Ultimate 1JZ Sound Compilation Street Cult
1 years back
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Toyota 1JZ Powered Mazda RX7 FC and it Sounds Amazing! Hoonigan Daily Transmission
2 months back
Doritos may be life for some of us here in the building, but we'll be the first to admit that a rotary not the most cost effective engine you can build/run. Toyota's 1JZ ...
1JZ Challenge - Purchase, Paint, and Refresh! Adam LZ
2 years back
We ran over to JDM Orlando to pick up a VVTI 1JZ and headed home to clean it up so it runs and looks great! 2 MORE DAYS LEFT TO FINISH. Follow my friends ...
520 HP 1JZ Mk3 Toyota Supra Review! - Speed and Sophistication ThatDudeinBlue
1 years back
So easy to use you can be lazy - https://pattersoncarcare.com/ The Mk3 Toyota Supra is typically overshadowed by the Mk4 Toyota Supra with it's 2jz power ...
BEST 1JZ Toyota Chaser Sound Compilation! ThatCarSoundChannel
4 years back
Here is a sick compilation of 1JZ-GTE Chasers!
1 months back
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1JZ vs 2JZ: Which One is Actually Better? Dust Runners Automotive Journal
2 years back
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RB25 vs 1JZ Battle of the 2.5 engine blocks - Platinum Tech Motive Video
7 months back
We did RB30 vs 2JZ engine block comparison, now its time to test and compare their little brothers. The RB25DET and the 1JZ-GTE engine blocks. Please note ...
Легенды JDM - 1JZ-GE (на практике не такой уж он и "мега тру"...) Теория ДВС
10 months back
Если вдруг кому интересна тачка на фоне - она будет через пару недель на этом канале: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBBaster?&ab...
3 years back
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1JZ-GTE v.s. 2JZ-GTE (Which Is Better & Why) PURE Function
1 years back
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4 years back
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Best 1JZ Exhaust Sound Compilation! TheRE4guy
5 years back
The best compilation ever of the 1JZ sounds yo. Like and share if you enjoyed the video! Tags:m3, s4, s13, s14, chuki, zenki, kouki, jdm, BMW, Silvia, sr20det, ...
How Much Does A 1JZ Swap Really Cost? Lets Go Over It! Kevin Camacho
1 years back
It was costly. It was alot of work. The trans is super loud. It was totally worth it! Because it rips!. SUBSCRIBE COMMENT LIKE. Thank you all for watching.
Расход топлива 1JZ-GTE VVTI + АКПП. Altezza/ TURBO HOP
1 years back
По пути домой решил замерить расход по трассе в спокойном режиме. По итогу вышло 8.4 литра но я округлил в...
ВСКРЫЛИ 1JZ И 2JZ А ТАМ....? Swap - Точка
6 months back
Канал нашего спонсора: https://goo.gl/pz6TmJ В этом ролике вы увидите великое таинство регулировки клапанов на леге...
Vin's 1JZ Swapped Silvia Hits the Dyno - How Much Power Does it Make?? Hoonigan Project Cars
7 months back
Now that Vin's car finally runs, he can hit the dyno and see exactly how much power our buddy Bisimoto can pull from that 1JZ powerplant with stock internals ...
Бюджетный 1JZ-GTE для дрифта. Все этапы сборки. Джейзет для Rx-7. #Дрифтанутые ДРИФТАНУТЫЕ !
5 months back
Процесс сборки двигателя - кропотливая и ответственная задача. Мы хотим бюджетно собрать 1jz-gte для нашей...
1JZ Engine Conversion Mighty Car Mods
7 years back
In this massive episode of Mighty Car Mods, the boys collect their Toyota Chaser front cut from Japan and install the engine into a new car.... Get The Songs ...
1JZ FIRST START UP!!! Stewart Motoring
2 years back
The 1JZ is alive!!! It actually wasn't too bad to get it running. I had a lot of trouble with the RB I had before and this JZ fired right up!! I'll do a compression test just ...
502whp single turbo 1jz soarer ride along! Drifts N' Lifts
8 months back
Just a quick rip in my friends badass toyota soarer ! Like, comment and subscribe for volvo drift. VOLVO DRIFT BEER MERCHANDISE FORSALE HERE ...
Testing and sound video. Fully built 1JZ Jeffrey Rainwater
1 years back
Yeah, the headlight motors are removed, so they move freely. And the turbo blanket moves around. Both addressed. This is not a bad sounding 1JZ. Best of the ...
So You Want a 1jz vvti?? - What to look for Stewart Motoring
2 years back
Be sure to stay tuned for all the upgrades as well as tune up videos here soon. As soon as I get the body of the car done for this beast to go in! In this video I talk ...
2 years back
1JZ vs 2JZ: Which one is better? VisioRacer
4 years back
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Single Turbo 1JZ First Start Up Poor Man Mods
5 years back
Starting up our 1JZ Supra Drift Missile for the first time. Turbonetics T3/T4, tial waste gate set to 8.7psi, open downpipe 100% stock engine.. Support PMM by ...
Проверка работы двигателя 1jz-gte vvt-i МТ - 786 Павел Бомбоев
3 years back
Japan Tuning Parts предлагает вам контрактные запчасти с распилов/ тюнинг/CВАП КОМПЛЕКТЫ, привоз авто распилом!...
5 months back
Support the build!! https://jimmyogarage.com https://jimmyogarage.com https://jimmyogarage.com Send a slap sticker!! Jimmy Oakes PMB 169 61 N. Plains ...
Chasing the Perfect Sound - 1JZ VVTI Adam LZ
2 years back
What will it take to get this car sounding like my JZX? Attempt #3 got us closer, but still not quite there. Any ideas? http://LZMFG.com Alberto Big Boost ...
Tazoyota. новый мотор 1jz gte.Сломал коробку бмв. свап жиги Братко Иван
11 months back
Установка мотора 1jz gte и бмв коробки в жигули.
2 years back
More power & more sound. Will it sound good though? Today we install an upgraded turbo elbow with a wastegate dump tube. Love her reaction ...
Двигатель Toyota 1JZ-GE - Легендарный Японский Атмосферник Motorro
7 months back
Подпишись! - http://bit.ly/motorro Двигатель Toyota 1JZ-GE можно смело назвать легендой, созданной конструкторами японской...
1JZ в НЕМЕЦКУЮ классику, Mercedes W126 На чём ездят за Уралом
1 years back
Реальный нестандарт для моего канала: олдскульный Мерседес W126 (1979 - 1992) S-Класс из австрийского посольства...
BMW 1JZ GTE обзор на эмоциях! e34 свап 1JZ GTE. Sound blow off. #немастер
1 years back
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1jz Swapped Datsun 280z FIRST DRIVE Stewart Motoring
3 days back
Been a long time coming. Car is going to be so much fun. Stay tuned (: Snapchat @ StewartMotoring Instagram @ instagram.com/stewartmotoring Facebook ...
CHASER BOOST EDITION 1JZ-GE + TURBO 3-серия турбо коммуникации Владимир Зорин
3 months back
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpeH1mLf6Dc&t=65s -Я вконтакте: https://vk.com/v.zoorin -Мой инстаграм: https://www.instagram.com/vladim.z/?hl=ru ...
Обзор Волга тюнинг/Газ-24 1JZ-GTE Авто Обзор
4 years back
Советская Волга ГАЗ 24 с двигателем Toyota 1JZ-GTE, стоимость создания и эксплуатация ГАЗ 24 1JZ-GTE.
7 months back
Shooting for that 600whp number with the SC300, then also having Trackstar Motorworks program some insane anti-lag two step to throw some assault rifle ...
The best 1JZ turbo setup! |E21 build SKYZ GARAGE
1 weeks back
GTX3076R is in my opinion, the best turbo setup for street 1jz setup. What other setup would you suggest? leave a like a comment :)
Капиталка 1JZ-GTE разобрали мотор и офигели. Что дальше делать с контрактником? ДРИФТАНУТЫЕ !
9 months back
Продолжаем перебирать 1jz-gte, который планировалось лишь взбодрить и вкинуть в наш стритовый дрифт-корч,...
1JZ・2JZ特集!甲高く鳴り響く直6サウンドに昇天! Car info 23
6 months back
世界に誇る直6の名機・・・1JZ&2JZ! 1990年に生産が開始されたエンジンが今なお愛される理由。 そのフィール、そのサウンド、あふれるパワー!...
Encyklopedia Autoholika - Swap silnika 1JZ w Subaru Impreza Autoholicy
10 months back
Witam dzis na tapecie literka "S" jak swap czyli przekładka silnika. By było ciekawie o swoich przygodach opowie nam Mikołaj własciciel szalonego Subaru ...
1JZ-GE Замена Свечей. Разве что-то может пойти не так? #JDMachines JDMachines
1 years back
Нельзя просто так взять и поменять свечи на "жузете"))) Music by Blaze Audio https://www.youtube.com/user/BlazeEssenceVideos Так же не забыва...
1JZ GTE powered Toyota AE86 Kills Some Tires On Track!! 19Bozzy92
3 years back
You can also find and follow me on: - Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19bozzy92/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/19Bozzy92YT - Google+: ...
AMAZING 1JZ SOUND! 素晴らしいエンジンサウンドをご堪能あれ シャウトローグ TV /SHOUT ROGUE TV
5 years back
トラストのT67-25Gにブースト1.6k時のエンジンサウンドです。 使用マイク http://amzn.to/2lcJFXj 毎週金曜日夜6時に動画をアップロードしています。...
Toyota Mark 2 Tourer V, 1jz gte. ответы на вопросы SIDOR OFF
2 years back
сегодня я хочу ответить на все ваши интересующие вопросы, после выпуска 1-ой серии. группа вк https://vk.com/club14707123...
Twin 1JZ Cressida Fire Fight // DT261 Hoonigan
1 years back
SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BONUS CHANNEL// https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFhUumuHyYL-mAXSeZVbqMg https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode ...
V8 sai de cena para receber um seis bocas turbo: 1JZ no Lexus de Drift FullpowerTV
9 months back
Carro de drift mas que também roda direto, viaja e é confiável? Parece mentira mas não é: o motor 1JZ tomou o lugar do V8 original e o dono/piloto do Lexus ...