an unhealthy guide to jiu panda smiles
2 years back
i noticed it takes forever for me to make a crack video or a dc diaries episode so i thought, "lemme do a video that doesn't take too much time, how about a basic ...
dreamcatcher jiu eating in a nutshell (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ dreamerloh
1 years back
shes a mukbang goddess irl fite me more exams to come ( going on hiatus ) ______ program : svp 14 vid link: https://www.vlive.tv/video/79420?
お皿にもなる2WAYフライパン「JIU」で食器も洗い物も減った件 ミニマリストしぶ
5 months back
動画で紹介した「JIU(ジュウ)」 ▶︎ https://jiu10.com/product.html ミニマリストしぶの全持ち物リスト219個まとめ▶︎ https://sibu2.com/minimalist-sibu-own-ite...
Pan Kids BJJ 2017: The Ultimate Highlights GRACIEMAG
2 years back
http://gallerr.com The Pan Kids IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017 was held on Feb. 19 at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California. These are the ...
Jiu JItsu / Campeonato Brasileiro 2018 - Faixa Branca. Fees Bjj Videos
1 years back
Jiu JItsu / Campeonato Brasileiro 2018 - Faixa Branca.
Jiu-Jitsu Street Self-Defense in Boston Knight Jiu-Jitsu
4 months back
Check Out Patreon.com/KnightJiuJitsu for more detailed instruction. While up in Boston this weekend and earlier this week, Jared Jessup (2nd Degree RGJJN ...
Jiu-Jitsu Demonstration Yegor Chaus
8 years back
Yegor Chaus and Bogdan Chaus - Purple Belt Jiu-Jitsu. Irish Jiu-Jitsu Academy: www.ijja.ie Music: Wa Dai Ko Matsuri Za-Riki-Maru.
Why EVERY Child Needs Jiu-Jitsu GracieBreakdown
4 years back
Every child experiences bullying, but not every is equipped with the tools to overcome it. The Gracie Bullyproof program empowers children with the non-violent ...
Olguta Berbec - Puiul meu din Targu Jiu Ijac Music Official
1 years back
Puiul meu din Targu Jiu” , se regaseste pe albumul “Iubeste inima si iarta” editat in anul 2015 la Casa de Producție Ijac Music! Albumul a fost imprimat la ...
BJJ Solo - Total Body Workout w/ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Movements (Beginner) UltimateTraining
1 years back
Time for a serious total body burn, while training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques at home. Follow along with black belt Dustin Koppel as he gives you a 33 minute ...
7 Técnicas de Jiu Jitsu Para Iniciantes e Graduados FEU BJJ
1 years back
Garanta já sua vaga Dia 19/05/18 Seminário Mestre Malibu e Feu Bjj em Paulinia S.P , ENVIE UM E MAIL: E receba o cronograma e endereço do seminário ...
Jiu Jitsu Rolling Techniques | Joe Rogan, Danny "Last Call" Castillo, & T.J. Dillashaw Onnit
5 years back
Joe Rogan, Danny Castillo and T.J. Dillashaw of Team Alpha Male at go over Jiu-Jitsu rolling techniques at the Onnit Headquarters in Austin, TX. ▻ Learn More ...
Intro to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Part 1 -- The History Art of Manliness
5 years back
This is the first in a series of videos about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In this video, third generation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Rener Gracie talks about the history of his ...
3rd Degree Black Belt Exam | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | ROYDEAN.TV ROYDEAN.TV
5 years back
Grab Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 now: http://bit.ly/bluebelt2 Subscribe to the premium channel: https://roydean.vhx.tv/browse Go Pro. Caption your videos: ...
Bodybuilder DESTROYS Jiu-Jitsu Fighters | Bodybuilder VS BJJ Tournament Houston Jones
4 months back
In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I destroy people in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament! I decided to grapple against these BJJ fighters to prove that bodybuilding is actually ...
The First Five Submissions You Need To Know | Jiu-Jitsu Basics Knight Jiu-Jitsu
6 months back
More detailed instruction at Patreon.com/KnightJiuJitsu It is hard to narrow down, but these are, in my opinion, the first five submissions you should learn in ...
Women's Self-defense That Actually Works! (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu) GracieBreakdown
4 years back
In a perfect world, women wouldn't need self-defense because men wouldn't perpetrate these crimes — but the world is far from perfect. The Gracie Women ...
The Soul of Jiu Jitsu Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood
2 years back
Read Nic's bestselling book on jiu jitsu, The Black Belt Blueprint https://bit.ly/2EldiDP See More at Nic's online Jiu Jitsu dojo, The Master Academy ...
Submissions from Bad Positions | Jiu-Jitsu Anti-Fundamentals Knight Jiu-Jitsu
2 days back
Just calm down...”Anti-Fundamentals” is just a way of saying these violate a lot of fundamental principles we are taught as rules about positions and submissions ...
Schubert Jiu-Jitsu - Gracie System - Conheça nossas Escolas - www.schubertbjj.com Schubert Jiu-Jitsu - Gracie System
59 minutes back
A Escola Schubert Jiu-Jitsu foi fundada em 2007 pelo Professor Marcos Schubert e teve como primeiras Escolas filiadas As Escolas Schubert Jiu-Jitsu ...
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Japanese Jujutsu ? Chewjitsu
2 years back
Should you do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Japanese Jiu-jitsu? That's the BJJ related question I was asked recently by Martin who's interested in the two for self defense ...
Intro to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Part 3 -- The Basics II Art of Manliness
5 years back
This is the second in a series of videos about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In this video, third generation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Rener Gracie teaches a few of the ...
Intro to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Part 4 -- The Philosophy Art of Manliness
5 years back
In this video, third generation Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Rener Gracie explains the philosophy behind BJJ. oLearn BJJ at http://gracieuniversity.com.
12 BJJ Black Belts Give Their Best Advice For Starting Jiu-Jitsu Stephan Kesting
1 years back
12 BJJ black belts give their single best piece of advice for people just starting out in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. White belts looking for tips and help with their training will ...
2 months back
Alfa: Instagram https://instagram.com/alfafightoficial?igshid=wk0d66ktxdu5 Alfa: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alfafightoficial/ Site: ...
JIU JITSU VS BRIGA DE RUA - Me Defendendo com Jiu-Jitsu Ei Andrew
3 years back
Canal do Nascimento: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClh66nJFw2DVJg9Cy4GZoFw Twitter: https://twitter.com/eiandrew Facebook: ...
10 dicas para iniciantes no jiu-jitsu Mahamed Aly
4 years back
Em novembro de 2015, dei 10 dicas para iniciantes na revista Gracie Magazine. Decidi compartilhar essas dicas com vocês, espero que gostem. Alongamento ...
The 2019 World Master IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship Is Coming... FloGrappling
2 days back
The best over-3- grapplers in the world converge in Las Vegas to fight for the coveted World Champion title LIVE on FloGrappling.com Wed Aug 21 through Sat ...
first class expectations | jiu-jitsu advice Steve-O G
2 years back
It's time for you to finally start that #jiujitsu journey. Here's some advice on what you might want to bring and what you should expect from your very first #bjj class.
O que comer ANTES e DEPOIS do treino de Jiu Jitsu? Muito Mais Ação Jiu Jitsu
3 years back
O que devemos comer antes e depois dos treinos de jiu jitsu? O que devemos comer antes das competições de jiu jitsu? #jiujitsu #dietajiujitsu ...
3 years back
Conheça a historia do jiu jitsu no Brasil! Documentário raro! Veja mais vídeos legais como esse em: www.capotatv.com.br.
Jiu-Jitsu Escapes | 5 Ways Out of The Mount Knight Jiu-Jitsu
2 years back
So much more at Patreon.com/KnightJiuJitsu Getting mounted sucks, but these techniques and concepts help it to suck a little less. Far from a comprehensive ...
10 dicas valiosas para o faixa branca de Jiu-Jitsu - Paulo Amf JiuJitsuBOX
2 years back
Trago neste video, 10 itens que todo Faixa Branca de Jiu Jitsu deve dominar e o que se espera de um faixa branca de Jiu-Jitsu No Video apresento uma série ...
ROLL: Jiu-Jitsu in SoCal Eat Films
4 years back
A documentary we put together following a short trip to California in late 2014. We met some amazing and inspiring people in the short time that we were there ...
Full Day of Eating to Get Strong | Workout and jiu jitsu back home fearstofit
1 days back
hi friends thanks for watching! hope this is insightful for you friends and helps you understand how and what I eat to stay my healthiest and happiest ! here the ...
2 years back
E ai Guerreiros, tudo certo? Neste vídeo BJJ eu apresento 5 dicas para melhorar o seu gás no jiu jitsu. São dicas para aumentar sua resistência nos treinos de ...
Demi Lovato Does Jiu Jitsu Demi Lovato
2 years back
Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts are an important part of Demi's life. Watch to learn why, see her perform a workout routine, and witness some very impressive ...
Como amarrar a Faixa - Jiu Jitsu Minuto Jiu Jitsu Alexandre Marciano
2 years back
Jiu Jitsu em um minuto com professor Alexandre Marciano www.7jj.com.br.
Want To Get Better Faster In BJJ / Jiu-Jitsu? Here It Is! - Kama Vlog Kama Jiu-Jitsu
6 months back
jiujitsu4life #BJJ #getgood WANT TO LEARN FROM KAMA JIU_JITSU? Try our new Patreon page? We upload regular tutorial/technique videos for you to study ...
The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) and Equalized Jiu-Jitsu Game? Get Better with Both! - Kama Vlog Kama Jiu-Jitsu
5 days back
Grab officail Kama T-shirt s on Teespring! - https://teespring.com/stores/kama-jiu-jitsu-teespring WANT TO LEARN FROM KAMA? - Try our new Patreon page!
Jiu Jitsu Aprenda amarrar a faixa (3 dicas) JIU JITSU CLASS
3 years back
Aprenda 3 maneiras de amarrar a faixa do kimono. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Por que o Jiu Jitsu não é Olímpico? Muito Mais Ação Jiu Jitsu
3 years back
Neste vídeo eu falo sobre quais são os motivos do Jiu Jitsu não ser um esporte olimpico. #jiujitsu #jiujitsuolimpiada #porquejiujitsunaoeolimpico Confira o ...
Meet 9-Year Old Jiu-Jitsu Champion Aralai | Little Big Shots Australia Little Big Shots Aus
2 years back
This Little Big Shot may look like a smiley 9-year old girl, but don't be fooled she's an absolute weapon. This Aussie Jiu-Jitsu champion is a global star in ...
Building A Better World With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Frank Curreri | TEDxUNLV TEDx Talks
3 years back
For centuries Jiu Jitsu's sophisticated fighting techniques were a closely-guarded secret of monks, Samurai and royal families. But over the past 20 years, ...
40 Minute Yoga workout for Jiu Jitsu with Prof. Flavio Almeida | Fightmaster Yoga Videos Fightmaster Yoga
5 years back
40 minute Yoga for Jiu Jitsu is focused on opening the shoulders and upper back as well as the thighs and hip flexors. There are a lot of techniques in BJJ that ...
BS Jiu-Jitsu Techniques That Actually Work Knight Jiu-Jitsu
1 years back
These moves shouldn't really work. But for some reason, they are actually pretty effective. My friend Brandon Mccaghren, 10th Planet Black Belt who runs 10P ...