The Original Nintendo Switch Is Getting A HUGE Upgrade! ReviewTechUSA
1 hours back
Get 10% off today —WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING—by going to, that's and use code “RTU” Nintendo is ...
Nintendo Announces New Switch with Upgraded Battery - Inside Gaming Daily Inside Gaming
16 hours back
Head over to and get $20 off the PC37X! Horrifying Mario on the thumbnail courtesy of Daniel Midholt ...
A New Nintendo Switch Is Coming...And It Has One Big Upgrade Spawn Wave
23 hours back
A Nintendo Switch revision was announced today that looks to replace the current Switch with new hardware internally. Most likely the chip being used is also ...
Nintendo Announces a New Nintendo Switch With Better Battery Life Nintendo Life
1 days back
Nintendo Company Limited have announced a revision to the standard Switch that improves battery life significantly. Check out our full site: ...
First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: A New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family Nintendo UK
1 weeks back
Introducing Nintendo Switch Lite – a compact, lightweight console that's dedicated to handheld play! This new addition to the Nintendo Switch family arrives ...
Nintendo Switch | Save Data Sharing gaijin hunter
2 hours back
How save data sharing on 2 switch devices works (firmware 8 onward). Hope this helps.
A NEW Nintendo Switch Coming Soon with A Big Upgrade! Austin John Plays
21 hours back
The Nintendo Switch Lite reveal was just last week and we're already getting new info about A NEW Nintendo Switch hardware Update/Revision with Extended ...
Introducing the Nintendo PSP - SWITCH LITE PARODY SAMTIME
1 days back
Introducing the Nintendo Switch Lite! It does everything the Nintendo Switch does but less! PATREON: MERCH: ...
Nintendo Switch - Fan-Favorites & Newest Releases - Summer Nintendo
2 days back
With over 1000 games and more added each week, Nintendo Switch has games for every type of gamer – whether at home or on-the-go. Check out fan-favorites ...
23 hours back
Хочу обсудить с вами игровую консоль Nintendo Switch Lite. #Nintendo #Switch #Lite.
Nintendo Revealed a NEW Switch...BUT It’s Not The Pro?! DreamcastGuy
1 days back
So it seems the surprises are still continuing this week as Nintendo revealed a new Switch console, but instead of being the long rumored Switch Pro it is more of ...
Nintendo Switch Pro is not what you think it is... Commonwealth Realm
2 days back
Nintendo Switch Pro might end up as "New" Nintendo Switch in time for Breath of the Wild 2 in possibly 2020 and this should not come as any surprise after the ...
Nintendo Reveals Another NEW Switch Coming AUGUST 2019! RGT 85
1 days back
Hot off the heels of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo has announced ANOTHER Nintendo Switch coming in AUGUST that has a BIG FEATURE! We also got a ...
The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 So Far IGN
3 days back
The first six months of 2019 have given Nintendo fans platformer perfection, clever card games, stylish shooters, and more. Subscribe to IGN for more!
Nintendo Switch - Games for Every Gamer! Nintendo
1 weeks back
Nintendo Switch has over 2000 titles and plenty more on the way! From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Mortal Kombat 11 to Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield, ...
Minecraft "CREEPER EDITION" Console Unboxing! (New Nintendo 2DS XL) TheRelaxingEnd
7 days back
Who's excited for Nintendo Switch Lite? Unboxing New Nintendo 2DS XL Minecraft Creeper Limited Edition console. Region locked Japanese version.
Sell your Nintendo Switch (before it's too late) Kevin Kenson
5 days back
If you are planning on side grading to the Nintendo Switch Lite or the new Switch with better specs, it's time to sell you old Switch now before prices drop! Also, is ...
Evolution of Weird Nintendo Games (1986 - 2019) Shiromi
4 days back
Evolution of the weirdest and most obscure Nintendo Games starting in 1986 with All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. until 2019 with Detective Pikachu and ...
Why I'm Getting a Nintendo Switch Lite Even Though I Have a Switch IGN
6 days back
The Nintendo Switch Lite is a scaled back, handheld-focus version of the console, and, oddly enough, that's exactly what this IGN executive editor wants.
5 hours back
These Nintendo Switch Games May Have Problems On Switch Lite IGN
3 days back
A smaller, handheld only version of Nintendo Switch is something people have wanted for a long time. Now that it's finally a reality, we wanted to clue you in on a ...
Capcom Pulls A Fast One On Switch Owners And Nintendo Gets Pressed On JoyCon Drift | News Wave Spawn Wave
1 days back
Capcom has been doing some interesting things with pricing games for the Nintendo Switch after Resident Evil games like RE4 were priced higher than other ...
Nintendo is winning the console war Kevin Kenson
2 weeks back
In the battle of PS4 vs Xbox vs Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has fought its way back to the top. ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡ Twitter: ...
Nintendo upgrades Switch with up to 9 hours of battery life Engadget
22 hours back
The murmurs of an upgraded Switch were true -- although you might want to put hopes for a Switch Pro on ice, at least for now. Nintendo has quietly unveiled a ...
Evolution of Funny Nintendo Moments (1993 - 2019) Shiromi
2 weeks back
Evolution of the funniest and most hilarious moments in Nintendo Games starting in 1993 with Link The Faces of Evil until 2019 with Super Mario Odyssey for the ...
Nintendo Switch Améliorée Officialisée, Bugs des Joycon, Fin de Splatoon 2 & Drame à Kyoto Animation E.M.B
6 hours back
Brûlant On parle du Nouveau Modèle de la #NintendoSwitch Améliorée qui a été officialisé, des Bugs de Joycon, de la fin de #Splatoon2, du Drame à Kyoto ...
Is The Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It? WhatCulture Gaming
2 days back
Jules doesn't have a Switch, but like anyone else being interested by the Switch Lite, he's looking to finally get one. Should he? For more awesome content, ...
Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Welcome to the Golden Deer House - Nintendo Switch Nintendo
3 days back
Take a deeper look at the Leicester Alliance, which lies in the east and represented at Garreg Mach Monastery under the banner of the Golden Deer. Led by ...
Evolution of Super Smash Bros. References in Nintendo Games (2002 - 2019) Shiromi
7 days back
Evolution of all Super Smash Bros. References and Cameos in Nintendo Games starting in 2002 with Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land until 2019 with WarioWare ...
The Nintendo Switch Lite Could Have A Big Problem Spawn Wave
3 days back
Nintendo announced the Switch Lite last week and during the excitement and controversy over the product one question seemed to keep coming up when it ...
Nintendo NO quiere que compres la Switch Lite Mundo N
21 hours back
El anuncio y estrategia detrás de la Nintendo Switch Lite, es mucho más profundo de lo que a simple vista aparenta. ¡Apóyanos en Patreon!
Nintendo Switch Piracy & Hacking - Did You Know Gaming Ft. Dazz DidYouKnowGaming?
5 days back
New Jersey GamerCon Tickets: New Jersey GamerCon Info: (If you buy tickets, please use our link to do so.
1 days back
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The Nintendo Switch Pro Zelda Conspiracy! HMK
18 hours back
It's all part of Nintendo's Machine, partner.... ▻Subscribe! - ▻Become a Member!
NINTENDO SWITCH --- Lista de TODOS LOS JUEGOS que me interesan GeneracionActual
3 hours back
Hago una lista completa con vosotros de todos los juegos que me interesan de Switch, desde su lanzamiento hasta julio de 2019. TWITTER!
Nintendo Switch Lite is Here! Kevin Kenson
1 weeks back
Nintendo announced the new Nintendo Switch Lite today, including its release day and specs. It's the Switch Mini that everyone wanted! Also some speculation ...
New Nintendo Switch Model With Longer Battery Life Announced - IGN Now IGN
18 hours back
Nintendo has announced an improved version of the original Nintendo Switch with better battery life. This isn't the rumored 'pro version' and separate from the ...
Normal Endless Challenge! - Super Mario Maker 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 21 (Nintendo Switch) ZackScottGames
13 hours back
Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 21! Normal Endless Challenge Gameplay PART 1 ▻ PLAYLIST ...
DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 - Preview on Nintendo Switch! AbdallahSmash026
4 hours back
Gameplay of Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Nintendo Switch (also Playstation 4) where Abdallah gives a livestream preview of the first hour of the game, with ...
ZackScottGames Themed Levels! - Super Mario Maker 2 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20 (Nintendo Switch) ZackScottGames
1 days back
Super Mario Maker 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20! Custom Levels Gameplay PART 1 ▻ PLAYLIST ...
Nintendo Entertainment System - Rewind Feature - Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo
1 weeks back
On July 17, a Rewind feature will be available to use with the entire collection of NES – Nintendo Switch Online games, allowing players to easily rewind ...
What it's like to play Nintendo Switch Lite CNET
1 weeks back
Nintendo just announced the new Switch Lite. The $200 handheld-only Switch arrives Sept. 20, but we got to play one. It's missing some key features from the ...
Nintendo anuncia oficialmente la Revisión de Nintendo Switch para Agosto. Con mucha más batería. StarGin Games
24 hours back
New Nintendo Switch is Coming with Better Battery Life! Commonwealth Realm
1 days back
A New Nintendo Switch Model with close to Double the Battery Life of the Standard Nintendo Switch Model and Longer battery life than Nintendo Switch Lite ...
FIRST New Nintendo Switch Pro Details DISCOVERED? RGT 85
7 days back
Fresh off the Nintendo Switch Lite announcement yesterday, it seems like the first details of a more powerful Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch Pro, have ...
Pokémon Direct 6.5.2019 Nintendo
1 months back
Tune in for roughly 15 minutes of information on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch in a Pokémon Direct presentation. #NintendoSwitch ...
Nintendo Switch Lite có khai tử 3DS được không? TechMag Vietnam
4 hours back
Trong suốt một thời gian dài, Nintendo đã luôn duy trì hai dòng sản phẩm riêng biệt là dòng máy chơi game cầm tay (3DS) và dòng máy chơi game gia đình ...
15 hours back
Nintendo nos madrugó y anunció un nuevo modelo de Nintendo Switch, también soltaron la fecha oficial de lanzamiento de Luigi's Mansion 3, el OST de ...