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Does Seafoam Actually Work in a Car? (with Proof) ChrisFix
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How to clean a throttle body and Idle air control valve (iac). This shows you how to fix a high idle, low idle, and or rough idle. Most modern cars have an idler air ...
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How to tint car windows. Learn the process of how to tint car windows yourself. The tints in this video are still looking great 5+ years later! You will need: -tint ...
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Buying my Mom her dream car and surprising her with it out of nowhere was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I have been saving up since high ...
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Why Car Guys Always Need A Donor Car [ft. ChrisFix] Car Throttle
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This week, Alex surprises Ethan with a new car. Little does he know, it's actually a plot to get donor parts for Phil. Until ChrisFix pays Alex a visit! VISIT OUR ...
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Test Drive Elio the 84mpg, $6800 Car of the Future, Today! ChrisFix
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I drive the future of commuter cars, the 3-wheeled, $6800 Elio by Elio Motors. This car gets 84mpg highway and 49mpg city with an all new 3 cylinder .9L engine.
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Fuel Pump Test and Fuel Pump Replacement. I show you how to figure out if your fuel pump is bad and then how to replace a fuel pump in your car or truck.