西蘭的夏令日落以至僅此一圈的賽道淺嚐,和返台後的檔期終於敲定,卻在首輪拍攝遭...
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Seneng banget kalau nyobain mobil baru, kayak yang ini guys...berasa jadi James Bond. Tonton sampai akhir !! #AstonMartin #ReviewMobil #RaffiAhmad ...